‘Loving, Sweetest, Selfless Being’: Plane Crash Victim Identified as Aleitheia Newbold, 22

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The sister of the twenty-two-year-old woman killed in a plane crash on Sunday said she will remember her as the “most loving, sweetest and selfless being.”

Aleitheia Newbold was killed when a plane, she and seven others were on crashed in bushes after takeoff in Long Island.

Police said after the crash, they found the extensively damaged twin-engine plane two miles from the airport after it took off from Deadman’s Cay after 9 am.

The other passengers onboard the PA-31-310 plane, sustained injuries, but Newbold died on the scene. With the assistance of the United States Coast Guard, the injured passengers were airlifted to New Providence around 1:30 pm for medical assistance.

Newbold’s sister said she wished she had called Newbold which may have discouraged her from taking the flight.

“Why couldn’t I be a big sister today like I always was to you. Why didn’t I call you this morning? Why couldn’t I have avoided this whole thing from happening by simply calling you as I would?”

Her sister said she is “broken, confused and hurt” since her death.

“Never in a million years…would I dream, think, imagine [or] believe that you would be leaving me so soon.”

After news of her death circulated on social media, Newbold’s boyfriend, Tevin Newbold, with whom she shares a child, showed up at the airport and was informed of her death.  He took to social media to express his disbelief.

“Had to check the ambulance and helicopter myself to find out if it’s really you. They [were] right. You [are] gone forever.”

Newbold’s sister says she will cherish the baby left behind. “Thank you for leaving such a beautiful gem here with me because you knew we’d need her to comfort us in your absence. You made it extra special by having me choose her name. Don’t even worry about her because she’s in the best hands.”


The daughters of Works Minister Alfred Sears and Motivational Speaker and Talk Show Host Spence Finlayson were also passengers on the plane.

Later on Sunday evening, Acting Director in the Department of Meteorology Jefferey Simmons said bad weather did not play a role in the crash.

The Civil Aviation Authority continues its investigations.


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