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Prison Break Came After Training to Prevent Inmate Escape; Walker Jumped Wall of Facility

Four days since his recapture, escaped inmate Winston Walker is now in maximum security, under 24-hour watch at the Bahamas Department of Corrections.

Walker who was on remand, escaped the facility on Wednesday, and after a manhunt for the 30-year-old Jamaican national, he was found on a property in the Sea Breeze area.

Walker, accused of attempted murder, armed robbery and attempted armed robbery, is now on lockdown for 24 hours,  each day of the week, to prevent another escape.

A prison officer who did not wish to be identified said Walker’s escape came after four weeks of intense training in inmate escape prevention.

But Walker escaped nonetheless when he was permitted to go to the Medical Department during which, a fight escalated in the upstairs area of the facility. Walker used the distraction to escape, jumping over a wall at the back of the prison.

According to reports, other inmates watching did not alert authorities, but only shouted, “Freedom, freedom, freedom.”

Walker escaped Wednesday afternoon and was captured at 1 am on Thursday when officers from Operation Ceasefire, responded to a call about ”a prowler” on a property in the area.

Authorities at the prison have since placed locks on the back gate of the facility as an added measure to prevent escapes.


Inmate Back in Police Custody After Escaping Prison

Winston Walker, the man who escaped the Bahamas Department of Corrections on Wednesday was captured early Thursday morning without incident.

The Jamaican national was spotted walking in the early morning hours in the Sea Breeze area, which is not far from the facility, after residents saw a “prowler” on a property.

Officers of Operation Ceasefire responded and arrested the 30-year-old escapee after 1 am.

Walker, accused of attempted murder, armed robbery and attempted armed robbery, escaped the remand unit of the facility, causing alarm.

Officials still have not revealed how Walker escaped the prison.

A Sister Is Praying the Missing Boaters Come Home

More than a week since their disappearance on the high seas, sister Themeia Sands is anxiously awaiting her brothers’ return, who traveled in a boat from Bimini to their purported next stop, Andros.

Themeia took to social media asking for assistance in finding the men, Christopher Mackey and Jerone Sands, showing the bright yellow and white boat they were last seen in.

Mackey, 51, worked at the Water and Sewage Corporation and Sands, 44, was a carpenter and a boat engine repair man, travelling from Nassau to Florida to pick up a boat, purchased by a buyer in the capital.

Family members in Bimini said the men stopped by on their way to Andros, but experienced a problem with the boat’s engine and the hull. And were admonished to take a plane from Bimini but the men opted to continue their journey to Andros, after making the necessary repairs to the vessel.

The brothers left Bimini on Monday 22nd after 3 pm but never reached Andros according to a family member who stood on the dock awaiting their arrival until 2 am.

Since then, the family has been worried, praying the pair will soon call to say they are in good physical shape.

Themeia said, “This is alarming and strange that were funding the sea and aircraft in an effort to find them and bring them home safely. Nothing was spotted. Someone saw or know something.”

The sister, while on social media, agitated for the Royal Bahamas Police force to produce a missing person flyer for the men, calling officers “laid back” in the attempt to help find her brothers.

On Wednesday afternoon, authorities issued the flyer asking for the public’s assistance in finding the men.

If you see Mackey or Sands, call the police at 911 or 502-9991. Family members are also asking the boaters to be on the lookout for the pair.

Escaped Jamaican Prisoner Is Considered Dangerous

A Jamaican prisoner, accused of attempted murder, armed robbery and attempted armed robbery, escaped the Bahamas Department of Corrections on Wednesday, causing alarm.

Officials have not revealed how Winston Walker escaped the prison, but National Security Minister Wayne Munroe only confirmed the escape.

The 30-year-old is believed to have been on remand when he ran away. Police are now combing the area of Fox Hill for the dangerous escapee.

Walker is described as 5 feet 5 inches tall, of slim build, with black hair, dark brown eyes and fair complexion.

When he escaped the prison compound, he was wearing a long sleeve red shirt and gray pants. Officials do not know if he has a change of clothes.

A resident of the area near the prison heard the alarm turned on when Walker escaped the compound earlier in the day, but the public was not made aware until later on Wednesday afternoon.

Walker’s last known address is #34 Rupert Dean Lane, Big Pond.

An investigation has begun into his escape from the housing unit of the prison and may prompt major adjustments in the correctional system.

If you see Walker or know of his whereabouts, you are asked to call the police at 911 or CDU at 502-9991.

One Man Was Killed at a Baby Shower in Nassau Village, 4 Injured

A night of celebration turned deadly after one man was shot and killed while four juveniles were injured by gunfire.

Residents of an apartment complex on Stack Avenue, Nassau Village were hosting a baby shower around 9 pm on Sunday, on their doorsteps, when two men drove by and fired gunshots “indiscriminately” at the attendees.

The police said the grey Nissan Note was used by the gunmen to escape the scene.

A tent where the baby shower was held, is seen in the background.

The crowd ran for cover, upsetting tables, but one man identified by a sister on social media, as 20-year-old Jorodly, was fatally wounded and died on the scene.

Screams pierced the night as a woman cried and yelled inconsolably, in Haitian Creole.

The juveniles,  all male victims, were taken to the hospital for medical assistance, but police have not revealed the extent of their injuries.

The victim is removed from the scene and taken by a hearse

Police do not know the motive for the shooting but are asking the public to assist them with the investigation.

The murder count now stands at 90.

Gerodo Atwill Taylor: The Timeline of Events That Led to His Identification After Discovery in Golf Pond

The discovery of a boy in a pond at Oaks Field Golf Academy was shocking. Even more troubling was he remained unidentified for a few days while police pleaded with the public to name the boy found submerged in waters, dressed only in underwear.

Tuesday, August 2

Around 5:35 in the afternoon, a group of boys known for constantly using the pond for swimming, found a lifeless body submerged in the water. They alerted a parent who then called the police to access and examine the findings.

Police retrieved the body and found that the deceased boy appeared to be a preteen—between 10-12 years old; and wore only underwear.

Authorities warned that the parent would face criminal charges if they neglected the child.

The body of the boy is retrieved from the pond.

Wednesday, August 3

Police returned to the scene to plead to the family to identify the boy. They revealed he may be of Haitian descent and appealed to the Haitian community to name him.

Police say the state will bury him if no one comes forward.

Thursday, August 4

Around 10 am, a woman shows up and helps to solve the mystery of the missing teen. She files a missing person report at Central Investigation Department. She is believed to be the mother of the boy.

Friday, August 5

The boy is named: Gerodo Atwill Taylor of Amos Ferguson Street. He is confirmed to be 11 years old.

Monday, August 8

The mother, Stephanie Hanna, 42, of Exuma Street, is charged with child neglect and faces two counts of cruelty to children. She denied the charges and was given bail of $7,000. She returns to court on November 14 when her trial is expected to begin.


Photo credit: The Nassau Guardian

Young Boy Found Dead in Golf Course Pond Still Waiting to Be Named

A boy believed to be 10-12 years old has still not been identified after his body was discovered in the waters at Oakes Field Sports Center Golf Academy.

Police believed the young boy may have died a full day before he was discovered by a golfer who visited the course.

It is believed the boy drowned as his body was found partially submerged in a pond situated on the course which is owned by CEO of FML Group of Companies Craig Flowers.

Authorities are pondering if this is a case of child neglect since no parent or guardian has identified the child or reported that their child is missing.

Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings said the parents could face criminal charges if police determine a case of child neglect in this matter.



Photo Credit: Nassau Guardian–Dante Carrer


How the Public Is Responding to the Death of a 4-Year-Old Killed in Hail of Bullets

Following the killing of a four-year-old on Tuesday night, some members of the public are calling for the ultimate punishment for convicts accused of killing children.

Four-year-old Kenton Seymour with his father.

Reports are that Kenton Seymour Jr was in a vehicle with his parents on West and Fleming Streets around 10 pm, when gunmen reportedly chased and fired shots at a man, instead shooting into the windshield of a car, killing the young boy who was sitting on his mother’s lap.

The child was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later.


Renewed calls for capital punishment were echoed on social media.

“Our biggest problem is the Privy Council. They never deem anything ‘the worst of the worst’. Our own judicial system here has been failing us,” Taylor Mara said.

Kenton is seen with his uncle.

Brittonee Newry asked, “How many kids have to die for the nation to get serious? Does the violence have to hit the home of some elites for the ax to come down on the heads of these murderers?”

Alexandra Major lamented, “This is unacceptable. Something must be done about all these killings and guns.”

Senator Maxine Seymour joined in the chorus, responding to a post by Helen Johnson who asked, “How many more innocent children’s lives will be taken by these ruthless thugs? Members of Parliament and Senators, please make changes to the law.”

Seymour said, ” You’re quite right. Anyone who harms a child in any way, not just death, deserves the ultimate punishment.”

Though the death penalty remains on law books, it has not been carried out since January 2000.

The Bahamas’ highest court based in London, The Privy Council, ruled in 2011 that the death penalty law should only apply to murders deemed the “worst of the worst”–a person who kills a police or defence force officer, a member of the Departments of Customs or Immigration, judiciary or prison services would be eligible for a death sentence; a person convicted of murdering someone during a rape, robbery, kidnapping or during an act of terrorism.

Kenton’s murder was one of three shooting incidents yesterday.

Police said they have seen an uptick in homicide cases. 82 murders have been recorded for the year.

Police said they have the intended target in custody and are searching for the suspects in this latest homicide.




Another Man in Custody After Death of 17 Migrants Found in Capsized Boat

Another man is in police custody over his suspected involvement in the deaths of the Haitian migrants whose vessel overturned on the choppy seas in the early morning hours.

Police say the man is 54 years old and joins the two other smugglers caught on Sunday. Police said they know the two Bahamian traffickers from previous criminal acts in the country.

17 Haitians including a child died when the speed boat used for human smuggling, capsized in Bahamian waters on their way to Florida.

The dead included 15 women, one man, and a child. The other 25 passengers were rescued from the 30-foot speedboat.

It was reported that 60 people may have boarded the boat and authorities were searching for approximately eighteen people who are unaccounted for.

The survivors said they paid the three smugglers $3000 to $8000 to catch the boat ride to Miami, Florida. 

Haiti has been plagued with gang violence and economic and political instability for many years. But things have worsened following the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse last July.

The chaos has led many Haitians to flee the island-nation in search of a better life.

The Survival of the Fittest: Most Men Were Rescued From the Capsized Boat. Women and Child Died

Only the strong survived the boat tragedy on Sunday when 17 Haitians including a child died when a human smuggling vessel capsized in Bahamian waters on their way to Florida.

The dead included 15 women, one man, and a child. The other 25 passengers were rescued from the 30-foot speedboat which overturned in choppy waters in Nassau.

It was reported that 60 people may have been on board the boat and authorities may be searching for up to eighteen missing people, unaccounted for.

In a picture issued by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, only men were seen sitting atop the capsized vessel, awaiting rescue by divers.

A woman was pulled from the hull of the boat and was reported to have survived due to an air pocket.

Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander said divers heard a knocking from the hull of the boat and found one woman.

“I think that’s what kept her alive.”

A graphic image showing the deceased recovered from the boating tragedy. The migrants were Haitians being smuggled to Miami, Florida.

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry said he sympathized with the parents of the victims.

“This new drama saddens the whole nation,” he said. “While sympathizing with the parents of the victims, I launch, once again, an appeal for national reconciliation in order to solve the problems that are driving away, far from our soil, our brothers, our sisters, our children.”

The passengers who survived the ordeal said they paid smugglers $3000 to $8000 to catch the boat ride to Florida. Authorities have since arrested two Bahamian traffickers who are known for other criminal acts.