Monday, June 5, 2023

She Was ‘Sweet’, Recently Graduated From University. She Never Got to Fulfill Her Dream of Owning a Business

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Friends of a young woman killed after her car crashed and hit a tree early Saturday morning, are grieving her loss.

“My sweet, smart, selfless Jada. I can’t believe this. I am in shock. I seriously cannot fathom this,” friend Quin Poitier lamented.

Poitier and other friends took to social media to honour the life of  23-year-old Jada Swann who was killed on West Bay Street, near Poop Deck restaurant when she attempted to overtake a vehicle while driving a 2019 Kia Rio.

Fire services used the Jaws of Life to pull her from the mangled car, but she died on the scene.

She and Poitier were friends for nine years and during their friendship, they often discussed life after death.

“It always felt like we grew up together,” Poitier said. “To know [her] is to love [her]. I wish I could change this.”

Swann was a 2017 Public School Scholar, an award granted by the Ministry of Education to graduates of public schools. She graduated from CV Bethel Senior High School, after which she studied at Monroe College in New York and recently obtained her Master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University.

In 2018, it was no surprise she received the top award in Commerce after sitting the BGCSE examinations. She expressed that her plans were to be a successful businesswoman.

Public School Scholars Programme Administrator Monique Hinsey remembered her and expressed sorrow at her tragic death.

Jermeka Johnson, another friend of Swann said she “impacted so many lives and did it effortlessly.”

Vashti Aleisha echoed the sentiments. “To know [her] was to love [her]. She never got mad or loud or mean. [She was] the true meaning of elegance and grace and humility in person. [She was] always been kind, selfless, and a real light to everyone around [her].

Her friend from high school, Simeon Farquharson said his last conversation with Swann was Wednesday when they promised to catch up on Saturday, the day she died.

“[I’m] honestly bewildered,” he said. “I don’t know how to deal with this.”


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