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Who Was the Country’s Latest Murder Victim?

The sister of Rashad Stubbs, the country’s latest murder victim who was found dead in the yard of his home on Friday morning, said her brother didn’t deserve to die.

Rashay Bain said her brother was selfless and supportive and she will remember him most for his smile.

26-year-old Stubbs, a father of one daughter, was a construction worker, discovered dead outside of his home off Cowpen Road West, with a gunshot wound to the chest.

Rashad Stubbs in the blue sweater and his brother Richard Bain in the grey sweater. Richard was killed last year.

Stubbs is the 4th child in the family and is the second brother killed within a year.

Her first brother Richard Bain was killed last year.

Stubb’s death has added to the pain the family feels as they struggle to come to terms with this latest tragedy. Bain says their mother has since moved out of the home as she tries to cope with the loss of another child to senseless violence.

Bain said she never imagined losing two brothers to murder.

Police say they are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

Man Dies Days After Killing Girlfriend

Police say Fenron Ferguson, the 24-year-old man who killed his 21-year-old girlfriend on Saturday evening, succumbed to his injuries due to self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Ferguson was an entrepreneur, and the owner of Ron’s Sales Bahamas sells TechnoMarine watches in Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahama, and Faith’s Jewel specializing in Bahamian novelty coins and fashionable chains.

His girlfriend, Heavenly Terveus, died instantly from a gunshot wound to the head after family members found her lifeless body on her bedroom floor.

Her family also discovered Ferguson lying wounded on the floor from self-inflicted wounds. He was transported to the hospital in critical condition until his demise on Monday around 7 pm.

Investigators have not revealed a motive for the shooting, but reports suggest Terveus had ended her relationship with Ferguson.

Ferguson and Terveus leave behind a one-month-old boy.


Striving Young Entrepreneur Kills Photographer Girlfriend

A 20-year-old photographer was killed by her young boyfriend on Saturday night, before turning the gun on himself, following reports that the young woman ended the relationship.

Fenron Ferguson is seen in this picture showing off a watch.

Police say Heavenly Terveus owner of Heavenly T Photographer was shot to the head by Fenron Ferguson, also in his twenties, at her Miami Street home. Reports are that he arrived at the home of Terveus, walked to her bedroom, locked the bedroom door and shot her in the head before turning the gun on himself.

Though he survived the attempted suicide, Terveus died at the home when family members discovered her lifeless body on the bedroom floor.

The couples’ one-month-old baby was reported to be in the hand of his mother when the incident occurred, but survived the attack and is reported to be in the hospital.

Ferguson is the owner of Ron’s Sales Bahamas that sells TechnoMarine watches in Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahama, and Faith’s Jewel specializing in Bahamian novelty coins and fashionable chains.

In a social media post, he said his Ron Sales store was set to open in Abaco soon.

Condolences poured in for Terveus as many social media users expressed shock over her death.

The Killing of Leon Griffin: Why Was He Murdered and Where Is the Suspect? Armed Robbery Ruled Out

Police appear to be closer to solving the murder of Leon Griffin, former president of the Bahamas Cab Union and husband of former Cabinet Minister Melanie Griffin, and are ruling out armed robbery as a possible motive for the murder.

At a press conference on Thursday, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said the police was talking to a “young man who is giving us information” on the matter.

Rolle was reluctant to say if the person was a suspect in the matter only to say based on the information received, the act does not appear to be armed robbery, as suggested in the preliminary reports to the media.

When pressed by media on whether or not Griffin was targetted, Rolle again stopped short to say, “I’ll leave my answer right there. It doesn’t appear to be armed robbery. I don’t want to speculate because at the end of the day we have to solve it and put it before the court.”

The big story

Griffin was killed two days before Christmas in the driveway of his home after arriving home in his taxi vehicle around eight o’clock at night.

He was the owner of Parklane Lux, a jewelry store located on Bay Street, and was reported to be in a bitter dispute with a foreign jewelry store owner Satish Daryanani, who placed him before the Bahamas court for $34 million worth of jewelry he alleged to have supplied to Griffin, but without returns.

State of Play

119 killings were reported for the year–103 murders in New Providence; 13 in Grand Bahama; and 3 in the Family Islands.


Woman in Need of Blood After Man Beats and Runs Over Her in Horror Attack

A young woman in her 30’s is in hospital, fighting for her life after a man physically attacked her in the street while she held a baby in her arm, then ran over her with his vehicle

Peatra Curry is in urgent need of blood at Princess Margaret Hospital after the horror attack on Monday afternoon through Key West Street.

A video circulating social media, shows the man, believed to be her boyfriend, hitting the woman to the head as she lays on the ground with her baby in hand.  Residents run to her aid to fend off the man. He then drives off in a silver Note, then returns in the vehicle, running over the victim, before residents were able to retrieve the baby.

She is dragged beneath the vehicle before it crashes into a nearby truck and overturns.

The man is captured by residents and arrested by police.

Social media posters have identified the man as Ray Sands, who has a history of abuse.

Last year, Sands pleaded guilty to stabbing the mother of his child in the neck and back with a pair of scissors. She told police, she was holding their three-week-old baby when Sands slapped and choked her, then locked her in a room.

He was bound over to the peace, ordered to pay $800 in compensation for her injuries.

Anyone who can assist is asked to donate blood at the ICU ward.

What We Know So Far About Bahamian Man Killed in Ohio

A 21-year-old Bahamian man was found dead in Sydney, Ohio on Saturday. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Clement Smith’s death on Tuesday evening.

Clement Smith killed in Ohio

What is known

  • Police believe Smith was targeted.
  • He was found lying in a pool of blood on a bed in Apache Drive at 9:30pm.
  • Police were alerted by a 911 caller who said he was alerted by friends that one of the guys living in the house was shot in the head.
  • The 911 caller was also a Bahamian.
  • When police arrived at the scene of crime, only one other person was present.
  • Police believe he was shot through the window from the outside, with a single bullet.

What’s not known

  • Police have no one in custody and do not know who shot Smith.
  • There is no motive for the shooting.

The picture above shows the house where Smith was killed.

Photo credit: whio.com

Autopsy: Bella Died From Blunt Force Trauma; Munroe Says No Evidence of Sexual Abuse

Police confirmed that 4-year-old Bella Walker died as a result of blunt force trauma to the body.

The trauma caused multiple fractures to her body, police said.

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle lamented the brutal injuries that caused internal injuries to the little girl. ” I don’t know what they were thinking.”

The big picture

Bella died on Friday afternoon and police ruled her death “suspicious.” The main suspect is the boyfriend of her mother who remains in police custody. He was seen assisting the unresponsive body of the girl into an ambulance.

Neighbours recalled the child being left home alone and wandering the streets of Major Subdivision.

Bella lived with her grandparents in Grand Bahama from the age of two weeks until she was four years old. Two months ago, she was sent to live with her mother.

Government officials have spoken out against the violent act.

Today, Marco City MP Michael Pintard encouraged the government to send a clear message to perpetrators in child abuse cases, showing that “we have had enough as a country and are prepared to do something fundamentally different.”

National Security Minister rejects sexual abuse claims

Speculations arose that the child was sexually assaulted, CSJ Report was informed that her vagina showed signs of swelling and injury, in addition to previous fractures that healed on their own.

But National Security Minister Wayne Munroe said there was no evidence to suggest she was sexually abused.

Outside of parliament on Wednesday morning, he said, “We don’t need to insinuate more into something than is there. If a child dies, if it’s by violence, that is unacceptable. And I don’t understand that people don’t see that sufficient.”

Brian Laundrie Doppelganger in the Bahamas?

A man who bears a striking resemblance to Brian Laundrie wants to make it clear that he is not the Florida fugitive.

Following a report by CSJ Report, many people in Freeport have been on the lookout for Laundrie.

The doppelganger who wanted to remain anonymous told CSJ Report, “… all the sightings have been of people driving past in the street. And at least once, that person was me. I could easily be mistaken in those circumstances, especially wearing my hat and sunglasses.”

The search for Laundrie has become a widespread hunt since John Walsh, a popular criminal investigator and host of In Pursuit, said it is possible Laundrie could be in the Bahamas, considering Freeport is less than 70 miles from Florida’s coast, and a few tips of possible sightings.

Laundrie returned from a cross-country camping trip without his fiance Gabby Petito on September 14 and disappeared days later. His parents reported him “missing” a few days after they last saw him.

Gabby’s body was later found on campgrounds in Wyoming.

The man said, he has been stopped and questioned by the Grand Bahama police on one occasion.

“Up close I’m obviously not him, but I can see how there could be confusion. I’m worried the police may be wasting resources searching Freeport, and meanwhile, the guy has moved elsewhere.”

The man said he does not believe Laundrie is walking the streets of Freeport.

“That’s an easy way to get caught as neither Bahamians nor Americans walk anywhere, so it’s bound to draw attention.

“If he has any sense he’s probably paid a fishing boat to take him to Cuba by now.”

Reports reached CSJ Report that a man resembling Laundrie was seen near the area of Sunland School and on another occasion near St George’s School, walking with only a backpack.

The man appeared “confused,” according to eyewitnesses. A woman who wanted to remain anonymous said, “It looked just like him.”

The unusual sighting of a caucasian man in various areas on Freeport has raised the alarm.

FBI agents have scoured a preserve area near Laundrie’s home  in Florida and have now extended the search to remote Florida islands and cays.

The reward leading to the capture and arrest of Laundrie now stands at $180,000.


Public ‘Knot’ Going Easy on Suspect in Police Shooting

A picture in circulation showing a suspect in relation to a recent police shooting on Saturday has stirred much humor on social media, because of what seems to be a knot on the suspect’s forehead.

The suspect’s picture was circulated on social media. He is believed to have shot a police officer in the hand at Lynden Pindling Airport during the deposit for a business establishment.

The man, whom some have identified as ‘Darius,’ remains on the run as police question another suspect identified as ‘Mice’ whom they caught after the incident occurred.

Since then, hundreds of people have taken to social media to jest about the knot on his head.

A poster, Braden Carey wrote, “This is knot funny. The boy has a knot on his head. He was knot thinking when he tried to kill the police.”

Brendalee Rae said, “It was definitely knot right what he did to the officer. But trust and believe, he wishes he did knot do that.”

Milo Freeman added to the jokes, asking, “Where is his mother? I’m waiting for her to say that he did knot do it and he is knot guilty and he is knot a bad boy.”

Quzanne Collins said, “I am knot sorry for him.”

Llorette Issacs added, “They sure going to knot him up good in jail.”

Shavonne Kemp wrote, “He’s so lucky the police did knot kill him.”

Wilton Williamson said, “This is knot the way to get him to talk.”

Police continue to look for ‘Darius’ for questioning in this latest incident.

The injured officer is said to be in stable condition following surgery.

This story has been corrected and includes some updates.


Suspects in Yellow Elder Murder Case Being Sought by Police

The man found shot to death on Graham Drive in Yellow Elder Gardens Thursday morning, still has not been identified, but police are looking for the suspects in this homicide case.

What is known

  • Citizens alerted police to the body after 7am, where the body lay through a track road.
  • The man pronounced dead by EMS is believed to be in his 30’s.
  • A vehicle was found parked near the body but police are unsure if it is the property of the victim.
  • The body was found about 30 feet from the vehicle.
  • The victim is believed to have been at the scene for nearly 12 hours.
  • An image obtained by CSJ Report, shows the victim dressed in a white tee-shirt and long blue jeans pants, lying faceup with bullet holes piercing his upper body.

What police say about the crime-ridden area

Police spokesman ASP Audley Peters visited the scene and spoke to reporters:

  • “Historically, this area has been used for criminal activity.”
  • “In the past, we’ve had incidents that would’ve occurred in the back here. That’s why we encourage persons not to travel on track roads…This is an area that we don’t suggest individuals travel through. If you look at the terrain, anything notorious is liable to happen in areas such as this,” Peters said.

Police appeal

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to reach out to the Criminal Investigations Department at 502-9991/2.

“We also want to appeal to friends and family who may know of individuals who are in possession of illegal firearms to report them to the police because we are seeing an increase in the use of firearms as a result of altercations between individuals and they’re seeking to resolve the matters outside of the law,” Peters said.

“When persons have altercations, the best way to resolve things [is] to either find a mediator [or] step back and take a second look at what the argument is about, rather than resorting to violence and the use of edge tools or firearms,” he said.