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‘He Was a Sweet Soul’: Family Grieves Man Killed in Crooked Island, Preparing for Wife’s Funeral

The shock and grief of losing a family member found dead in the streets of Crooked Island is too much to bear for family and friends of Justin Williams.

“This is very shocking. It is unbelievable. [He was] a kind, gentle young man, well mannered and kind,” his aunt Doreen Gibson remembered.

A woman leaving the Fish Fry alerted authorities who found his body lying near Queen’s Highway, Landrail Point around 3:30 am. Further examinations determined that the 42-year-old had lacerations to his wrist and forehead.

Before he met his demise, Williams was making preparations to attend his wife’s funeral in Nassau and was visiting his parents, who live near where his body was found.

Though police have not officially determined that his death was a homicide and have since labelled it as “suspicious,” Gibson believed he was killed and is asking why would anyone want to harm him.

“The evil monster that took his life will be given their just reward.”

His cousin Tina Forbes wants answers too. “I want to know who kill my cousin. Who killed my cousin?”

Williams is believed to be a fisherman and resident of Long Cay which is nearby but occasionally visited Crooked Island.

Williams’ brother Jonathan is heartbroken.

“I can’t take this pain…My one and only brother.”

“Brother you have left me all alone. You have broken our hearts to pieces. I don’t believe that you are gone. This has to be a dream,” he cried.

“Who wanted my brother dead?” sister Sherika Lewis asked.

A friend of the victim Angela Moss remembered him as a “sweet soul.”

“Justin stayed smiling. He was always a nice guy,” she added.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death and will classify his death based in the conclusion of the investigation.

‘Humble’ Groom-To-Be Planned to Wed Two Weeks Before His Killing

Days before police found his body in a parked vehicle riddled with bullets alongside his brother, Shakuar Oliver was finalizing wedding plans and expecting to marry his daughter’s mother.

Twenty-two-year-old Shakuar was planning a weekday wedding, set for May 11 when he would walk down the aisle and pledge his eternal love to his fiancé.

May 11 was special to him because it was his older brother Tyrone’s birthday.

Tyrone was to be the best man.

The Oliver family had lots to celebrate. Besides the wedding, Shakuar was also expecting another child with his soon-to-be bride.

Instead of a wedding celebration and the joyous birth of a newborn, the family is planning a funeral for the brothers.

The Oliver brothers were killed early Saturday morning while parked in the vicinity of Solomon’s Super Center. After a Japanese car sped off from the scene and evaded capture, police soon discovered the bodies of the brothers in their vehicle.

Tyrone and Shakaur Oliver were killed early Saturday morning

Mother Eunice remembered Shakuar, the father of a two-year-old girl, as “quiet, adorable, and family-oriented.”

“His expecting wife, he loved her and his daughter.”

Father Tyrone Snr warned Shakuar to stay away from Tyrone Jr who had begun to spend time with people who ran afoul of the law.

“When I saw my son (Shakuar) for the last time, and the first time he came to the job to work with me, I told him ‘Don’t go nowhere with your brother because he’s not good for you at this time,’ and he drive right off that job Friday gone and Saturday morning, he gone out with that man and now he’s a dead man because he didn’t heed to the warning.”

When Tyrone Snr got the tragic news, he was heartbroken. “I said ‘wow’. I told him not to be with this boy for this time because he’s not a good fit for you because, in the spirit, I already know what God was showing me.

“God was preparing me for this.”

Eunice said Shakuar enjoyed making music.

“He was a record producer. He was cutting records but never hit it out there (never sold and released music). But he had some positive things and was sending positive messages in many of his songs.”

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Praying Father Had Chilling Premonition of Talented Boxer’s Killing

Before he was killed by gunshots, 28-year-old Tyrone Oliver had recently arrived in the country from Africa where he represented the Bahamas in the boxing ring.

The professional boxer was passionate about the sport and “possessed some amazing skills.”

“He was excited about the opportunity and wanted to be the best ambassador through the sport of boxing,” said Romell Knowles, who sits on the Bahamas Olympic Committee.

“I was impressed [at] how poised he was for a young boxer.”

But his promising career would abruptly end after gunmen killed him and his brother Shakuar early Saturday morning while in a vehicle in the parking lot of Solomon’s Super Center. Authorities were alerted to gunshots in the area and spotted a Japanese vehicle speeding away from the scene. Further investigations revealed that the brothers were sitting in a vehicle, dead.

Tyrone’s death came as no surprise to his father Tyrone Snr since he had a chilling premonition of his son’s death.

Tyrone Snr was at home praying at the time of the murder. In recent times, he felt that something bad would happen to his eldest son, who surrounded himself with people of unscrupulous behavior, which clashed with his promising boxing career.

“I don’t sugarcoat what it is. I never had any bad sons, but the older one intertwined himself with persons known by the police. Many times I admonished him and said to him, ‘If you don’t watch out, your lifestyle gon’ cause you,” Tyrone Snr told the Tribune.

The father even warned Shakuar to stay away from Tyrone. “I told him (Shakuar) not to be with this boy for this time because he’s not a good fit for you because, in the spirit, I already know what God was showing me.”

As many question the circumstances surrounding the young men’s death, Knowles concluded, “I’m not exactly sure what happened, what I can say is that we lost another young man to the streets, one full of life and had in my opinion, a bright future ahead of him.”

The Aftershock Boxing Academy Club said the boxing community lost “one of its best.”

“[He] will be honored and [his]name will live on through the sport.”

The year 2020 was the beginning of Tyrone’s professional boxing career where he fought in the United States. But, in 2021, Tyrone Jr was ganged and stabbed by two perpetrators. He survived the attack and was determined to continue his career.

A former girlfriend and mother of his seven-year-old daughter said the young father “was always the guy to [make] you laugh, then cry, then laugh again because you laughed so much, you had no other choice but to cry,” Joy Smith said.

Smith attested that Tyrone Jr got up to train at 4 am every morning. “He was destined for greatness. Tyrone’s dream was to put the Bahamas back on the map for boxing and he wasn’t stopping until it happened.”

Friends ‘in Shock’ After Woman Dead Is Identified as Yinka Strachan, 42

Friends and family are shocked after learning that the woman found shot to death in the canals in South Beach was 42-year-old Yinka Strachan.

Strachan was known in smaller circles, and friends are in utter disbelief.

“I’m in disbelief. My heart nor my mind is accepting this,” her friend Melani Doll expressed in shock as she tries to come to terms with Strachan’s death.

Since her discovery on Wednesday afternoon, police did not know her identity and were calling for family and friends to assist in naming the woman found partially submerged in waters with gunshot wounds to the upper body after a discovery by swimmers in the area.

When police officially identified her on Thursday, many took to social media to mourn the mother of four children.

“I am so hurt and sad to hear of the untimely death of my good friend and schoolmate. [There is] too much violence against women in the Bahamas. We must protect our women,” said Kyle Wilson who graduated with Strachan from RM Bailey Senior High School.

Two months ago Strachan joined Fusion Superplex as a supervisor and previously worked as a legal assistant and office coordinator at Dolphin Encounters before her death.

“I am a highly professional assistant with a comprehensive command of legal, office, administrative and clerical support functions combined with a knowledge of legal documents, court filings and legal procedures,” Strachan’s LinkedIn profile reads.

“I am dedicated, reliable, and able to handle a high volume of assignments.”

Gleanor Sawyer was Strachan’s childhood friend. “What gives anyone the right to take another’s life?” Sawyer asked.

She remembered her as a “wonderful [and] beautiful woman.”

Another friend Brenda Herrick said Strachan was “smart, talented, witty and kind.”

Coworker Ladarsia Royal mourned, “She was a rider and such a sweet person. I can’t believe she [has] gone like that.”

Ladarsia spoke to Strachan more than a week before her shocking death. “Last thing she said to me was ‘Sis I gonna leave. I’m tired.’” But it was unclear what she meant.

Authorities arrested a 34-year-old man on Thursday afternoon, but did not reveal his relation to Strachan. Neither did authorities reveal a motive for the crime.

A neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous said she was a “nice lady.”

“She took so much pride in her babies,” her friend Janell Dawkins remembered.

Strachan once taught at Progress Academy as a Special Education Teacher and was enrolled at Omega College where she studied Early Childhood Education.

‘I Haven’t Slept in a Week,’: Mother of Murdered Son Mourns His Loss

More than a week after her son was killed by a friend and neighbor, the mother of Nardo Moss said she is restless and has not slept peacefully since.

“I haven’t slept a week now,” Frances Moss said. “Only Jah knows a mother’s feeling to lose a child by a gun from a neighbor who he was always a good friend or brother to.”

Moss was found dead in front of his residence in Dunmore Street last Sunday, with multiple gunshot wounds to the body. It is alleged he got into an argument with the man which turned physical before he was shot.

Lakeria Fynes who is Moss’ fiancé, is stricken with grief.

“Who am I suppose to turn to when my world is falling apart?

“June 4th was [his] birthday, the day we planned to spend the rest of our lives together. Why you leave me baby?” she lamented.

The man allegedly responsible for the murder was captured on Tuesday at a lounge in the Eastern area of New Providence.

“Nardo was his brother man. What kind of heart [does] the young man have? Antonio Horton, a friend of the victim asked.

Friends said the pair grew up across the street from each other. And, their families were well acquainted.

“They use to share the same bottle soda and honeybun on the blocks, shared one plate of food. Many times I pulled up by Keith’s the Greasy Chicken In the Bag Takeaway Night Spot [after] coming from 601(night club). Who shall I see? Talls (Nardo) and Mr Friend (the man accused of killing him).

“He was foot to foot behind him,” one friend said.

Pamela Cadet remembered the pair growing up as children before transitioning into adulthood.

“Everyone who knew Nardo from school knew he protected this boy from getting his ass beat many days. And to see him bite the hand that legit fed him is unbelievably sad,” Pamela Cadet said, another friend of the victim.

Cousin Javan Johnson is still in disbelief. “I [have] been going through Dunmore and Broom Street for years ever since my old man allowed me to be outside and I came around on the blocks watching my cousin look out for Punky (the accused of the murder) from they were in grade 11, straight up until adulthood.”

Moss was a dog lover and a member of the Universal Dog Kennel Club.

‘I Can’t Believe This. She Didn’t Deserve This’: Family Grieves Mother and Daughter Gruesomely Killed

Family and friends of the mother and daughter found dead early Friday morning are in disbelief after their decomposing bodies were inflicted with lacerations to the neck.

“I can’t believe this. You didn’t deserve this. My heart is breaking,” cousin Rollie Brown expressed.

Allison Thompson, 37, and her daughter Trevoniqua, 14, were killed in their apartment on Ross Corner. Police were alerted to a foul odor emanating from an upstairs room. They then breached the locked door and found the pair lying on the floor of the apartment, showing signs of rigor mortis.

Friend Anna Sweeting said, “I’m in tears right now. [She was] such a sweet soul.”

Friends remembered the mother of two for her warm personality and humor.

“I met her late and she still told me, ‘I love you family. We are blood,’” cousin Quisha mourned.

“Every time I saw her, she shouted ‘cousin’ from wherever and I‘ll smile and shout back, ‘family,’” Quisha continued.

Thompson, who once worked as a security guard, was known for her “youth, wisdom, and comedic conversations.”

“No one could beat her finding a job,” her uncle Paul Thompson remembered.

Thompson’s daughter, found next to her, was a student at TA Thompson Junior High School.

“Trevonika was a sweet person. She would do anything you ask her to do…If they wanted her to go to the shop, she going to get whatever it is,” Thompson’s cousin, Renell Clarke told the Nassau Guardian.

Police believed the pair may have been killed more than 24 hours, and the day they were discovered was Thompson’s birthday. She was preparing to celebrate and had already purchased a birthday cake with an imprinted image of herself, according to family and friends.

Friend Lashan said Thompson treated her like a member of her family.

“Thirty-seven years I have known [her] and [she] wasn’t just like a friend, [she] was more like a little sister to me.”

Police soon arrested a 23-year-old man, believed to be Thompson’s boyfriend.

Reports are that he returned to the crime scene after telling a family member that he had killed Thompson and her daughter.

Jasmine Brown, a cousin of the victims, lamented, “My heart is hurting so bad. I see what people feel when they lose someone. This kill[ed] me inside.”

The family hopes to render counseling for Thompson’s 13-year-old son, who by happenstance, was with his father.

A Mother Mourns Third Child Killed in Three Years

The mother of the young woman killed early Saturday morning is in grief after suffering the loss of her third child to murder.

Blanch McKenzie is the mother of 18-year-old Harrinique McPhee who was killed in the Kemp Road area over the weekend when three gunmen emerged from bushes and fired shots at a Nissan March. Harrinique was shot dead and another man who accompanied her is in hospital.

“It’s heartbreaking, very painful. The bone can’t mend. It’s happening too fast,” a grieving McKenzie told the Tribune.

In December 2020, McKenzie’s son, Alfred Bastian was murdered when four men pulled up to a residence in the Kemp Road area and shot Bastian who was standing in a group. And, in April 2021, another son Renardo Bain was one of six men killed on Jerome Avenue when four gunmen riddled their car with bullets after their release from police custody.

After the deaths of her sons, McKenzie posted in 2021 that she was still seeking justice.

“It’s a burden and they left a lot of children,” she said.

Since Harrinique has been killed, she insisted that she would not be satisfied until justice is served.

“I am not getting any satisfaction, there’s no justice, [and] no one is locked up. All I want is justice for my child because I don’t think she should have died that way.

“I don’t think they should kill a woman, a young woman. I think the police needs to get these persons, arrest them and stop letting them run free,” McKenzie said.

Harrinique was a former student of C.H Reeves Junior High School and C.R Walker Senior High School, and went on to work at Burger King on Village Road where she was due to receive the Employee of the Year award for showcasing good team spirit.

She was also a drummer at Living Word Church of God where her grandfather served as pastor.

‘He Had a Sweet Soul’: Gunshot Victim Identified as Garvin Hanna, 19

The man killed in South Beach on Sunday is Garvin Hanna, believed to be 19 years old.

Hanna was described by friends on social media as “a sweet soul.”

Clad in a white shirt and black sweatpants, his body was found face down around 9 pm with gunshot wounds in a vacant area near the beach.

Police initially faced difficulty identifying him and pleaded with the family to assist them. Since the public plea, social media users posted his image and name.


Wilda Barochin said, “My tire went down and he stopped what he was doing to change it for me. Then he was like a son—sweetest soul ever.”

Friend Unique Neely added, “[He] never bothered [any] one. Justice for Garvin.”

And his cousin Addie Finlay reminisced on the days as children. “Rest easy lil cousin. We will miss you. Will never forget our days when you and sister use to be fighting to sit in the front seat of my car to touch my music.”

Garvin was one of two gun violence victims on Sunday. The other homicide occurred two hours later in the western area of New Providence.

Bahamas Murder Surge Shows No Sign of Abating in 2023

With a little more than 2 weeks in the new year, the Bahamas is now faced with nearly 10 murders, all but one instance, occurring in New Providence.

2022 ended with 123 murders and now it seems the murder rate is set to trend upward for 2023.

Killings have taken their toll on New Providence and it is worrying that the surge may continue.

Those most impacted are young men.

The latest murder case involved 30-year-old Defense Force Officer Alvarez McCoy who was gunned down at his residence in Fox Hill on Wednesday morning after arriving home in his vehicle.

About 4 hours before that tragedy, a man identified on social media as Robert aka Wong, 32, was killed on the front porch of a family residence on Sumner Street, Red Land Acres when gunmen exited a vehicle and fired gunshots at him.

Then earlier on Tuesday morning, a man in his mid-thirties was killed in his car on his way to work when gunmen intercepted him and shot through his car window, killing him instantly.

Then Monday, in Abaco, 24-year-old John Joseph, was killed around 6.30 pm as he arrived home in Bahama Coral. A gunman shot him multiple times and fled in a vehicle.

Why is this happening?

Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander has attributed the heightened crime last year to illegal guns on the streets and bail granted to suspects charged with murder who commit other acts of violence after release.

Just Wednesday, he told reporters that the criminals charged with murder last year were already given bail and are back on the streets.

“When you look at the [number] of individuals who were charged last year, and the [detection] rate is high. You don’t see that in the world when you’re talking about over 60 percent [detection] rate with respect to homicides.

“And out of that 67 percent, you are looking at between 80 to 90 matters solved, and if you were to do your research, you would note that the majority of those individuals are on bail as we speak. That’s a problem,” he said.

“I’m talking about individuals who are on bail for two and three murders and something is wrong with that…

“Individuals who are found in possession of a firearm, 95 percent of the serious crimes that are occurring the weapon of choice is a firearm, so we want to work hand in hand with the … justice system to make sure that it works and we will do our part as law enforcement,” Fernander said.

Police Catch Young Gunman Trying to Flee the Crime Scene After Murder

An 18-year-old gunman was apprehended Wednesday morning after he allegedly killed a man sitting on a front porch while visiting his family in Red Land Acres on Tuesday night. 

The gunman, a resident of Kennedy Subdivision was attempting to run away after shooting Robert aka Wong, but was intercepted by officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Robert was 32 years old and died on the scene from multiple gunshot wounds.

Authorities are still looking for another man who helped the 18-year-old gunman. They ditched the getaway car, a black Suzuki Swift, in bushes near the scene of the crime and tried to escape before the young gunman was captured.

A cousin of Robert described him as “soft” and “innocent.”

“No Robby, no please tell me it’s a dream. [I’m] coming and hoping to see you when I come back in the hood to hail the family. How will I see my cousin’s soft and innocent smile again?” she lamented.

“He didn’t deserve this, not him. He had a head on his body not in the streets.”

A friend last saw him at the Christmas and New Year’s Day Junkanoo celebration.

Robert is seen in the featured picture