‘This feels so unreal’: Friends and sister mourn the couple killed in the motorcycle crash

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Nearly three days after a couple was killed in a motorcycle crash, friends and family are still in shock and are grieving their loss.

The woman, identified as 37-year-old Rhashan ‘Pinky’ Rolle, one of three passengers on the motorcycle, was fondly remembered.

“You were such a beautiful soul,” Vernon Woodside mourned.

One social media user added, “I will miss you.”

“This feels so unreal,” Tanya Knowles lamented in disbelief.

Rolle’s boyfriend, Deandre Woodside, 27, was also killed in front of Calvary Deliverance Church, East Street South when his black motorcycle hit a vehicle that was overtaking a car on the other side of the street during the early morning hours on Monday.

“This is a lot for me to process right now because it’s still fresh,” Woodside’s sister Latonya Marshall grieved.

She recalled first hearing the news of his death. “I was hurt [and] shocked. I literally couldn’t breathe.”

“I still don’t believe it.”

Woodside loved riding motorbikes and was described as carefree and cheerful.

He had just taken on a painting job, earning $100 per week.

“He was just trying to turn his life around.

“I always used to tell him how proud I am of him,” Marshall reminisced.

The third passenger on the bike and the driver of the vehicle remain in serious condition in the hospital.

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