‘This is a horrible feeling’: Girlfriend grieves man killed while on bail

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The girlfriend of the 32-year-old man killed while on bail for a 2014 murder, is grieving his loss after he was gunned down while crossing the street on Monday afternoon.

“This is a horrible feeling. I don’t wish this on [anyone],” Dolanique Miller wept after news spread that her boyfriend Tiano D’Haiti was killed on Mackey Street in broad daylight when gunmen wearing hooded jackets exited a small, black-colored Japanese vehicle and shot him about the body as he walked the street around 1:45 pm.

Miller said the two were in love and remembered he was “my home, rest, heart and safe place.”

She recalled D’Haiti always steered her in the right direction and was present when she needed him most.

“‘For a boyfriend [he] never wanted to see me going the wrong way. [He] always would talk until I get it in my head. [He] never would give up. [He] always will be there when I need [him]. Anything, your last I could’ve gotten. [He] was a man. [He] take on a lot and I love everything about that. Nothing was too good for me,” she lamented.

“I love you now and forever,” she posted to social media.

D’Haiti was accused of killing Robert Andre Cartwright during a home invasion in Blair Estates over 9 years ago and was convicted of murder, attempted armed robbery and burglary, then punished to concurrent sentences of 49 years, 25 years and 20 years, respectively.

Cartwright was visiting his parent’s home when he was alerted by noise. He retrieved his licensed shotgun and shot one of the three suspects. But Cartwright too was shot and killed.

Prosecutors said D’Haiti showed up at the hospital after the incident, claiming to have been wounded as a result of a stabbing incident, but it was discovered he suffered from a gunshot wound to his left lateral chest.

D’Haiti maintained his innocence and was granted an appeal.

The court allowed D’Haiti’s appeal and ordered that he face a second trial on the accusations.

D’Haiti died while on bail for the charges and later faced a charge of dangerous drug possession.

His sister Narria said the devastating loss feels like a “nightmare.”

“The devil busy…take my brother on this good day…That call break my soul…[I] can’t unsee the picture.

“I can’t take it.”

Police are still searching for the killers.

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