Monday, February 6, 2023

Gunmen Lay In Wait As Father Checked on Unfinished Building, Killing Father and Young Son

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The father and four-year-old son killed in Rock  Sound, Eleuthera over the weekend, occurred when the family went to check on a house under construction.

The man identified as Jameric Greene and toddler Jeremy were shot when the family was ambushed by gunmen.

Photo detail
Jameric and Jeremy Green were killed on Saturday in Eleuthera. Photo credit: The Tribune

What is known

  • The house under construction is distant from the main road.
  • The father pleaded with gunmen not to shoot while he held the little boy. The mother told the Tribune, her husband said, “Don’t shoot, I have my son in my hand, please don’t shoot.”
  • The mother said one of the gunmen started to shoot at her, but she ran into the bush.
  • The four-year-old died along with his father during the shootout, as the mother ran for cover.
  • The little boy was shot in the thigh as he pleaded to his mother, “Mummy get the doctor, please get the doctor.”
  • The assailants jumped into the victim’s vehicle and drove off.
  • Police say the assailants may not have been aware that other children were in the backseat of the vehicle.
  • The assailants ditched the car and the children were found on a ‘dirt road.’
  • The children were later reunited with their mother.
  • One of the children is a newborn baby, as the mother returned to the island on Saturday after giving birth in Nassau.

The big picture

This incident seems to be a trend in the killing of children in the context of shootings. Over the last three weeks, this is the third child to be murdered.


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