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Man Killed in 24-Hour Blood Bath Was Acquitted of Killing Queen’s College Teacher

One of the country’s latest murder victims in a 24-hour blood bath is a man convicted and acquitted in the killing of Queen’s College Elementary teacher Joyelle McIntosh.

Twenty-eight-year-old Armando Sargeant was killed at the intersection of Beatrice Avenue and Charles W Saunders Highway early Tuesday morning and was seen lying in the middle of the street.

Police said he was one of three men involved in an argument at a traffic light on the highway. One of the men shot at Sargeant and a man, who fled.  Sargeant was struck by the gunfire, succumbed to his injuries, and was later discovered in the middle of the street.

Who was Armando Sargeant?

Joyelle McIntosh is the Queen’s College teacher killed in 2015.

Sargeant was one of three, accused of killing teacher McIntosh in 2015, as she and her son drove through Parkgate Road.

Near midnight on that fateful day, McIntosh tried to avoid hitting a person seen lying in the middle of the street.  Shortly afterward, she was shot in the neck and crashed her vehicle.  Her 13-year-old son escaped and ran for help as he was being shot at.

Sargent, Johnny Mackey, and a juvenile at the time of the murder, were charged with murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and attempted armed robbery.

The juvenile was charged with actually shooting the teacher and he and Mackey were later convicted of all of the offenses, while Sargent was convicted of manslaughter, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and attempted armed robbery.

The men filed for an extension of time to appeal their applications and the Court of Appeal approved Sargent and Mackey’s applications for an extension of time, quashed their convictions, and did not order a retrial.

The Appeal Court approved the juvenile’s application for an extension of time, quashed his convictions and sentences, and ordered a retrial.

That meant Sargeant and Mackey were free men.

State of Play

Sargeant’s murder increased the country’s murder count to sixty-nine for the year.

Enough is Enough: Bahamians Demand Action After Killing of RBDF Officer

Bahamians took to social media to express outrage over the country’s latest murder involving a service member of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

Joevonte Miller, in his 20’s, was killed on Thursday night around 9 pm after arriving home on Pineyard Road. Police say three assailants shot and kill the young officer as he attempted to open the front door of his home.

Miller ran and succumbed to his injuries on the verge of the street.

Since then, Bahamians have expressed anger as gun violence continues to soar, and the country’s young men suffer the most in these targeted attacks.

Thomas Porter demanded, “New day government, please do something.”

Da La Paige Carey called for punishment by electric chairs. “If the government does not want to put hanging back on the book, buy a few electric chairs because it’s ridiculous.”

Marolyn Wells joined the chorus, advocating for the return of hanging, “What a sin. When will all these murders end? It seems as though the government is not concerned. Bring back hanging” she said.

Others like Melba Collins Morley asked for the government to seek the assistance of “extra trained police officers from other countries to sweep the island from all sides to take care of these murders.”

Some believe the government’s stance on crime is too soft, calling for stricter measures implemented by Cuba, which has become known for its hardened approach to crime.

“We have to have an approach on violent crime as they do in Cuba. We have to stop taking it lightly. It is serious. It takes away people’s freedom. It messes up families forever,” Diane Delisle said.

Bengena Lafleur said she heard the barrage of 18 to 20 bullets being fired, but immediately thought it to be fireworks.

Press Liaison Superintendent Audley Peters said the details are still unknown, adding that “At some point, we would know the cause of this incident.

“We are following significant leads. This investigation seems to be promising. All the details must come together and we have to get the information from other stakeholders to know what happened, who is responsible, what is the cause of this incident and bring it to some closure so that we can get the adjudication process started.”

Parents Grieve 13-Year-Old Killed After Gambling Game

A father is grieving the loss of his 13-year-old son killed after a gambling game took a fateful turn in the Kemp Road community on Friday evening.

“Rest in peace, ‘Q’. Daddy loves you,” Quincy McKenzie wrote to social media.

The father shared memories of Quinton. He described the L.W Young student as a sport and video game enthusiast who also loved rap music.

Quinton’s mother, Kissie Brown-Pratt told Eye Witness News that she remained troubled about how the teenager died.

“A small thirteen-year-old boy… to take two shots–one behind his neck and one in his jaw. That’s really hurtful for a mother to stand here.”

Reports are that Quinton is the grandson of Leroy ‘Smokey 007.’

What happened?

Reports are that after a gambling game through Williams Lane,  someone lost money during the game, returning later to shoot into the crowd. Quinton was shot twice on Friday night.

A juvenile was arrested and is being questioned for the murder.


Who Was the Country’s Latest Murder Victim?

The sister of Rashad Stubbs, the country’s latest murder victim who was found dead in the yard of his home on Friday morning, said her brother didn’t deserve to die.

Rashay Bain said her brother was selfless and supportive and she will remember him most for his smile.

26-year-old Stubbs, a father of one daughter, was a construction worker, discovered dead outside of his home off Cowpen Road West, with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Rashad Stubbs in the blue sweater and his brother Richard Bain in the grey sweater. Richard was killed last year.

Stubbs is the 4th child in the family and is the second brother killed within a year.

Her first brother Richard Bain was killed last year.

Stubb’s death has added to the pain the family feels as they struggle to come to terms with this latest tragedy. Bain says their mother has since moved out of the home as she tries to cope with the loss of another child to senseless violence.

Bain said she never imagined losing two brothers to murder.

Police say they are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

Man Dies Days After Killing Girlfriend

Police say Fenron Ferguson, the 24-year-old man who killed his 21-year-old girlfriend on Saturday evening, succumbed to his injuries due to self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Ferguson was an entrepreneur, and the owner of Ron’s Sales Bahamas sells TechnoMarine watches in Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahama, and Faith’s Jewel specializing in Bahamian novelty coins and fashionable chains.

His girlfriend, Heavenly Terveus, died instantly from a gunshot wound to the head after family members found her lifeless body on her bedroom floor.

Her family also discovered Ferguson lying wounded on the floor from self-inflicted wounds. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition until his demise on Monday around 7 pm.

Investigators have not revealed a motive for the shooting, but reports suggest Terveus had ended her relationship with Ferguson.

Ferguson and Terveus leave behind a one-month-old boy.


Striving Young Entrepreneur Kills Photographer Girlfriend

A 20-year-old photographer was killed by her young boyfriend on Saturday night, before turning the gun on himself, following reports that the young woman ended the relationship.

Fenron Ferguson is seen in this picture showing off a watch.

Police say Heavenly Terveus owner of Heavenly T Photographer was shot to the head by Fenron Ferguson, also in his twenties, at her Miami Street home. Reports are that he arrived at the home of Terveus, walked to her bedroom, locked the bedroom door and shot her in the head before turning the gun on himself.

Though he survived the attempted suicide, Terveus died at the home when family members discovered her lifeless body on the bedroom floor.

The couples’ one-month-old baby was reported to be in the hand of his mother when the incident occurred, but survived the attack and is reported to be in the hospital.

Ferguson is the owner of Ron’s Sales Bahamas that sells TechnoMarine watches in Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahama, and Faith’s Jewel specializing in Bahamian novelty coins and fashionable chains.

In a social media post, he said his Ron Sales store was set to open in Abaco soon.

Condolences poured in for Terveus as many social media users expressed shock over her death.

The Killing of Leon Griffin: Why Was He Murdered and Where Is the Suspect? Armed Robbery Ruled Out

Police appear to be closer to solving the murder of Leon Griffin, former president of the Bahamas Cab Union and husband of former Cabinet Minister Melanie Griffin, and are ruling out armed robbery as a possible motive for the murder.

At a press conference on Thursday, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said the police was talking to a “young man who is giving us information” on the matter.

Rolle was reluctant to say if the person was a suspect in the matter only to say based on the information received, the act does not appear to be armed robbery, as suggested in the preliminary reports to the media.

When pressed by media on whether or not Griffin was targetted, Rolle again stopped short to say, “I’ll leave my answer right there. It doesn’t appear to be armed robbery. I don’t want to speculate because at the end of the day we have to solve it and put it before the court.”

The big story

Griffin was killed two days before Christmas in the driveway of his home after arriving home in his taxi vehicle around eight o’clock at night.

He was the owner of Parklane Lux, a jewelry store located on Bay Street, and was reported to be in a bitter dispute with a foreign jewelry store owner Satish Daryanani, who placed him before the Bahamas court for $34 million worth of jewelry he alleged to have supplied to Griffin, but without returns.

State of Play

119 killings were reported for the year–103 murders in New Providence; 13 in Grand Bahama; and 3 in the Family Islands.


What We Know So Far About Bahamian Man Killed in Ohio

A 21-year-old Bahamian man was found dead in Sydney, Ohio on Saturday. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Clement Smith’s death on Tuesday evening.

Clement Smith killed in Ohio

What is known

  • Police believe Smith was targeted.
  • He was found lying in a pool of blood on a bed in Apache Drive at 9:30pm.
  • Police were alerted by a 911 caller who said he was alerted by friends that one of the guys living in the house was shot in the head.
  • The 911 caller was also a Bahamian.
  • When police arrived at the scene of crime, only one other person was present.
  • Police believe he was shot through the window from the outside, with a single bullet.

What’s not known

  • Police have no one in custody and do not know who shot Smith.
  • There is no motive for the shooting.

The picture above shows the house where Smith was killed.

Photo credit: whio.com

The Weekend Marred with Bloody Violence. Who are Fort Fincastle Murder Victims?

It was Friday evening when family members of Kenneth Eulin Jr and Gromyko Symonette learnt of their killing in the Fort Fincastle area.

Kenneth and Gromyko were two of many gathered on a porch in the neighborhood enjoying the Friday evening.

Two men, armed with guns, walked up and shot in the direction of the two men, including another man, who would die later in hospital from injuries sustained from the shooting.

Monalisa Lee, who is Gromyko’s mother, said she was at home when the incident happened. She was alerted by children in the neighbourhood.

“They saw it was my son. So, they come run down the hill calling my name saying ‘Yellow (Gromyko) get shoot,’” she said.

Gromyko was a lifeguard at a major resort and left behind a four-year-old child.

His mother said he was charming and humorous and the second of two children.

However, last year, Gromyko was being sought by police for the murder of Keshawn Fortune, an area resident of Fort Fincastle. He was seen in a police wanted poster. It is not known if he was ever charged with the crime.

Kenneth, the second victim killed in the shooting was described as a loving and friendly person. “My son was always kind and caring and he helped anybody who he could help,” his mother Lori Francis who said she was alerted to the killing while on the island, where she lives.

Kenneth was self-employed and was a jack-of-all-trades.

He left behind two girls– a 17-year-old and a 4-year-old.

The third victim was identified as Kistin Cash.

Police Looking for Suspects After Killing of 10-Year-Old Boy

Police are investigating the death of a 10-year-old boy, shot and killed on Thursday night on Finlayson and Bola Avenue, Bain Town.

What Police Say

  • It was sometime after 9:00 pm, police were called to a shooting incident that occurred on Finlayson Street and Bola Avenue, Bain Town.
  • Units responded and on the arrival of the officers, they were directed to a residence where an adult male and three juvenile males were found suffering from gunshot wounds.
  • Emergency Medical Service was called and following their examinations one of the juveniles, the 10-year-old boy was pronounced dead.
  • The three other victims were transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition.