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The heart of Jermaine Miller’s death in bizarre case

Last week, many were confused about a reported incident involving the death of 2-year-old Anwar Miller and his father Jermaine, the tenant of the complex off Soldier Road, where a fight broke out between him, a nude man and a woman, who rented from him.

The police gave chase after he tried to evade capture, but the father eventually locked himself in a bedroom and jumped through an opening in a shattered window.
Though eventually arrested, he later died.

Anwar’s dead body was found on a bed.

Now, nearly five days later, police are still investigating the case and last, is questioning the mother of the two-year-old.

Many questioned Jermaine’s death after the arrest. Now police are revealing what ultimately killed Jermaine. Police said on Tuesday that the taxi driver died from cardiac arrhythmia–abnormal heart rhythm, which under pressure, may have stopped beating.

The young boy’s death still remains undetermined as a pathology test is still pending.

It is not known if Jermaine had an underlying health condition, perhaps contributing to his death which could have or could not have had a direct cause.

Just ten days prior, Jermaine seemed troubled, posting a picture of his sons to social media, suggesting they were estranged somehow and for whatever reason, which has not yet been revealed to the public.

“I miss waking up and checking on y’all, watching y’all sleep and seeing you’ll laugh. Miss our beach days, pizza days and game nights. [I] feel like I [am] freaking out. I ain’t happy,” he lamented.

His wife Sheniqua Dorvil, 27, who shares a 6-year-old son with him, was stunned at his death since her son and Anwar, who is the son of another woman, were both spending time together when the incident happened. Dorvil said he came by her work to pick up clothing for the child. “He was in a rush. When he pulled up to my work he was okay. He didn’t look like anyone that was going through anything.”

‘Someone Last Saw Him’: Mystery Surrounds Missing Man. His Car Was Found in Another Location

While 34-year-old Murray Walkes remains missing, his rental car was found in bushes near Cowpen Road.

Family members are trying to piece the puzzle as police investigate his disappearance. Authorities alerted the public to Walke’s disappearance and released a missing person bulletin on Tuesday afternoon.

Junior Rolle, a close relative said Walkes was last seen in Kennedy Subdivision on Saturday night but has not been seen since.

Rolle said the rental vehicle Walkes last drove, had no license plate attached to it but his passport was locked inside. His car was discovered near bushes off Cowpen Road, closer to Vinspen Road.


“Anyone who lives in that area or knows people who live in that area, can you assist with information, or if anyone knows of Murray’s whereabouts, please come forward,” Rolle pleaded.

“We need help finding him…Someone last saw him.”

In the images shown, Rolle said Murray’s rental was a red Nissan, Altima.

Walkes is described as dark brown, of slim build, and stands 5’8”.

If you or anyone can assist in solving his disappearance, the family is asking you to call the authorities at 919.

‘A Bundle of Joy’: Family in Disbelief, Grieves Woman Killed in Car Crash

Friends and family of one of the country’s latest traffic fatalities were in disbelief when they learned of her sudden death.

Melissa Knowles was remembered as “a bundle of joy,” her sister Erica Russell mourned.

Knowles’ mother and siblings were devastated after she was killed last week Friday when her vehicle, a silver Nissan Cube traveling east, hit a GMC Canyon truck traveling south along Johnstone Avenue in the Stapledon Gardens area.

She was killed after 11 pm.

“Gone too soon Lila, still can’t believe this. When you step in the room, sis you we’re such a bundle of joy…Our family will never forget you sweetie pie,” Russell said in a social media post.

Knowles’ mother, Marva, was reportedly out of the country when her daughter died and learned of her demise when she returned.

The mother was overcome with grief after learning that her friend’s daughter was also killed in a car crash, earlier that day.

Phillipa Deveaux, heading east in a Daihatsu Mira, hit a flatbed truck traveling west on Prince Charles Drive, crushing the front end of her vehicle and smashing the windshield. She died instantly.

Knowles’ death occurred 8 hours after Deveaux’s death.

Knowles’ brother who is the pastor of Word Empowerment Church Deon Knowles called her “a beautiful angel that God sent and took away.”

From ‘Singing Bishop’ to Police Reservist

‘The Nation’s Singing Bishop’ as he is affectionately called, now has two titles and you may see an overlap.

Prophet Lawrence Rolle, a Pentecostal preacher, became a member of the Royal Bahamas Police Force after three months of training. As a reservist, he will be called on to join forces alongside full-time officers of the RBPF.

Rolle’s other job title is pastor of International Deliverance Praying Ministries. He leads people to Jesus and runs a weekly food outreach programme where he cooks and feeds the poor in his community. His charismatic personality has spurned thousands of fans because of his outreach, stage theatrics, and social media spiritual messages and counsel.

As the country counters rising crime and violence, Rolle may invoke his spirituality as a part-time police officer.

And as the gap between the police force and members of the public widen at times, Rolle, coming from an Over-the-Hill community, may help to bridge the divide between the RBPF and the public.

Rolle now wears a uniform with a red badge to show the distinction as a reserve, and he would be required to assist full-time officers, and attend official parades and lectures.

Reserves come from all walks of life with various professions, with a desire to assist the police in the fight against crime.

It is not known whether or not Rolle will be placed on the streets to fight crime, but for now, the tough job of police might be a lot like his toughest job as a pastor and community leader.

Woman Killed in Horrific Car Crash Was a ‘Sweet Soul’

The tragic death of a woman in a horrific traffic accident on Friday was met with shock.

“Philly was a sweet, beautiful and gorgeous soul,” friend Quekell remembered in a social media post.

Phillipa Deveaux was driving east in a small Japanese vehicle, Daihatsu Mira when she hit a flatbed truck traveling west on Prince Charles Drive, crushing the front end of her vehicle and smashing the windshield. She died on the scene.

One social media post described the devastating scene which occurred after 3 pm on Friday. “I drove past that scene and I cried because when I saw the sheet and the car I said ain’t no way they survived.”

Deveaux managed a bar and lounge on Prince Charles Drive and previously worked as a food and beverage manager at the Cove, Atlantis.

Phillipa Deveaux (on the left in black) is seen with her sisters

“My good former co-worker has gone way too soon. One of the best food and beverage managers I’ve ever met,” friend Robert mourned.

Other friends in grief said she was loved by everyone.

“Philly looked out for anyone she came in contact with. She was such a sweetheart,” Jada Pratt said.

Donna Morris said Phillipa always greeted her with a smile and “a kind word.”

“A real people’s person. This was one sweet soul.”

Friend Patricia McBride is in disbelief since she spoke with Deveaux the morning before her sudden passing. “We spoke this morning not knowing this would have been the last time. You were such a beautiful soul.”

Nathaniel Smith, an adopted son said since her death, he has had sleepless nights.

“I am still waiting for you to come home because this house ain’t a home without you,” he said as he remembered his last conversation with her on Thursday, the day before she died.

Video Shows Hysteria on Boat After Missing US Teen Jumps Overboard

After the search for missing US teen Cameron Robbins was called off, a video emerged showing hysteria aboard the boat as the 18-year-old high school graduate swims bare-backed and in trunks only, drifting in another direction, away from a buoy that sat next to the boat in the dark ocean in the Bahamas.

In shock, one person aboard the boat shouts, “This kid f****** jumped off!”

Another yelled, “Oh my f****** god. Oh, shut the f*** up. Oh, bye…bye… Oh … s***!”

Others hoping to help him, yelled, “Grab the buoy.. grab the buoy,” which sat next to the boat. But he swims away.

Cameron Robbins, 18, is seeing in the dark waters trying to stay afloat after he jumped off the boat after he acted on a dare- many of the seniors on the excursion boat were shocked. One of the kids yelled out, 'This kid f****** jumped off!'

The teens are shown aboard Black Beard Revenge boat minutes before Cameron Robbins jumped overboard.

Robbins partied with other high school graduates onboard a party boat, Black Beard’s Revenge on Wednesday night during a celebration trip to the Bahamas. Reports are that he jumped overboard near Paradise Island, on a daring challenge.  The Royal Bahamas Police Force, Royal Bahamas Defence Force and US Coast Guard using helicopters and boats failed to find him and he remains missing at sea.

A helicopter is seen searching for Cameron Robbins in the Bahamas on Friday. Photo credit: Keith Gomez

On Friday, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force suspended the search and rescue efforts and no longer required further assistance from the US Coast Guard.

With profound sadness, the family released a statement: “The Bahamas government has called off the rescue for Cameron and we are returning to Baton Rouge. We want to thank the Bahamas government, the US Coast Guard, the United Cajun Navy, and Congressman Garrett Graves for everything they have done for us. In this time of grief, we thank our family, friends, and well-wishers for granting us the privacy we need to properly remember our son and mourn his loss.”

Robbins who was a baseball player and graduated three days before the trip, vacationed with 10-15 students from University Laboratory School and several students from high schools in the area of Louisiana. The trip was not sanctioned by his school.

“He’s an athlete, great kid, great smile, great head of hair. Just one of the kids you’re so proud of when they cross the stage,” said the school’s Director Kevin George after Robbins went missing.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe for the family and have since raised over $12,000 as financial support for the family.

His family has since returned to the US.

Watch the video: New video shows panic aboard a boat in the Bahamas moments after Louisiana star baseball player, 18, jumped off on a dare, as Coast Guard calls off search



The Azario Major Case: What’s the Impact of the Coroner’s Ruling?

Seventeen months after four police officers shot and killed Azario Major outside a business establishment after a reported confrontation, a jury in the coroner’s court ruled the 31-year-old’s death to be a homicide by manslaughter on Wednesday.

The jury reached their findings after three weeks of testimony in the attention-grabbing case involving a police shooting which was disputed in a viral video social media post. Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Cordell Frazier can now decide if his Office will prosecute the officers.

Major was killed in December 2021 after police said he acted erratically, leaving the bar and lounge and then returning to confront officers. His family said they never believed the officers’ account and hired a US private investigator who revealed inconsistencies– none of the gun casings dispensed were from the gun found in Major’s possession; his phone pinged distances away from where the incident occurred and appeared to be deactivated; and only one officer reportedly fired at Major.

During the inquest, the court was told that Major was on medication for a mental disorder and often hallucinated. And that after officers heard, “Gun. Gun. He has a gun!” the four officers fired their weapons.

What’s the impact of the inquest in this case?

The coroner’s inquest is not a criminal trial but it is simply a fact-finding mission about a person’s death while making it public. The verdict is not legally binding and no one involved will be criminally charged, convicted, or sentenced unless the Prosecution Office decides to press charges.  A verdict is read and, after the inquest, the jury usually makes recommendations on how to prevent future deaths in similar circumstances.

Some people considered this case a victory since rarely in the Bahamas, police-involved shootings are ruled a crime. Some have long argued that officers abuse their power and some shootings are not ‘justifiable’ though officers may say they were “in fear for their lives.”

The inquest revealed the officer or officers responsible for his death and compelled them to testify. This case puts every police-involved shooting under close public scrutiny.


Mom Believes ‘There’s More to the Story’ After Son Goes Missing At Sea

The mother of a young man missing at sea since May 5th while boating with his uncle believes some parts of what may have happened were not told.

Agnes Marshall believes the uncle is not telling the entire story of what happened to her son Ryan Barr.

Marshall said the uncle who remains unnamed, said that Ryan “had fallen out of the boat” and that he “didn’t know where he fell out.”

But she does not believe the uncle’s account of what happened since they were boating in shallow waters.

“I need answers. That was my baby boy, and he didn’t deserve this, ” she said of the 21-year-old described as “responsible”, “caring” and “loving”.

“My son is missing, and the captain of the boat (the uncle) is walking free without giving any account for what has happened.”

Ryan and his uncle left Morgan’s Bluff, Andros at 4:45 pm, then travelled onto Exuma, leaving after 6 pm for Little Whale Cay, Berry Islands.

When the 15-foot boat arrived at Little Whale Cay, only the uncle was reportedly onboard the boat.

A relative who wanted to remain anonymous said, “The captain (uncle) called my brother who works the same place to bring them gas. But the captain was the only one in the boat when he got there.

“There was no sign of Ryan anywhere and his uncle has not called or texted.”

Marshall has accepted that Ryan may have met his demise and wants him questioned by the authorities.

Officer in Charge of CDU Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson said he was made aware of the missing case on Monday.

Ryan is a 2020 graduate of Huntley Christie High School in Andros.



Sexual Predator Caught With Car Used in Crimes. He Is a Repeat Offender

Residents in the Bacardi area can breathe a sigh of relief after police arrested a 27-year-old man believed to be responsible for several sexual assaults in the area.

Police used a detailed sketch to track down the alleged predator and found him in possession of a vehicle used in one of the sexual crimes.

A woman was walking in the area on Monday morning around 10 am, when a man driving a grey vehicle pulled along her, forcing her into the vehicle, carrying her to nearby bushes and raping her.

When captured at his residence in Lincoln Boulevard, the police revealed the man is on bail for murder and armed robbery.

“Officers also recovered the alleged vehicle utilized in the commission of the crimes along with a loaded pistol.

The sexual assault followed the assault of 32 and 34-year-old women who were at home when a predator reportedly climbed through a window around 2 am, held them at gunpoint, robbed them of cash, sexually assaulted them then escaped in their vehicle, a red Nissan Note.

Authorities warned that sexual assault cases have increased when compared to last year and requested women, particularly in the Carmichael Road area to be vigilant.

Police increased saturation patrols in southwestern New Providence to handle the startling criminal trend.


Sister Pleads for Safe Return of Missing Man

The family of 20-year-old Kyle Carey is worried sick.

Carey, a resident of King Coral Drive went missing last week Thursday and has not been seen since.

“He is the sweetest person you can meet. He is not in his best of mind, so if anyone see him, please call the police,” Tanesha Mackey, his sister pleaded.

The family said Carey, described as slim built and light skinned, frequented the Coral Harbour Park, the Coral Harbour Plaza and a convenience store in the area he lives.

“He is my baby brother and the feeling of not knowing is unbearable. I just need him home safe,” the distraught sister said.

Kaelin, an older brother said Carey faced difficulties, and was a homebody. He made this plea: “I know you be in your head alot, just come home…whatever you going through remember, we love you brother …You are not alone.”

He continued, “I know [I’m] to work and you be by yourself, but don’t let the enemy take you from us brother…Come back. I know [you’re] alright.”

A friend of Carey said he often travelled without a mobile phone and is not sociable. “He is a loner and does not have any friends or girlfriends.”

If you have any information of Carey’s whereabouts, the family is asking you to call the police.