Monday, April 12, 2021


Pastor Arraigned for ‘Spurious’ Claims Against Police Commissioner

The pastor accused of “spurious ” claims against Police Commissioner Paul Rolle was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court today, charged with intentional libel.

Dressed in a coat suit, Pastor Julien Johnson was escorted to court by two police officers, without handcuffs.

The arraignment was scheduled for 2 pm.

Why it matters

Nearly two weeks ago, Johnson in a social media post, accused the police commissioner of sexual assault against female members of the police force. Johnson stated that it was revealed to him in ‘the spirit.’

Rolle responded in a statement that he “takes the attacks on his reputation seriously” and had since reported the matter to the Central Investigation Department.

Johnson who is known for making spurious claims on social media, as the word from the Lord admitted that he often speaks out of turn.

After the investigation was launched, Johnson admitted, “I don’t always get it right. I don’t always say what’s right. My mouth gets the best of me. Everybody has a weakness. And my mouth is mine.”


Pastor Making ‘Spurious’ Claims Against Police Commissioner Admits to Often Speaking Out Of Turn

The controversial pastor who made serious allegations against Commissioner Paul Rolle admitted that he often speaks out of turn.

Pastor Julian Johnson of Sanctuary of Grace International Ministries met with fellow clergyman Prophet Lawrence Rolle, known as the ‘Singing Bishop, to discuss a recent social media video where Johnson accuses the police commissioner of sexual misconduct toward female officers that he said was revealed to him “in the spirit.”

Johnson said, “I don’t always get it right. I don’t always say what’s right. My mouth gets the best of me. Everybody has a weakness. And my mouth is mine.”

Why it matters

Johnson’s meeting with Prophet Rolle comes after the allegations made by Johnson went viral, and Commissioner Rolle reported the matter to the Central Investigation Department for investigations.

COP Rolle in a press statement said he “takes these attacks on his reputation seriously.”

The big picture

Johnson has described himself as a ‘prophet of God’ and often creates videos revealing ‘revelations from heaven.’

Last year May, Johnson caused quite a stir when he created a video accusing Prophet Rolle of being “effeminate.”

Prophet Rolle then extended an olive branch to Johnson passionately exclaiming, “I love you and I want to thank you so very much…whether it’s love words or hate words. No, it’s not an easy road. I love you brother. I forgive you, brother.”


Watch the full video here: https://www.facebook.com/lawrence.rolle.908/videos/2857056901235120/?d=n

Why the DNA Leader was Arrested 3 Weeks Later. COP Rolle Says It’s Not Political

After the release of DNA Leader Komolafe and other members of her party, since being arrested by police, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle called a press conference on Monday afternoon, emphasizing that the questioning and arrest was not political.

Why it matters

Members of the party say they believe the arrest of its members, “came from higher up” suggesting that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and National Security Minister Marvin Dames gave orders for their questioning and detention.

Their arrest caught the attention of FNM Former Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner and PLP MP for Englerston Glenys Hanna-Martin, who assembled with members of the DNA on the outside of the Central Police Station to decry the detention. Both said they believe it was politically motivated.

The big picture

The DNA held a protest on March 3rd in Parliament Square and stood near the entrance of the House of Assembly, while it was in session, calling on Minnis to end the Emergency Order and resign.

However, the protest was deemed ‘unlawful’ since it was held without a permit from the police commissioner.

Why the arrest now?

Rolle said when the protest took place without the proper requirements, he told officers to speak to the group and he will handle the matter later, because he did not want to “create an unnecessary scene” at Parliament.

When asked if the police force is being used as a political tool by the government, Rolle said, “I do not take instructions from politicians. I answer to the constitution of the Bahamas.

“Nine people were interviewed and arrested. Nothing political about it. I don’t see colors, whether it’s red, yellow, or green. Everyone is treated the same. I believe my record on that is straightforward.”

Komolafe’s Mother Upset Over Daughter’s Reported Detention

The mother of DNA Leader Arinthia Komolafe said she is upset over the purported arrest of her daughter by the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Jenniffer Brennen said she flew in from Exuma to support her daughter after hearing about the reported arrest.

The big picture

Komolafe and ten leaders and members of her party were asked to report to the Central Police Station at 9:30 am for the alleged unlawful assembly of a protest they held in the front of the House of Assembly three weeks ago.

What her mother said

Standing outside of the station, Brennen told reporters she wants to know who is behind the arrest of her daughter.

“Who is behind it and why?

“Do we no longer have a right? Why wasn’t it done three weeks ago? she asked.

Brennen said she believes Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is trying to silence Komolafe.

“Is Minnis scared of a little woman who will be the next prime minister of this country?

“They are trying to silence her. But what they have done is awaken the awareness of what an evil person he is,” Brennen said.

Police Looking for Suspects After Killing of 10-Year-Old Boy

Police are investigating the death of a 10-year-old boy, shot and killed on Thursday night on Finlayson and Bola Avenue, Bain Town.

What Police Say

  • It was sometime after 9:00 pm, police were called to a shooting incident that occurred on Finlayson Street and Bola Avenue, Bain Town.
  • Units responded and on the arrival of the officers, they were directed to a residence where an adult male and three juvenile males were found suffering from gunshot wounds.
  • Emergency Medical Service was called and following their examinations one of the juveniles, the 10-year-old boy was pronounced dead.
  • The three other victims were transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

Missing Woman Found

The 43-year-old woman reported missing on March 4th, was reportedly found alive in the washroom of a house.

Lastweek, family members pleaded for the safe return of Nicola Sobiech. Her sister said she was the caretaker of her father and described Nicola as quiet, humble, and reserved.

A missing person’s poster was also posted in daily papers asking for any information on the whereabouts of Niciola.

What is known

  • She was found in the washroom at the back of a house.
  • She was spotted this morning in a particular area, not identified by police as yet.
  • There may have been personal issues with family members, according to reports.
  • Police and ambulance arrived at the house to attend to the woman.
  • The woman was heard yelling “Get out of here” as police and medical officials worked to get her into the ambulance.

What is not known

  • Police are working to determine how she got into the washroom and how long she may have been there.

Road Rage and Car Crash Result in Stabbing Death

Police are investigating the stabbing death of a man resulting from a traffic accident that occurred at Fifth Street and Palm Tree on Tuesday evening.

Image obtained from a video showing the victim lying on the ground after being stabbed.

What happened

  • A traffic accident occurred at the intersection of Fifth Street and Palm Tree Avenue involving two vehicles.
  • Occupants of the vehicles got into a fight.
  • During the physical altercation, one of the men was stabbed and later died as a result of his injuries.
  • The suspects abandoned their vehicle in the area and fled the scene on foot.
  • Police responded to the incident met a man lying in the street unresponsive. Emergency Medical Services pronounced the man dead.
  • The Coroner visited the scene.

What is not known

  • Police are looking for the occupants of the other vehicle and the suspects responsible for the stabbing death.

What police is saying

Police Spokesperson ASP Peters said, “An accident is simply an accident. There is no need to be involved in physical altercations with anyone. Once you have all your required documents, permission to be on the road, to use the road, those things are (sufficient). Things can be replaced, but not lives and your freedom can be taken from you for decisions that are made without rationale.”

Featured Image: Donovan McIntosh/Tribune

Human Remains Found Inside Burnt Building

Update: Police said its initial report of human remains being discovered in the building amidst the fire, is “unfounded.”

Human remains were found in an abandoned building Down Town, on Friday afternoon.

Firefighters responded to a structural fire on Bay Street, extinguished the fire but discovered the remains of a body. Police have confirmed it is the remains is a human

Police are still on the scene of the fire at the abandoned building which is next to the Government Publication.

The recovery of the remains is shocking and an investigation is underway to identify the remains.

How the human remains got there, is also being investigated by the police.


Suspects in Yellow Elder Murder Case Being Sought by Police

The man found shot to death on Graham Drive in Yellow Elder Gardens Thursday morning, still has not been identified, but police are looking for the suspects in this homicide case.

What is known

  • Citizens alerted police to the body after 7am, where the body lay through a track road.
  • The man pronounced dead by EMS is believed to be in his 30’s.
  • A vehicle was found parked near the body but police are unsure if it is the property of the victim.
  • The body was found about 30 feet from the vehicle.
  • The victim is believed to have been at the scene for nearly 12 hours.
  • An image obtained by CSJ Report, shows the victim dressed in a white tee-shirt and long blue jeans pants, lying faceup with bullet holes piercing his upper body.

What police say about the crime-ridden area

Police spokesman ASP Audley Peters visited the scene and spoke to reporters:

  • “Historically, this area has been used for criminal activity.”
  • “In the past, we’ve had incidents that would’ve occurred in the back here. That’s why we encourage persons not to travel on track roads…This is an area that we don’t suggest individuals travel through. If you look at the terrain, anything notorious is liable to happen in areas such as this,” Peters said.

Police appeal

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to reach out to the Criminal Investigations Department at 502-9991/2.

“We also want to appeal to friends and family who may know of individuals who are in possession of illegal firearms to report them to the police because we are seeing an increase in the use of firearms as a result of altercations between individuals and they’re seeking to resolve the matters outside of the law,” Peters said.

“When persons have altercations, the best way to resolve things [is] to either find a mediator [or] step back and take a second look at what the argument is about, rather than resorting to violence and the use of edge tools or firearms,” he said.

Man Faces Court for Slitting Throat of Relatives

The 29-year-old man responsible for the killing of his grandmother and the attempted murder of his mother was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, to face charges.

Rico Pratt pleaded not guilty to killing 69-year-old Gelena Pratt and causing harm to 51-year-old Aretha Pratt.

He was remanded to the Bahamas Department of Corrections and will return to court on April 21st, 2021.


The elder Pratt was found dead on the bathroom floor of her home following a domestic dispute in Shabak Close off Bellot Road. She was found with injuries to the body which police said were a result of “a sharp object.”

She is a pastor at Calvary Deliverance Church. In a Facebook post, the church remembered her as “a wonderful mother and friend to many and a mighty warrior in the kingdom.”

Aretha Pratt is said to be in critical condition in hospital after suffering a slit throat.