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‘A Bundle of Joy’: Family in Disbelief, Grieves Woman Killed in Car Crash

Friends and family of one of the country’s latest traffic fatalities were in disbelief when they learned of her sudden death.

Melissa Knowles was remembered as “a bundle of joy,” her sister Erica Russell mourned.

Knowles’ mother and siblings were devastated after she was killed last week Friday when her vehicle, a silver Nissan Cube traveling east, hit a GMC Canyon truck traveling south along Johnstone Avenue in the Stapledon Gardens area.

She was killed after 11 pm.

“Gone too soon Lila, still can’t believe this. When you step in the room, sis you we’re such a bundle of joy…Our family will never forget you sweetie pie,” Russell said in a social media post.

Knowles’ mother, Marva, was reportedly out of the country when her daughter died and learned of her demise when she returned.

The mother was overcome with grief after learning that her friend’s daughter was also killed in a car crash, earlier that day.

Phillipa Deveaux, heading east in a Daihatsu Mira, hit a flatbed truck traveling west on Prince Charles Drive, crushing the front end of her vehicle and smashing the windshield. She died instantly.

Knowles’ death occurred 8 hours after Deveaux’s death.

Knowles’ brother who is the pastor of Word Empowerment Church Deon Knowles called her “a beautiful angel that God sent and took away.”

Friends ‘in Shock’ After Woman Dead Is Identified as Yinka Strachan, 42

Friends and family are shocked after learning that the woman found shot to death in the canals in South Beach was 42-year-old Yinka Strachan.

Strachan was known in smaller circles, and friends are in utter disbelief.

“I’m in disbelief. My heart nor my mind is accepting this,” her friend Melani Doll expressed in shock as she tries to come to terms with Strachan’s death.

Since her discovery on Wednesday afternoon, police did not know her identity and were calling for family and friends to assist in naming the woman found partially submerged in waters with gunshot wounds to the upper body after a discovery by swimmers in the area.

When police officially identified her on Thursday, many took to social media to mourn the mother of four children.

“I am so hurt and sad to hear of the untimely death of my good friend and schoolmate. [There is] too much violence against women in the Bahamas. We must protect our women,” said Kyle Wilson who graduated with Strachan from RM Bailey Senior High School.

Two months ago Strachan joined Fusion Superplex as a supervisor and previously worked as a legal assistant and office coordinator at Dolphin Encounters before her death.

“I am a highly professional assistant with a comprehensive command of legal, office, administrative and clerical support functions combined with a knowledge of legal documents, court filings and legal procedures,” Strachan’s LinkedIn profile reads.

“I am dedicated, reliable, and able to handle a high volume of assignments.”

Gleanor Sawyer was Strachan’s childhood friend. “What gives anyone the right to take another’s life?” Sawyer asked.

She remembered her as a “wonderful [and] beautiful woman.”

Another friend Brenda Herrick said Strachan was “smart, talented, witty and kind.”

Coworker Ladarsia Royal mourned, “She was a rider and such a sweet person. I can’t believe she [has] gone like that.”

Ladarsia spoke to Strachan more than a week before her shocking death. “Last thing she said to me was ‘Sis I gonna leave. I’m tired.’” But it was unclear what she meant.

Authorities arrested a 34-year-old man on Thursday afternoon, but did not reveal his relation to Strachan. Neither did authorities reveal a motive for the crime.

A neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous said she was a “nice lady.”

“She took so much pride in her babies,” her friend Janell Dawkins remembered.

Strachan once taught at Progress Academy as a Special Education Teacher and was enrolled at Omega College where she studied Early Childhood Education.

‘I Haven’t Slept in a Week,’: Mother of Murdered Son Mourns His Loss

More than a week after her son was killed by a friend and neighbor, the mother of Nardo Moss said she is restless and has not slept peacefully since.

“I haven’t slept a week now,” Frances Moss said. “Only Jah knows a mother’s feeling to lose a child by a gun from a neighbor who he was always a good friend or brother to.”

Moss was found dead in front of his residence in Dunmore Street last Sunday, with multiple gunshot wounds to the body. It is alleged he got into an argument with the man which turned physical before he was shot.

Lakeria Fynes who is Moss’ fiancé, is stricken with grief.

“Who am I suppose to turn to when my world is falling apart?

“June 4th was [his] birthday, the day we planned to spend the rest of our lives together. Why you leave me baby?” she lamented.

The man allegedly responsible for the murder was captured on Tuesday at a lounge in the Eastern area of New Providence.

“Nardo was his brother man. What kind of heart [does] the young man have? Antonio Horton, a friend of the victim asked.

Friends said the pair grew up across the street from each other. And, their families were well acquainted.

“They use to share the same bottle soda and honeybun on the blocks, shared one plate of food. Many times I pulled up by Keith’s the Greasy Chicken In the Bag Takeaway Night Spot [after] coming from 601(night club). Who shall I see? Talls (Nardo) and Mr Friend (the man accused of killing him).

“He was foot to foot behind him,” one friend said.

Pamela Cadet remembered the pair growing up as children before transitioning into adulthood.

“Everyone who knew Nardo from school knew he protected this boy from getting his ass beat many days. And to see him bite the hand that legit fed him is unbelievably sad,” Pamela Cadet said, another friend of the victim.

Cousin Javan Johnson is still in disbelief. “I [have] been going through Dunmore and Broom Street for years ever since my old man allowed me to be outside and I came around on the blocks watching my cousin look out for Punky (the accused of the murder) from they were in grade 11, straight up until adulthood.”

Moss was a dog lover and a member of the Universal Dog Kennel Club.

‘I Can’t Believe This. She Didn’t Deserve This’: Family Grieves Mother and Daughter Gruesomely Killed

Family and friends of the mother and daughter found dead early Friday morning are in disbelief after their decomposing bodies were inflicted with lacerations to the neck.

“I can’t believe this. You didn’t deserve this. My heart is breaking,” cousin Rollie Brown expressed.

Allison Thompson, 37, and her daughter Trevoniqua, 14, were killed in their apartment on Ross Corner. Police were alerted to a foul odor emanating from an upstairs room. They then breached the locked door and found the pair lying on the floor of the apartment, showing signs of rigor mortis.

Friend Anna Sweeting said, “I’m in tears right now. [She was] such a sweet soul.”

Friends remembered the mother of two for her warm personality and humor.

“I met her late and she still told me, ‘I love you family. We are blood,’” cousin Quisha mourned.

“Every time I saw her, she shouted ‘cousin’ from wherever and I‘ll smile and shout back, ‘family,’” Quisha continued.

Thompson, who once worked as a security guard, was known for her “youth, wisdom, and comedic conversations.”

“No one could beat her finding a job,” her uncle Paul Thompson remembered.

Thompson’s daughter, found next to her, was a student at TA Thompson Junior High School.

“Trevonika was a sweet person. She would do anything you ask her to do…If they wanted her to go to the shop, she going to get whatever it is,” Thompson’s cousin, Renell Clarke told the Nassau Guardian.

Police believed the pair may have been killed more than 24 hours, and the day they were discovered was Thompson’s birthday. She was preparing to celebrate and had already purchased a birthday cake with an imprinted image of herself, according to family and friends.

Friend Lashan said Thompson treated her like a member of her family.

“Thirty-seven years I have known [her] and [she] wasn’t just like a friend, [she] was more like a little sister to me.”

Police soon arrested a 23-year-old man, believed to be Thompson’s boyfriend.

Reports are that he returned to the crime scene after telling a family member that he had killed Thompson and her daughter.

Jasmine Brown, a cousin of the victims, lamented, “My heart is hurting so bad. I see what people feel when they lose someone. This kill[ed] me inside.”

The family hopes to render counseling for Thompson’s 13-year-old son, who by happenstance, was with his father.

She Was ‘Sweet’, Recently Graduated From University. She Never Got to Fulfill Her Dream of Owning a Business

Friends of a young woman killed after her car crashed and hit a tree early Saturday morning, are grieving her loss.

“My sweet, smart, selfless Jada. I can’t believe this. I am in shock. I seriously cannot fathom this,” friend Quin Poitier lamented.

Poitier and other friends took to social media to honour the life of  23-year-old Jada Swann who was killed on West Bay Street, near Poop Deck restaurant when she attempted to overtake a vehicle while driving a 2019 Kia Rio.

Fire services used the Jaws of Life to pull her from the mangled car, but she died on the scene.

She and Poitier were friends for nine years and during their friendship, they often discussed life after death.

“It always felt like we grew up together,” Poitier said. “To know [her] is to love [her]. I wish I could change this.”

Swann was a 2017 Public School Scholar, an award granted by the Ministry of Education to graduates of public schools. She graduated from CV Bethel Senior High School, after which she studied at Monroe College in New York and recently obtained her Master’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University.

In 2018, it was no surprise she received the top award in Commerce after sitting the BGCSE examinations. She expressed that her plans were to be a successful businesswoman.

Public School Scholars Programme Administrator Monique Hinsey remembered her and expressed sorrow at her tragic death.

Jermeka Johnson, another friend of Swann said she “impacted so many lives and did it effortlessly.”

Vashti Aleisha echoed the sentiments. “To know [her] was to love [her]. She never got mad or loud or mean. [She was] the true meaning of elegance and grace and humility in person. [She was] always been kind, selfless, and a real light to everyone around [her].

Her friend from high school, Simeon Farquharson said his last conversation with Swann was Wednesday when they promised to catch up on Saturday, the day she died.

“[I’m] honestly bewildered,” he said. “I don’t know how to deal with this.”


What Is Known and Still Unknown About Missing GB Man Who Feared for His Life

Joshua Storr told his mother that he was fearful that someone wanted to take his life.

The 24-year-old man from Grand Bahama moved to New Providence in October last year to find employment, and last told his mother Sonia Storr, that he was successful in gaining employment as a security guard.

But during his short stint in the capital, he grew fearful and called Sonia around 6 am, one month ago, dreading that someone wanted to kill him.

Sonia has not heard from Joshua since and flew to Nassau to find him, but to no avail.

This is her second attempt at finding Joshua.

What is unknown

Police have not indicated if there is an official search for Joshua.

And it is still not known when and where he was last seen. His belongings have not been found to indicate he is safe.

Sonia does not know where he lived in Nassau and which company purportedly employed him. Neither has she revealed any possible motive for the missing case.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the police or his mother at 819-4415.

‘I Loved You to the Very End’: Wife Mourns Man in ‘Suspicious’ Drowning

Kristenique Sears can not believe her husband is gone.

“Lord I feel so numb. [He was] my everything.”

Phillip Sears was found dead in waters near Cable Beach early Sunday morning. Authorities discovered his body floating around 9:45 am, near Westwind Hotel after he was initially spotted by a boater.

Mrs Sears said the death of the young husband and father of three, is shocking. He hugged her before leaving the house, after reassuring her that he would be well.

“[He] held me and told me, ‘Don’t worry, everything will be ok,’ and then [he] picked up [and] left me without any warning.”

His body was found bobbing in a black shirt and trousers. Authorities have still not revealed how long he was in the water or whether or not Sears died as a result of drowning or other causes. But Mrs Sears is suspicious.

“There is no way in hell my husband gone in that water and just drown[ed]. My husband is a swimmer. Someone [did] something to my husband and put him in that water.

“My husband is not going in the water for nothing in the night. The most he will do is put his foot in. So I don’t care what anyone says, he did not go in that water and drown,” the grieving wife lamented.

Mrs Sears said she and her young children depended on him.

“Lord, you took away my everything from me. God, why have you forsaken me?” she asked.

As she prepares for his burial, her last message to her husband is, “I loved you to the very end.”

Carmichael Road Man Questioned With Threatening to Kill Prime Minister Davis

A 58-year-old Carmichael Road man was arrested Wednesday, held for questioning on threats to kill Prime Minister Philip Davis.

Police said this is still an ongoing investigation.

This comes after Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander suggested that Lincoln Bain Leader of the fragmented political group Coalition of Independents and his supporters have spewed incendiary comments possibly leading to the criminal threat.

Police have not revealed the name of the individual in custody or his connection to any political group, but Bain has since insisted he is not responsible for inciting death threats against Davis.

“I am not responsible for the words of any adult,” a defensive Bain insisted in a social media video post after Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander in a press conference stated that the COI may be behind calls made to Davis’ office on Friday.

Bain and his supporters held a protest on Wednesday in Parliament Square protesting the influx of Haitian migrants, in which they blamed Davis and his government for not doing enough to curtail the immigration problem. One supporter is even seen swearing at Davis as he made his way to the House of Assembly under heavy police guard. And another man shouts for the police to “assassinate” him.


Bain insisted he was not present when the remarks were made. “It took place before I was there. It is not my duty to control anyone’s words.”

Because of two anonymous calls to kill the prime minister, Fernander said the Royal Bahamas Police Force would beef up security to ensure Davis’ safety.

“The threat level is high, based on the calls,” Fernander said as he insisted that the COI is “in line of inquiry,” as authorities conduct investigations

“Lincoln has to control his supporters.”

Fernander promised a meeting with Bain who seems to attract a growing number of Bahamians feeling marginalized by society.

Bain ran in the 2021 election and hopes to lead his group to the general election in 2024, pushing his far-right ideologies and extremist views on immigration.

In his quest to create ‘a new Bahamas,’ some of his actions have raised eyebrows.

‘Humble, Respectful and Kindhearted’: Retired Teacher Mourns Man Killed by BB Gun

A former teacher of a man who was killed in an alleged accidental shooting over the weekend expressed fond memories of the victim.

Cleveland Ramsey who served as a principal and teacher in the Ministry of Education said Lavardo Fernander “was one of them in whom I was well pleased.”

“During my 19 years in education and 13 of my last years as principal, I have been afforded the opportunity to teach and help mold many outstanding men who are now making their contributions in their own unique ways in the Bahamas. Lavardo Ferguson was one of them.”

Ferguson, 37 was killed while enjoying a day with friends shooting canisters. A coworker’s BB-gun reportedly discharged while he was clearing the weapon and Ferguson was struck to his upper body and died on the scene.

“He was a hardworking young man who was destined for greatness,” Ramsey said of the married father of five children.

Another teacher Denise Hope said Ferguson was a “very respectful young man.”

Ferguson was expected to move to Eleuthera to begin a new job before the tragedy struck and cousin Valentino Williams remains shocked at his death since the two were just planning their birthdays in the Berry Island where they grew up and schooled.

After schooling, Ferguson worked as a boat captain, carpenter and cook.

Police said they are investigating the circumstances of his death and are questioning the 27-year-old coworker in regard to the alleged accident. But Ferguson’s mother Michelle Aranha told the Nassau Guardian that someone should be held accountable.

“They are saying it is an accident, but how can an accident cost me a child that I had for 37 years, leaving behind five children?… What is an accident going to do for them to be taken care of?

“But you can’t accidentally kill my son and just expect nothing to come out of it. That’s not fair to nobody.”

Deaths by BB guns are unusual in the Bahamas but Ferguson’s death proved fatal even though the rifle does not have the power of an automatic weapon.

A Coworker Is Quizzed After His BB Gun Killed a Man

Authorities have not yet determined if a man could face criminal charges over the fatal shooting of a coworker while clearing a BB gun.

The unidentified man in his 30s was enjoying a day shooting canisters with friends behind a building on Faith Avenue, when he was hit to the upper body by the pellets from the weapon, and died on the scene.

Friends and family gathered near the incident, hugging and consoling each other after the tragedy around 5 pm on Saturday.

Morticians carried the man’s body away from the scene.

Police have not identified the people involved but are questioning a 27-year-old man responsible for the killing.

The investigation remains open and active. No charges have been filed in regard to this incident.

Police cautioned that users should follow safety when clearing guns.

The BB gun identified as a high-powered rifle is designed to shoot projectiles and can be dangerous if it is not used properly.

Deaths by BB guns are unusual in the country but the man’s death proved fatal even though it does not have the power of an automatic weapon.