A Good Samaritan Comforted Victim of Fatal Stabbing Before He Took His Final Breath

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An inspiring detail emerged after a young man was stabbed to death on Thatch Palm, Pinewood Gardens on Wednesday after 8 pm.

A good Samaritan stopped to comfort the dying man, Eric Pyfrom, and prayed for him before he took his final breath.

Marie Moxey said she did not know the 28-year-old victim but “felt great” to be able to help ease his discomfits before he passed away.

“To God be the glory,” she said.

Pyfrom was stabbed while at a home in the area. He was transported to the hospital for medical help but died a while later.

Authorities have detained a 20-year-old man from Cambridge Lane, Nassau Street and a 40-year-old woman from Thatch Palm, Pinewood Gardens for questioning in the country’s latest murder case.

Moxey said during the course of comforting Pyfrom, the woman in question ran out of the house and toward the victim to assist.

Pyfrom’s sister Sheriel Johnson confirmed that he was married to the woman who is in police custody and described a rocky relationship between the couple, adding that he moved back into the home he shared with her just three days before his death.

Johnson remembers her brother, a construction worker, for his quiet demeanor and selfless acts of kindness toward her.

Authorities have not revealed a motive for the stabbing death.

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