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Suspects in Yellow Elder Murder Case Being Sought by Police

The man found shot to death on Graham Drive in Yellow Elder Gardens Thursday morning, still has not been identified, but police are looking for the suspects in this homicide case.

What is known

  • Citizens alerted police to the body after 7am, where the body lay through a track road.
  • The man pronounced dead by EMS is believed to be in his 30’s.
  • A vehicle was found parked near the body but police are unsure if it is the property of the victim.
  • The body was found about 30 feet from the vehicle.
  • The victim is believed to have been at the scene for nearly 12 hours.
  • An image obtained by CSJ Report, shows the victim dressed in a white tee-shirt and long blue jeans pants, lying faceup with bullet holes piercing his upper body.

What police say about the crime-ridden area

Police spokesman ASP Audley Peters visited the scene and spoke to reporters:

  • “Historically, this area has been used for criminal activity.”
  • “In the past, we’ve had incidents that would’ve occurred in the back here. That’s why we encourage persons not to travel on track roads…This is an area that we don’t suggest individuals travel through. If you look at the terrain, anything notorious is liable to happen in areas such as this,” Peters said.

Police appeal

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to reach out to the Criminal Investigations Department at 502-9991/2.

“We also want to appeal to friends and family who may know of individuals who are in possession of illegal firearms to report them to the police because we are seeing an increase in the use of firearms as a result of altercations between individuals and they’re seeking to resolve the matters outside of the law,” Peters said.

“When persons have altercations, the best way to resolve things [is] to either find a mediator [or] step back and take a second look at what the argument is about, rather than resorting to violence and the use of edge tools or firearms,” he said.

Man Becomes Country’s 8th Homicide Victim

The Royal Bahamas Police Force is on the scene of the country’s latest homicide.

A man identified as Chadwick Curry, alias ‘Ghost’ was shot and killed on Village Road, near a bar.

So much remains unknown at this time, but the video obtained by CSJ Report shows Curry lying on the ground in front of a residence as people gather to offer assistance.

His son who carries the same name posted on social media, “First month out and daddy you are then gone. This one cut me deep.”

Condolences began pouring in on social media as many posters expressed condolences to the son of Curry.

Curry is the 8th homicide victim for the year.

The story is still developing. We will report when more information becomes available.


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Latest Murder Victim Identified

The body of a young woman was found with blunt force trauma to the head in the Marshall Road area.

She has been identified as Kendise Aliyah Pearline Smith.

Who is Kendise Aliyah Pearline Smith?

  • Kendise is 19-years-old.
  • Kendise’s mother described her as “the life of the party”  and an outgoing person.

What happened

  • Around 4 pm on Monday, the body was discovered by a group of people in a vehicle and some individuals walking by a vacant property.
  • Police discovered the body, lying on the ground in South Creek Close, Marshall Road, with injuries to the head.
  • Police report that early stages of rigor mortis had set in, suggesting she was dead for a few hours.

Where is the police in the investigation

  • Assistant Superintendent Andrew Peters says police are following leads.
  • He suggested that the murder is domestic in nature.
  • Peters appealed to the public for further assistance in solving the country’s latest murder.

Abaco Man Charged With Killing Mother of 7

A 27-year old man was charged with the killing of Abaco resident Angelita Pritchard.

Barry Swain appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis to face manslaughter charges. It is alleged he killed 35-year-old Prichard during a domestic dispute.

Swain, represented by Christina Galanos, was not required to enter a plea to the charge. He was remanded to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

Police found the mother of seven on December 26th, unresponsive in a bedroom of her home and have since listed the cause of death as asphyxia.

In a social media post, Pritchard and Swain publicly declared their love for each other. Pritchard said Swain was her “gift from God.” He returns called Pritchard, his “queen.”

Swain returns to court on March 3.

Since the killing, appeals were made to assist the children of the woman. Baby items, canned goods, and clothing can be donated to the family through the Evergreen Mortuary Services. Monetary donations can be made to Joicelin Rusell at Commonwealth Bank, account number 7044103271.


MOE Pays Tribute to ‘Well-Loved’ Teacher Killed in Classroom

The man found shot dead in a classroom on New Years Day at the Stapledon School has been identified as a physical education teacher at the Dolphin Drive campus.

On Sunday, officials at the Ministry of Education expressed grief at the death of its employee, Andrew Valdez.

Valdez, described as “a burst of energy,” spent three years at the school, also assisting in the school’s agriculture program.

Principal Amanda Moncur said Valdez was dependable, a willing team player, and well-loved by the staff and students.

Valdez spent five years in Long Island before his transfer to Stapeldon School.

On Friday, just before noon, police officers responded to a call and were directed to a northwestern classroom where a man was found lying in a pool of blood.

Assistant Superintendent Audley Peters said investigators were following a significant lead that can possibly lead to the closure of investigations as early as this week.

Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd said he expressed sympathies to the mother and other family members of Valdez.

Police: 2 Found Dead in Pitt Road

With one day left in the year 2020, the murder rate in the Bahamas has increased, after two young men were found dead on Pitt Road on Wednesday morning.

What is known

  • Two men in their 20’s and 30’s were found in the area–one found in the road and the other in the yard of a residence.
  • Police made the discovery after responding to shots fired in the area.
  • One of the victims is known to the police; one of the victims is suspected of being involved in a gang and “sometimes peddles drugs.”
  •  A pistol was found on one of the victims on the scene.
  • Residents identify the victims as Calvin Archer and Amal Hunter.

What Assistant Commissioner of Police Solomon Cash says

As investigators probed the scene, Cash said, “We can appeal to members of the public who live in this area or who may have been in the area at the time of the incident to contact the police.

“This is a residential area where a lot of persons are in it, so hopefully we will be able to get a bit more information whether or not it’s a drive-by or persons.”

Cash said the police will deploy its policy strategy to prevent any further retaliation. “You can see the police presence every day throughout the day and night.”

Featured image: EWN

Man Kills Woman and Injures Another; Suspect in Custody

A woman was found dead on the bathroom floor of her home following a domestic dispute in Shabak Close off Bellot Road.

What is known?

  • The incident occurred after 10 am.
  • The woman was found by police lying in a pool of blood in the northeastern bathroom of the house.
  • She had visible injuries about the body.
  • The victim appeared to have beeen killed by a sharp object.
  • EMS pronounced her dead on the scene.
  • The daughter of the victim was also injured during the dispute and was taken to hospital
  • Police have arrested one man in connection to the killing.  Reports are that he suffers from a mental illness.

What is not known

  • Police have not confirmed the man’s relationship to the victims.
  • Police do not know if the victims and suspect lived at the same residence.

Featured Image: EWN News

Young Man Shot and Killed at House off Kemp Road; Police investigate

A shooting in Coopers Terrace, off Kemp Road has left a young man dead after witnesses reported that nearly 30 shots were fired from an AK-47 rifle at the victim.

The victim has been identified by friends as Alfred Bastian, aka Shotman.

What we know

  • Around noon, ShotSpotter technology alerted police to the shooting in the area.
  • The body of the man was found lying face down on the ground in a house.
  • The victim was shot multiple times. Witnesses described it as ghastly; the victim was shot in the face.
  • Emergency medical services pronounced him dead on the scene. He is the latest victim of murder in the country.
  • Reports are that the man was with others, standing at the front of a residence when four men exited a vehicle and shot at the victim.

What is not known

  • Police do not know the motive for the shooting.
  • Police do not know if others sustained injuries as a result of the shooting.

Partiers Ignore COVID-19 Measures. They are Slapped with Fines

The proprietor, manager and patrons of a restaurant and bar were cited for violating COVID-19 Emergency Order.

A video circulated on social media, showing scores of patrons hurriedly exiting the establishment as police officers inspected and issued tickets.

What is known

  • Shortly after 6:00 pm, officers from the Northeastern Division and COVID-19 Enforcement Unit were alerted to a social gathering at a lounge located on Madeira Street, Palmdale.
  • It was discovered that the patrons and proprietor were in violation of the COVID19 Emergency Order.
  • The proprietor and the manager of the establishment were cited for hosting a social gathering and failing to practice social distancing.
  • A number of the patrons were also cited for attending the party and failing to practice social distancing and wear a mask.
Police citing attendees and managers at the social gathering.

One Man Dead, Another Injured in Latest Shooting

One man is dead and another is hospitalized after an incident unfolded on Commonwealth Boulevard in Elizabeth Estates.

The video circulated social media, showing two men in a vehicle, approaching the gate of a residence, but were shot by gunmen in a passing vehicle. The driver of the vehicle is seen in the video, exiting the vehicle, unaware of the passing vehicle.

A gunman exits the passenger side of the vehicle, shooting at victims with an AK-47.

What we know

  • It was shortly after 7 pm when the incident unfolded on Commonwealth Blvd.
  • The men were shot in the torso area of the body.
  • A private vehicle transported victims to the hospital but they later received assistance from EMS services while en route to the hospital.
  • One man in his late 30’s died while receiving medical help.

What is not known

  • Police are still investigating the motive for the shooting.
  • The age of the other shooting victim is not known.
  • Police won’t say how many other people were in the vehicle with the victims.