‘Always mumbling songs, but a harmless guy’: Friends remember a man stabbed to death

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Franklyn Robinson, a close friend of the country’s later murder victim for 20 years,  remembered him for always “mumbling songs, but a harmless guy.”

Solomon, whose last name is unknown, was nicknamed ‘Sollie’, and was a skilled mason and carpenter.

Though police have not officially identified him as the victim, friends recognized him as the man whose life was snuffed away on Saturday when a resident discovered his body lying outside her house on Rosebud Street, off Farrington Road, on Saturday afternoon.

Authorities were alerted to the murder scene around 3 p.m and found that he was stabbed in his chest.

Solomon, a fixture in the community, was pronounced dead.

“He was respected in the area and was a gentle soul,” Robinson remembered.

“While his communication style might have been occasionally irksome to some, it is unimaginable that such minor differences could ever justify the heinous act that took his life.”

Authorities are looking for the suspect responsible for stabbing the 52-year-old to death.

Opal Rolle was also fond of Solomon and is mourning his loss.

“[He was] one nice man. The village will miss [him]. [He was] a hardworking man [and] very good with his hands.”

“A great guy,” Josey Sands echoed.

Robinson said it is “a painful reminder of the need for compassion, understanding, and unity in our community. We must stand together, reject violence, and promote empathy.”

Police still do not know the motive for the killing.

Solomon was married and a father of four children.

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