Saturday, June 3, 2023

2 Survived, 6 Missing and 1 Confirmed Dead

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Cargo boat enroute to Haiti, explodes off Long Island Coast

Long Island Member of Parliament Adrian Gibson speaking on the boating explosion in Long Island.

Gibson said two people survived the explosion while six people remain missing.

The two men – aged 50 and 30 – came ashore in Millers, Long Island. The men informed authorities that the boat caught afire due to an explosion in the engine room around 3 p.m Thursday.

Gibson said he was briefed by the island’s administrator, superintendent and port controller who confirmed that the vessel encountered challenges and exploded off of the coast of Long Island.

He said the 80 ft steel hull cargo boat known as the MV Fish Farmer, was en route to Haiti after departing from Potters Cay Dock at 5.30 p.m. on Monday, 27th.

Per the Emergency Powers Order, the captain was given permission to make their return trip to Haiti.

He said there were nine persons onboard with six men and three women. Two Bahamians were purportedly among that number.

According to the police, the survivors claimed that during the voyage, a woman travelling onboard and purportedly suffering from previous non-COVID related illness, experienced worsening conditions and died.

Yesterday, smoke was seen about 10 miles off of the coast of Long Island.

The men stated that they swam eight to ten miles, throughout the night. They indicated that they became separated from the other six passengers around 2 a.m. this morning due to shifting tides.

The deceased woman was left onboard the vessel.

Gibson said medical professionals on Long Island have carried out a “field check” and noted that the men are presently not exhibiting any signs of COVID 19 and said the necessary protocols are being followed.

He said Dr. Delon Brennen will be organizing any further testing and/or additional health examinations of the men.

The men who swam ashore are in police custody in Simms and we have been further assured that a thorough investigation is ongoing.

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