What We Know About the Abuse and Killing of Little Bella

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The killing of four-year-old Bella on Friday by her mother’s boyfriend has sparked outrage and anger from the public.

The boyfriend Darion Smith and mother Astonya are said to be in police custody following her death, although other reports suggest that the mother is not being held by police.

The police said their initial investigation revealed that the child sustained “several injuries to her body” which caused her death, and labeled the incident, a “suspicious death” while they await an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

However, the police have not revealed whether or not Bella was sexually assaulted.

What happened to Bella?

CSJ Report understands that Bella Walker sustained severe injuries to her vagina, which appeared swollen.

It is also believed that the child was severely beaten within the last two months since the evidence shows broken bones and fractures that healed on its own.

On the day she died, the boyfriend called the emergency services and was seen lifting the “limp” body of Bella into the ambulance.

Neighbors in the subdivision said Bella was left home alone at times and was seen wandering the streets in Major Subdivision before she was attended to by a neighbour, until the mother and boyfriend arrived home.

Who took care of Bella?

Bella grew up with her paternal great grandmother, Mary Grant, since she was two weeks old. But two months ago, she was sent to live with her mother.

CSJ Report understands the mother harassed the family for custody of the child.

Grant’s daughter is the child’s grandmother, but Bella stayed with Grant.

“Everybody is crying. We send Bella to her death. Everybody. I couldn’t sleep last night. Oh Jesus!”

A neighbor recalled seeing the mother running naked in the street from the boyfriend who is accused of physically assaulting the mother as well. A coworker also confirmed the abuse of the mother since she often showed up at work with bruising around the eyes.

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