Tuesday, September 26, 2023

What We Know About the Deaths of Two Women

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The discovery of two women found dead in two separate incidents over the weekend is chilling as police officers suspect foul play in both matters.

The first woman, Keva Cash was found dead on a beach in Lower Bogue Eleuthera, at 12 noon on Saturday. She was found partially nude.

Photo credit: The Tribune

And the second woman, Samantha Barnett was found decomposed in an abandoned building on Dowdeswell Street, in a generator room.

Photo credit: Samantha Barnett FB

What we know about Keva

  • The Tribune reported that a sister believes Keva was raped, beaten, and drowned.
  • The sister met with Keva on Friday around 7.30 pm, before her death
  • Keva told her sister that she wasn’t feeling well because “something wasn’t right.”
  • The sister received information that someone was chasing Keva through the community where she ended up on the beach.
  • She was discovered by a little boy exercising on the beach.
  • The sister said Keva suffered from a mental disability with speech challenges. She described her as having “an adult body with a mind of a two or three-year-old, but she is a person who knows who people are.”
  • The sister remembered Keva as a jovial person who loved to dance and sing.
  • The police have not said if they have a suspect in custody, but the sister claims the man in custody is from Lower Bogue.

What we know about Samantha

What we don’t know

  • The identity of the suspect in either case
  • The suspects’ motive for the death of both women
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