In pictures: The opening of parliament

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The opening of the Bahamas’ Parliament by Governor General Cynthia Pratt took place on Wednesday, marking the first time she oversaw the formal start of the parliamentary year as the king’s representative.

Pratt was appointed last month after the House was prorogued on August 12, nearly two years after the Progressive Liberal Party won the government.

It is a ceremonial event on the parliamentary calendar when the governor-general sets out the government’s agenda for the coming session of parliament.

It is a rare occurrence in Bahamian history since the House is typically prorogued to prepare for a general election. Prime Minister Philip Davis said it is his government’s attempt to renew its agenda after “passing over one hundred bills” in parliament.

Since it was prorogued, the Leader of Government Business Obie Wilchcombe died unexpectedly and now the government has appointed Wayne Munroe to the position after the house opened.

Prime Minister, Hon Philip Davis



Photo credit: Theo Neilly and William Mortimer

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