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Police Looking for Suspects After Killing of 10-Year-Old Boy

Police are investigating the death of a 10-year-old boy, shot and killed on Thursday night on Finlayson and Bola Avenue, Bain Town.

What Police Say

  • It was sometime after 9:00 pm, police were called to a shooting incident that occurred on Finlayson Street and Bola Avenue, Bain Town.
  • Units responded and on the arrival of the officers, they were directed to a residence where an adult male and three juvenile males were found suffering from gunshot wounds.
  • Emergency Medical Service was called and following their examinations one of the juveniles, the 10-year-old boy was pronounced dead.
  • The three other victims were transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

Man Becomes Country’s 8th Homicide Victim

The Royal Bahamas Police Force is on the scene of the country’s latest homicide.

A man identified as Chadwick Curry, alias ‘Ghost’ was shot and killed on Village Road, near a bar.

So much remains unknown at this time, but the video obtained by CSJ Report shows Curry lying on the ground in front of a residence as people gather to offer assistance.

His son who carries the same name posted on social media, “First month out and daddy you are then gone. This one cut me deep.”

Condolences began pouring in on social media as many posters expressed condolences to the son of Curry.

Curry is the 8th homicide victim for the year.

The story is still developing. We will report when more information becomes available.


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Latest Murder Victim Identified

The body of a young woman was found with blunt force trauma to the head in the Marshall Road area.

She has been identified as Kendise Aliyah Pearline Smith.

Who is Kendise Aliyah Pearline Smith?

  • Kendise is 19-years-old.
  • Kendise’s mother described her as “the life of the party”  and an outgoing person.

What happened

  • Around 4 pm on Monday, the body was discovered by a group of people in a vehicle and some individuals walking by a vacant property.
  • Police discovered the body, lying on the ground in South Creek Close, Marshall Road, with injuries to the head.
  • Police report that early stages of rigor mortis had set in, suggesting she was dead for a few hours.

Where is the police in the investigation

  • Assistant Superintendent Andrew Peters says police are following leads.
  • He suggested that the murder is domestic in nature.
  • Peters appealed to the public for further assistance in solving the country’s latest murder.

Man Kills Woman and Injures Another; Suspect in Custody

A woman was found dead on the bathroom floor of her home following a domestic dispute in Shabak Close off Bellot Road.

What is known?

  • The incident occurred after 10 am.
  • The woman was found by police lying in a pool of blood in the northeastern bathroom of the house.
  • She had visible injuries about the body.
  • The victim appeared to have beeen killed by a sharp object.
  • EMS pronounced her dead on the scene.
  • The daughter of the victim was also injured during the dispute and was taken to hospital
  • Police have arrested one man in connection to the killing.  Reports are that he suffers from a mental illness.

What is not known

  • Police have not confirmed the man’s relationship to the victims.
  • Police do not know if the victims and suspect lived at the same residence.

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Owner of New Village Pub Killed. Here’s What Happened

The owner of New Village Pub was found shot and killed on Tuesday night at his establishment.

The victim, identified as Roberto Williams, is the proprietor of the restaurant and bar located on Balfour Avenue and Miami Street, opposite E.P Roberts Primary School.

New Village Pub owned by Roberto Williams. Photo Credit: FB

What happened?

  • Shortly before 10:00 pm, a dark-colored Nissan approached him as he exited the New Village Pub.
  • A man exited the Nissan vehicle with a firearm and discharged it in Williams’ direction, shooting him about the body.
  • Police met Williams lying on the sidewalk outside of his business.
  • Police believe Williams exited New Village Pub and walked in an easterly direction along Belfour Avenue, before being shot.
  • EMS pronounced Williams dead.
  • An investigation is ongoing.

The owner’s run-in with the law

Williams was arrested in the middle of August for breaking COVID-19 protocols. Police responded to an unauthorized social gathering at the restaurant and sporting lounge.

Williams was arrested and cautioned. Police recovered a black Glock .45mm pistol with 12 unfired rounds of ammunition, after conducting a search of William’s vehicle.

The New Village Pub has made news for continuous violations of the emergency order and became the site for an investigation after a police officer was seen on camera body-slamming a man during an arrest outside the sporting lounge.

An anonymous customer told the Tribune, “I stopped going there (the restaurant) a few weeks ago because I don’t like what I see in the new ownership.

“I am not sure what went down there, but all of a sudden the place was being shot up, corrosive substances were being thrown at it and then, poof, a new owner is involved with a strange crowd. I don’t want to draw any conclusions, but it all seems strange to me.”

What We Know About the Double Murder of a Mother and Daughter in Nassau Village

Thirty-year-old Alicia Sawyer and 8-year-old Ednique Wallace were killed in Nassau Village on Monday morning by gunshots fired by Sawyer’s boyfriend, Travon Stevens.

8-year-old Ednique Wallace killed by her mother’s boyfriend, Travon Stevens on Monday morning. Photo Credit: Social media

After the murder, the Criminal Investigation Unit quickly issued a wanted person bulletin for Travon Stevens, believed to have a rap sheet of convictions.

Travon Stevens killed the mother and daughter in their Nassau Village home. Photo Credit: RBPF

The case has brought national attention to murder against women and children, following recent crimes against these vulnerable groups.

Here’s what we know:

What happened before Alicia Sawyer was killed

  • One day before her murder, Alicia Sawyer told police that Travon Stevens, her boyfriend, choked and kicked her while at his house.
  • Stevens raped her.
  • Stevens sent the nude pictures to her contacts.
  • Stevens bribed Sawyer not to report him to the police

What happened Monday morning

  • A young girl called police, saying her mother was dead at their residence.
  • Police discovered the bodies of Sawyer and her daughter Ednique on Stack Avenue, Nassau Village at 8 am on Monday.
  • Stevens ran away from the scene and was on the run from police before his capture on Monday night.
  • Initial police investigation ruled the incident domestic in nature.

What happened Monday evening

  • Police arrested Stevens’ father.
  • Police gained insight into Stevens’ whereabouts and surveyed his movement.
  • Reports say Stevens was seen near his residence in Garden Hills, before turning himself into police.
  • Stevens surrendered to the police after 9 pm on Monday evening.

What We Know About the Deaths of Two Women

The discovery of two women found dead in two separate incidents over the weekend is chilling as police officers suspect foul play in both matters.

The first woman, Keva Cash was found dead on a beach in Lower Bogue Eleuthera, at 12 noon on Saturday. She was found partially nude.

Photo credit: The Tribune

And the second woman, Samantha Barnett was found decomposed in an abandoned building on Dowdeswell Street, in a generator room.

Photo credit: Samantha Barnett FB

What we know about Keva

  • The Tribune reported that a sister believes Keva was raped, beaten, and drowned.
  • The sister met with Keva on Friday around 7.30 pm, before her death
  • Keva told her sister that she wasn’t feeling well because “something wasn’t right.”
  • The sister received information that someone was chasing Keva through the community where she ended up on the beach.
  • She was discovered by a little boy exercising on the beach.
  • The sister said Keva suffered from a mental disability with speech challenges. She described her as having “an adult body with a mind of a two or three-year-old, but she is a person who knows who people are.”
  • The sister remembered Keva as a jovial person who loved to dance and sing.
  • The police have not said if they have a suspect in custody, but the sister claims the man in custody is from Lower Bogue.

What we know about Samantha

What we don’t know

  • The identity of the suspect in either case
  • The suspects’ motive for the death of both women

Shooting Leaves Boy Dead in Nassau Village

A seven-year-old boy was left dead on Sunday night in Nassau Village after a gunman fired gunshots into a group of people.

Reyes Williams was found lying face down on the ground with wounds about the body.

Police say shortly after 9 pm, they received reports of a shooting on Esmeralda Avenue and Alexander Boulevard, Nassau Village.

Reports say occupants of a blue Nissan vehicle drove up to the residence and a passenger discharged a firearm in the direction of the persons that were in front of the property.

Little Reyes was wounded by gunshots, and medical technicians announced the boy dead on the scene after an examination.

What is not known

  • the identity of the shooter
  • the motivation of the shooter

As investigations into this matter continue, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames called the shooter a “coward,” saying the police will find the person responsible for the murder of Reyes.

GB Native Shot and Killed in Houston Texas

A young man believed to be a Grand Bahamian native living in Houston, Texas was shot and killed on Friday night after investigating why an object was thrown through his apartment window.

Kani Rahming of Grand Bahama               Picture credit: BP

Police said it was after 10 pm when the man believed to be Kani Rahming was in the apartment complex with his girlfriend and a rock was thrown through the window of their second-floor apartment on 2600 Lazy Hollow Drive.

He ventured outside to assess the situation and was shot in the chest five minutes later.

The woman still inside, heard the shots. An ambulance was called to the scene but Rahming died at the Ben Taub Hospital.

Houston police said they have no suspect in the matter and are still investigating.

Hear the Houston Police report the matter to the press:

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