FNM picks Ricardo Grant to replace Obediah Wilchcombe

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Ricardo Grant has been confirmed the candidate to represent the Free National Movement in the upcoming by-election in West Grand Bahama and Bimini.

This follows the untimely death of Obediah Wilchcombe, 64, while in office on September 25.

Grant is the pastor of Universal Household of Faith and is a leading figure in the Grand Bahama community.

No date has been set for the by-election but by all indications, it must take place before November 25.

Grant, with his wife by his side said, “Service should always be the trademark of anybody offering themselves to this kind of office… If you do not know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable. We’ve come not to be served, not looking and seeking notoriety, fame or fortune, but we’ve come because we believe we can bring something to the table to ensure better for our family, community, island and country.

“The important thing is to ensure our children and our children’s children have all opportunities to what life has to offer.”

The Progressive Liberal Party has not chosen a candidate to contest the seat though many sought to secure nominations.

When asked about the separation of state and church by reporters, Grant responded, “The mission of church and state should always be the same thing–the people in whom they serve. We serve people.

“Church and state are separate. But their function and service to their people are the same.”

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