‘I Haven’t Slept in a Week,’: Mother of Murdered Son Mourns His Loss

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More than a week after her son was killed by a friend and neighbor, the mother of Nardo Moss said she is restless and has not slept peacefully since.

“I haven’t slept a week now,” Frances Moss said. “Only Jah knows a mother’s feeling to lose a child by a gun from a neighbor who he was always a good friend or brother to.”

Moss was found dead in front of his residence in Dunmore Street last Sunday, with multiple gunshot wounds to the body. It is alleged he got into an argument with the man which turned physical before he was shot.

Lakeria Fynes who is Moss’ fiancé, is stricken with grief.

“Who am I suppose to turn to when my world is falling apart?

“June 4th was [his] birthday, the day we planned to spend the rest of our lives together. Why you leave me baby?” she lamented.

The man allegedly responsible for the murder was captured on Tuesday at a lounge in the Eastern area of New Providence.

“Nardo was his brother man. What kind of heart [does] the young man have? Antonio Horton, a friend of the victim asked.

Friends said the pair grew up across the street from each other. And, their families were well acquainted.

“They use to share the same bottle soda and honeybun on the blocks, shared one plate of food. Many times I pulled up by Keith’s the Greasy Chicken In the Bag Takeaway Night Spot [after] coming from 601(night club). Who shall I see? Talls (Nardo) and Mr Friend (the man accused of killing him).

“He was foot to foot behind him,” one friend said.

Pamela Cadet remembered the pair growing up as children before transitioning into adulthood.

“Everyone who knew Nardo from school knew he protected this boy from getting his ass beat many days. And to see him bite the hand that legit fed him is unbelievably sad,” Pamela Cadet said, another friend of the victim.

Cousin Javan Johnson is still in disbelief. “I [have] been going through Dunmore and Broom Street for years ever since my old man allowed me to be outside and I came around on the blocks watching my cousin look out for Punky (the accused of the murder) from they were in grade 11, straight up until adulthood.”

Moss was a dog lover and a member of the Universal Dog Kennel Club.

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