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What the Retirement of Police Commissioner Means for the Bahamas

It was a surprising and spontaneous announcement.

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle will retire from the police force this year after nearly 40 years of service.

His exit comes after nearly two years as the police chief.

Clayton Fernander was appointed deputy commissioner in December, after the Progressive Liberal Party was elected. Many believe he will be the next Commissioner of Police.

The news has stirred speculation that Deputy Commissioner Clayton Fernander will succeed him at the end of his term. Though few expected his tenure to expire so soon after reassuring the public of an extended stay on the force, many anticipated his end was sooner since a new government was elected.

Here’s what you need to know:

Why is he retiring now?

Paul Rolle has been the Commissioner since 2020. He took on the role at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to navigate the pandemic and enforce the country’s COVID-19 measures.

While addressing reporters outside of a charitable event hosted by the RBPF, Rolle was asked about his tenure and unable to navigate the conversation, he blurted, “I met with the team this morning and I could say to you that I do intend to make my exit from the police force at some point. I will have 40 years and so I’m looking down the 40-year mark and I’ll make a decision on that in due course.”

He is four years away from retirement age but has already spent 40 years on the police force. An extension can be granted if the new government, the Progressive Liberal Party, really wants to.

Though governments dismiss that the appointment of commissioners is non-political, Bahamian history has shown that each elected government appoints police chiefs who align with their party’s philosophy and hasten the removal of those who do not.

In December, three months after the new government was elected, Rolle backed by Prime Minister Philip Davis sought to dismiss claims he would be replaced and said he had no plans to leave the Force. “I’m 56 and the Police Act says you could work until you’re 60, and the Pension Act says 65.”

What is Paul Rolle’s relationship with the present government?

Anthony Ferguson was succeeded by Paul Rolle.

Rolle was appointed Commissioner by the Free National Movement after the retirement of Anthony Ferguson.

During his tenure, he has faced public criticism for his management of the COVID19 rules which many deemed restrictive and unfair. Some street vendors like the Coconut boys were hauled before the courts for violating COVID-19 measures. It cast a negative light on the force at a time when many Bahamians were struggling to cope financially.

In addition, the killing of 6 men at once after their release from police custody and he labelling them as idiots, has caused mounting criticism.

When a new government was elected in September, the Progressive Liberal Party brought back senior officers sent on early retirement by the FNM, one being Fernander who the PLP later appointed deputy to Rolle.

What does his retirement mean for crime?

Rolle’s announcement comes at a sensitive time for the Bahamas when crime is surging as the country reopens its economy. Multiple murders a day and brazen shootings are on the rise and calls for a new approach to policing are becoming louder.

Rolle came up through the ranks of the police force with little street experience and more administrative experience. The opposite is true for Fernander who once a victim of crime when he escaped a near death experience during a robbery. He has risen within the ranks with the knowledge and experience necessary to deal with gangs and violent crimes.


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Where Is Junior Jean? Concerns Grow as Family Pleads for Help

Concerns are growing as 23-year-old Junior Jean still has not emerged after he disappeared on Saturday morning.

His girlfriend, Monica Bocage, with family and friends gathered at Goodman’s Bay in search of Jean who was last seen in the area on Saturday.

Junior Jean is seen with his girlfriend Monica Bocage, before his disappearance.

What we know

  • Police have recovered his vehicle, car keys, wallet, and cell phone.
  • He last spoke to his girlfriend on Friday night before going to bed.
  • He had plans to meet his girlfriend on Saturday morning but she could not get in contact with him.


Jean lives Bernard Road area and no one knows why he was in the vicinity of Goodman’s Bay.

What they’re saying

Police are treating it as a missing person case.

His mother who was in the hospital at the time of his disappearance said it is unlike him to go out without informing someone of his whereabouts.

“Junior just called me on Wednesday and when I called Saturday, someone tell me Junior phone at CID,” she said.

Someone claimed to have seen him on the beach reading his Bible.

Bocage, in a social media post, pleads with Jean to come home. “I’m praying for you and waiting on God to intervene.

How to help

The family wants assistance with boats and drones to help locate Jean. If you can assist, please call 818-3552.

Everything You Need to Know About the Woman Who Allegedly Killed Herself

Police reported the death of a 25-year-old woman on Thursday where she was found after 8 pm in a room, at the Landshark  Hotel on West Bay Street.

Police are still investigating her death, though the initial investigation indicated a possible suicide. She was found hanging with a rope around her neck.

Carissa Culmer in happier times.

Who was she?

Though police are still waiting to notify the next of kin before publicly revealing her name, she has been unofficially identified as Carissa Culmer.

Carissa was adopted as a baby from the Ranfurly Home and was reared by Christian adopted parents, the father being a pastor and fisherman, and her mother, an ordained missionary.

The Culmer family has one son and she joined the family as the only girl.

As a baby, she was adopted from the Ranfurly Home.

As she advanced in age, Carissa faced tension with her adopted mother and was eventually taken from the home by Social Services, while maintaining a close relationship with her adopted father.

Carissa is believed to have three biological siblings, with whom she had no relationship.

Carissa Culmer graduated from Nurse’s Edge Training Institute last year.

In a social media post, she lamented, “Lord you heard my cry night after night just feeling so alone in this cold world. Even as a child, I would cry my eyes out to know that I have a mother that I never met and three siblings I never met.

“I felt so lost growing up because I didn’t know anything about my background. It really made it hard to stay focused,” she said.

Despite the hardship, Carissa graduated last year from Nurse’s Edge Training Institute as a patient care technician.

What was Carissa’s history with abuse?

When Carissa was released from the hostel, she was left to fend for herself and wound up in abusive relationships.

“After leaving the institution, things didn’t get any better believe it or not. I stayed with over fourteen or more people. I even found myself homeless from time to time I would stay in the club until 5 am because I had nowhere else to go,” she said.

Carissa Culmer sat in the Senate as senators addressed domestic violence in the country.

Last year November, she pleaded for assistance in a social media post, claiming her boyfriend and father of her baby boy, often abused her and she was in fear for her life.

“I so tired. I so tired. I done lose my mind twice. Yes. Yes, I strong. I’m strong yes, but I tired. I tired. I ain’ saying I’m perfect. I’m not perfect,” she wept.

She was featured as a guest on Beyond the Headlines to tell her story of domestic abuse which led to Social Services offering help.

Carissa was invited to the Senate and sat in the gallery as senators addressed domestic violence in the country. Senate President Lashell Adderley said, “The continuous courage and fortitude demonstrated by vulnerable women like Carissa Culmer, who stand and say a resounding no to traumatic stress and pain of domestic violence, must be stopped by the enforcement of legislation, policies and procedures to eradicate gender-based violence.”

Cause of death

Authorities are still investigating the cause of death. They do not know as yet, whether or not foul play is suspected.

Audley Peters said it appeared she could have been dead for around two hours before she was discovered.

The toddler was discovered in the room where her body was found.

The boyfriend and father of the boy arrived later and was seen holding the son as he spoke with the police.

Where to get help if you face domestic abuse or contemplating suicide

Bahamas Crisis Center: (242) 328-0922

Royal Bahamas Police Force: 911, 919, (242) 322-4444


‘Please Don’t Shoot Me’: Man Pleads for Life As Gunmen Ambush


As crime continues to torment the Bahamian society, a viral video circulated on social media, showing a man pleading for his life while gunmen ambush him.

The man appeared to have arrived home, when two men dressed in black and grey hoodies and armed with guns, attack him as he falls to the ground on the outside of a residence.

“Please don’t shoot me.  Please. My girl (girlfriend) is right in there (house).

“Don’t shoot me. Take the phone. See no money there,” the victim pleads.

The gunmen vigorously search his pocket and eventually leave with something, which is not visible on camera.

The incident is alleged to have occurred on Tuesday night in the Fox Hill area.

The big picture

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle last week, lamented the increase of crime in the country, revealing that murders spiked to sixty-three percent, compared to 2021.

Two weeks ago, another attack by gunmen was caught on surveillance camera, showing a victim fleeing in a vehicle. The gunmen were armed with assault weapons as they chased the vehicle. The victim escaped, unharmed.


Traffic Accident Kills Baby Boy

A baby boy died in a traffic accident on Wednesday morning in a three-car collision on Prince Charles Drive and Soldier Road.

Police say after the accident, one of the drivers left the scene before responding police arrived.

In a video circulating social media, bystanders are seen cuddling a baby as a woman with blood on her face, is seen screaming nearby. She appears to be the mother of the child.

A stroller is also seen on the road in the middle of the accident.

One vehicle is seen overturned on the medium.

The woman, the baby, and a man were transported to the hospital for medical attention. The baby died thereafter.

The accident involved a silver Honda Civic, a burgundy 2011 Suzuki Solio Van, and a white Suzuki Swift.

The police are still looking for the driver who fled the scene.

Who Was the Country’s Latest Murder Victim?

The sister of Rashad Stubbs, the country’s latest murder victim who was found dead in the yard of his home on Friday morning, said her brother didn’t deserve to die.

Rashay Bain said her brother was selfless and supportive and she will remember him most for his smile.

26-year-old Stubbs, a father of one daughter, was a construction worker, discovered dead outside of his home off Cowpen Road West, with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Rashad Stubbs in the blue sweater and his brother Richard Bain in the grey sweater. Richard was killed last year.

Stubbs is the 4th child in the family and is the second brother killed within a year.

Her first brother Richard Bain was killed last year.

Stubb’s death has added to the pain the family feels as they struggle to come to terms with this latest tragedy. Bain says their mother has since moved out of the home as she tries to cope with the loss of another child to senseless violence.

Bain said she never imagined losing two brothers to murder.

Police say they are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

Everything You Need to Know About the Murder-Suicide of Heavenly Terveus and Fenron Ferguson

The murder-suicide involving Heavenly Terveus and her boyfriend Fenron Ferguson has rocked the country as many people question the details surrounding the horrific event which is drawing widespread outrage.

The couple was in a relationship that became unstable and was discovered with gunshot wounds to the head in Terveus’ bedroom.

Reports circulated that Ferguson was the known aggressor in the relationship, having physically abused Terveus in the past.

Saturday evening was the culmination of an abusive relationship.

How did Heavenly Terveus and Fenron Ferguson Die?

The couple getting engaged.

Ferguson, a 24-year-old entrepreneur died after shooting himself in the head. Before shooting himself, he took the life of his 20-year-old girlfriend, shooting her in the head with a gun.

Family members discovered both of them in her bedroom at her mother’s home, along with their one-month-old baby, who was unharmed.

Reports are that he walked to the room, locked the door, and fired a barrage of bullets before family members discovered the ghastly incident.

Though Terveus died instantly, Ferguson lived until Monday evening, nursing the self-inflicted wounds. He succumbed at 7 pm.

What Police Say Happened Before Heavenly Died

Terveus reported to police that Ferguson damaged her vehicle, to which officers responded, but did not find Ferguson.  Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said Ferguson had knowledge that police were looking for him and evaded attempts to arrest him.

Then the tragedy happened on Saturday.

Police are saying Terveus never made an official complaint against Ferguson.

Family members say she remained inside, afraid that he would return to the house.

Who were Heavenly Terveus and Fenron Ferguson?

Terveus and Ferguson were in a romantic relationship for a long time. Videos have circulated of the pair in courtship, dancing, hugging and walking hand-in-hand. In images posted to social media, the pair seemed in love.

Terveus was the owner of a photography business, Heavenly T Photography, but is heard in an audio clip seeking employment.

The mother of the one-month-old boy was said to have distanced herself from her sister after returning to Ferguson who shot at the sister. Reports are that the sister tried to get Terveus away from Ferguson following his abuse of her. But Terveus returned to Ferguson and gave birth to the baby boy.

Ferguson was the owner of Ron’s Sales Bahamas which sells TechnoMarine watches in Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahama, and a soon-to-be Abaco location.

He was on bail for the shooting incident involving Terveus’ sister.

The watch shop which Ferguson owned

Man Dies Days After Killing Girlfriend

Police say Fenron Ferguson, the 24-year-old man who killed his 21-year-old girlfriend on Saturday evening, succumbed to his injuries due to self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Ferguson was an entrepreneur, and the owner of Ron’s Sales Bahamas sells TechnoMarine watches in Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahama, and Faith’s Jewel specializing in Bahamian novelty coins and fashionable chains.

His girlfriend, Heavenly Terveus, died instantly from a gunshot wound to the head after family members found her lifeless body on her bedroom floor.

Her family also discovered Ferguson lying wounded on the floor from self-inflicted wounds. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition until his demise on Monday around 7 pm.

Investigators have not revealed a motive for the shooting, but reports suggest Terveus had ended her relationship with Ferguson.

Ferguson and Terveus leave behind a one-month-old boy.


Striving Young Entrepreneur Kills Photographer Girlfriend

A 20-year-old photographer was killed by her young boyfriend on Saturday night, before turning the gun on himself, following reports that the young woman ended the relationship.

Fenron Ferguson is seen in this picture showing off a watch.

Police say Heavenly Terveus owner of Heavenly T Photographer was shot to the head by Fenron Ferguson, also in his twenties, at her Miami Street home. Reports are that he arrived at the home of Terveus, walked to her bedroom, locked the bedroom door and shot her in the head before turning the gun on himself.

Though he survived the attempted suicide, Terveus died at the home when family members discovered her lifeless body on the bedroom floor.

The couples’ one-month-old baby was reported to be in the hand of his mother when the incident occurred, but survived the attack and is reported to be in the hospital.

Ferguson is the owner of Ron’s Sales Bahamas that sells TechnoMarine watches in Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahama, and Faith’s Jewel specializing in Bahamian novelty coins and fashionable chains.

In a social media post, he said his Ron Sales store was set to open in Abaco soon.

Condolences poured in for Terveus as many social media users expressed shock over her death.

The Killing of Leon Griffin: Why Was He Murdered and Where Is the Suspect? Armed Robbery Ruled Out

Police appear to be closer to solving the murder of Leon Griffin, former president of the Bahamas Cab Union and husband of former Cabinet Minister Melanie Griffin, and are ruling out armed robbery as a possible motive for the murder.

At a press conference on Thursday, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said the police was talking to a “young man who is giving us information” on the matter.

Rolle was reluctant to say if the person was a suspect in the matter only to say based on the information received, the act does not appear to be armed robbery, as suggested in the preliminary reports to the media.

When pressed by media on whether or not Griffin was targetted, Rolle again stopped short to say, “I’ll leave my answer right there. It doesn’t appear to be armed robbery. I don’t want to speculate because at the end of the day we have to solve it and put it before the court.”

The big story

Griffin was killed two days before Christmas in the driveway of his home after arriving home in his taxi vehicle around eight o’clock at night.

He was the owner of Parklane Lux, a jewelry store located on Bay Street, and was reported to be in a bitter dispute with a foreign jewelry store owner Satish Daryanani, who placed him before the Bahamas court for $34 million worth of jewelry he alleged to have supplied to Griffin, but without returns.

State of Play

119 killings were reported for the year–103 murders in New Providence; 13 in Grand Bahama; and 3 in the Family Islands.