Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Entertainer Denies Connection to Event after Police Fined Promoter $92,000

A promoter will be charged in the Magistrate’s Court for violating the COVID-19 protocols after receiving a $92,000 fine for hosting a large social event where attendees did not adhere to the emergency order.

The unknown promoter held a party on Sunday night at Bahama Barrels — a property owned by Graycliff and leased to entertainer Julien “Believe” Thompson and was attended by hundreds of partygoers who refused to comply with the mask mandate and the social distancing policies.

Why it matters

Since the implementation of the COVID-19 Emergency Order, the $92,000 citation is the biggest citation to be issued for violation of the order.

The order bans social gatherings and violators of the order are subject to a $2,000 fine and $300 fine for each person in attendance.

300 people were in attendance at the event over the weekend.

Mums the word

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle did not release the name of the promoter since the matter will end up in court.

However, Thompson denied that he was responsible for the event even though the property was leased to him.

“It was not my event,” he told the Nassau Guardian.

Rolle warned the public to abide by the law.

“I want to say to people to desist,” he said.

“We are going to enforce the law and the penalties for these social gatherings are hefty. They have to take that into account when they decide that they want to invite people over to have social gatherings. When we find them, we are going to cite them. They are going to feel it.”

The big picture

The country has experienced an exponential increase in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, surpassing 10,000 cases.

Between Friday and Saturday, 189 cases were–74 cases on Friday and 115 cases on Saturday.


Photo credit: Julien “Believe” Thompson


Pastor Arraigned for ‘Spurious’ Claims Against Police Commissioner

The pastor accused of “spurious ” claims against Police Commissioner Paul Rolle was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court today, charged with intentional libel.

Dressed in a coat suit, Pastor Julien Johnson was escorted to court by two police officers, without handcuffs.

The arraignment was scheduled for 2 pm.

Why it matters

Nearly two weeks ago, Johnson in a social media post, accused the police commissioner of sexual assault against female members of the police force. Johnson stated that it was revealed to him in ‘the spirit.’

Rolle responded in a statement that he “takes the attacks on his reputation seriously” and had since reported the matter to the Central Investigation Department.

Johnson who is known for making spurious claims on social media, as the word from the Lord admitted that he often speaks out of turn.

After the investigation was launched, Johnson admitted, “I don’t always get it right. I don’t always say what’s right. My mouth gets the best of me. Everybody has a weakness. And my mouth is mine.”


Why the DNA Leader was Arrested 3 Weeks Later. COP Rolle Says It’s Not Political

After the release of DNA Leader Komolafe and other members of her party, since being arrested by police, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle called a press conference on Monday afternoon, emphasizing that the questioning and arrest was not political.

Why it matters

Members of the party say they believe the arrest of its members, “came from higher up” suggesting that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and National Security Minister Marvin Dames gave orders for their questioning and detention.

Their arrest caught the attention of FNM Former Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner and PLP MP for Englerston Glenys Hanna-Martin, who assembled with members of the DNA on the outside of the Central Police Station to decry the detention. Both said they believe it was politically motivated.

The big picture

The DNA held a protest on March 3rd in Parliament Square and stood near the entrance of the House of Assembly, while it was in session, calling on Minnis to end the Emergency Order and resign.

However, the protest was deemed ‘unlawful’ since it was held without a permit from the police commissioner.

Why the arrest now?

Rolle said when the protest took place without the proper requirements, he told officers to speak to the group and he will handle the matter later, because he did not want to “create an unnecessary scene” at Parliament.

When asked if the police force is being used as a political tool by the government, Rolle said, “I do not take instructions from politicians. I answer to the constitution of the Bahamas.

“Nine people were interviewed and arrested. Nothing political about it. I don’t see colors, whether it’s red, yellow, or green. Everyone is treated the same. I believe my record on that is straightforward.”

Komolafe After Release: My Spirit is Not Broken

DNA Leader Arinthia Komolafe was flanked by supporters as she exited the Central Police Station on Monday afternoon. Komolafe said despite the arrest, her “spirit is not broken.”

Why it matters

Komolafe and other members of the DNA were questioned by police for a protest the group held about 3 weeks ago in front of the House of Assembly. The assembly was labeled ‘unlawful.’

The group was contacted on Thursday and Friday and asked to report to the station for questioning in regard to the matter.

What Komolafe said

Komolafe said she remains “very resolute” and will continue to push a message of change.”

While in police custody, Komolafe said she and her team answered a series of questions.

The matter is still pending and will go to the Police Head Quarters where Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle will make a final decision on the matter.

Komolafe said when the matter is finalized by Rolle, her legal team which includes Khalil Parker and Owen Wells, will make a decision on whether or not the party will file a civil suit against the government.

“The police were very professional today. We understand they were just carrying out their job and following the process. But we believe that it came from somewhere higher.

“…I left my children at home. They were very upset. My daughter asked yesterday, ‘what was the purpose of this process today?’ She was very concerned that I would be arrested. They don’t understand the process.”

“What you have seen here is a challenge to democracy and the right to be able to express ourselves and the right to be Bahamians in our society,” she said.

Woman Serves Time After Posing as a Lawyer

A 25-year-old woman faced the court today and pleaded guilty to posing as a lawyer to smuggle drugs into the Bahamas Department of Corrections.

Warnika Russell of Zion Boulevard appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes charged with two counts of evading the requirements of the law by having and uttering a forged document and two counts of possession of Indian Hemp with the intention to supply.

Russell was sentenced to 1 year and three months in prison.

What happened?

  • Russell presented the Bar Association identification to guards, in the name of a professional lawyer, on Friday.
  • Russell was visiting her boyfriend, Stephen Greene who is serving a 15-year sentence for armed robbery.
  • Guards became suspicious and called the police when they realized the illegitimacy of the identification.
  • It was discovered Russell had visited the prison eleven other times using the ID of a lawyer to gain access to the prison and deliver contraband items like drugs and cellphones.
  • Police found 2.6 pounds of drugs on Russell attached to her abdomen.
  • Russell said she was promised three-thousand dollars to deliver the drugs to Greene.

Featured Image: EWN

Road Rage and Car Crash Result in Stabbing Death

Police are investigating the stabbing death of a man resulting from a traffic accident that occurred at Fifth Street and Palm Tree on Tuesday evening.

Image obtained from a video showing the victim lying on the ground after being stabbed.

What happened

  • A traffic accident occurred at the intersection of Fifth Street and Palm Tree Avenue involving two vehicles.
  • Occupants of the vehicles got into a fight.
  • During the physical altercation, one of the men was stabbed and later died as a result of his injuries.
  • The suspects abandoned their vehicle in the area and fled the scene on foot.
  • Police responded to the incident met a man lying in the street unresponsive. Emergency Medical Services pronounced the man dead.
  • The Coroner visited the scene.

What is not known

  • Police are looking for the occupants of the other vehicle and the suspects responsible for the stabbing death.

What police is saying

Police Spokesperson ASP Peters said, “An accident is simply an accident. There is no need to be involved in physical altercations with anyone. Once you have all your required documents, permission to be on the road, to use the road, those things are (sufficient). Things can be replaced, but not lives and your freedom can be taken from you for decisions that are made without rationale.”

Featured Image: Donovan McIntosh/Tribune

Man Becomes Country’s 8th Homicide Victim

The Royal Bahamas Police Force is on the scene of the country’s latest homicide.

A man identified as Chadwick Curry, alias ‘Ghost’ was shot and killed on Village Road, near a bar.

So much remains unknown at this time, but the video obtained by CSJ Report shows Curry lying on the ground in front of a residence as people gather to offer assistance.

His son who carries the same name posted on social media, “First month out and daddy you are then gone. This one cut me deep.”

Condolences began pouring in on social media as many posters expressed condolences to the son of Curry.

Curry is the 8th homicide victim for the year.

The story is still developing. We will report when more information becomes available.


Featured images–via social media

Latest Murder Victim Identified

The body of a young woman was found with blunt force trauma to the head in the Marshall Road area.

She has been identified as Kendise Aliyah Pearline Smith.

Who is Kendise Aliyah Pearline Smith?

  • Kendise is 19-years-old.
  • Kendise’s mother described her as “the life of the party”  and an outgoing person.

What happened

  • Around 4 pm on Monday, the body was discovered by a group of people in a vehicle and some individuals walking by a vacant property.
  • Police discovered the body, lying on the ground in South Creek Close, Marshall Road, with injuries to the head.
  • Police report that early stages of rigor mortis had set in, suggesting she was dead for a few hours.

Where is the police in the investigation

  • Assistant Superintendent Andrew Peters says police are following leads.
  • He suggested that the murder is domestic in nature.
  • Peters appealed to the public for further assistance in solving the country’s latest murder.

Abaco Man Charged With Killing Mother of 7

A 27-year old man was charged with the killing of Abaco resident Angelita Pritchard.

Barry Swain appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis to face manslaughter charges. It is alleged he killed 35-year-old Prichard during a domestic dispute.

Swain, represented by Christina Galanos, was not required to enter a plea to the charge. He was remanded to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

Police found the mother of seven on December 26th, unresponsive in a bedroom of her home and have since listed the cause of death as asphyxia.

In a social media post, Pritchard and Swain publicly declared their love for each other. Pritchard said Swain was her “gift from God.” He returns called Pritchard, his “queen.”

Swain returns to court on March 3.

Since the killing, appeals were made to assist the children of the woman. Baby items, canned goods, and clothing can be donated to the family through the Evergreen Mortuary Services. Monetary donations can be made to Joicelin Rusell at Commonwealth Bank, account number 7044103271.


MOE Pays Tribute to ‘Well-Loved’ Teacher Killed in Classroom

The man found shot dead in a classroom on New Years Day at the Stapledon School has been identified as a physical education teacher at the Dolphin Drive campus.

On Sunday, officials at the Ministry of Education expressed grief at the death of its employee, Andrew Valdez.

Valdez, described as “a burst of energy,” spent three years at the school, also assisting in the school’s agriculture program.

Principal Amanda Moncur said Valdez was dependable, a willing team player, and well-loved by the staff and students.

Valdez spent five years in Long Island before his transfer to Stapeldon School.

On Friday, just before noon, police officers responded to a call and were directed to a northwestern classroom where a man was found lying in a pool of blood.

Assistant Superintendent Audley Peters said investigators were following a significant lead that can possibly lead to the closure of investigations as early as this week.

Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd said he expressed sympathies to the mother and other family members of Valdez.