Saturday, September 30, 2023

If You Think Minnis Has Given Up on Lockdowns, Think Again

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Sunday’s national address by Prime Minister Hubert Minnis seemed to prepare the nation for a possible lockdown.

Dr. Minnis’ speech was littered with notions of “lockdown” with many viewers sitting on their edge of their seats, waiting for him to announce the new measure for New Providence. But it never happened.

Now many are speculating when a lockdown will be implemented by Minnis.

Here’s five things Minnis said that supports a lockdown is looming for the New Providence and Abaco:

  • Minnis highlighted that other countries have returned to lockdown measures to combat virus increases

He said, “Some countries have gone back to targeted lockdowns or more restrictive curfews and other measures needed to address the high number of infections, hospitalizations and, sadly, deaths.”

  • Minnis hinted that lockdown is an international measure used to fight the virus

“If cases rise exponentially and virus spread is out of control, governments often have no choice but to order a lockdown to save lives.

“This has become an international standard and response by most governments around the world, including countries that have generally had a good response to the pandemic.”

  • Minnis praised the sucess of lockdowns in Bimini and Grand Bahama

“Indeed, the targeted and sustained lockdowns in Bimini and most recently, Grand Bahama, were essential in reducing the number of infections on those islands, both of which continue to have low numbers at this time.”

  • Minnis painted a grim picture of COVID-19 in New Providence

“One in every 100 residents of New Providence is now infected with COVID-19.

“Sadly, we are now averaging one death per day and our medical facilities have now reached capacity.”

  • Minnis said PAHO and WHO representative Dr. Esther de Gourville, and Consultant Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis are set to discuss future strategies in a “special meeting” with Cabinet and the Opposition.

“After these various meetings, I will brief the nation on the recommendations of our health experts, especially on the way forward for New Providence and Abaco.”

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