Suicide Victim Leaves Behind a Trail of Depressing Social Media Posts Before His Death

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The man found dead in a suspected suicide has not been officially identified but he was recognized among friends and social media users as Traevonn.

He was found at Miller’s Creek Close, Carmichael and was discovered on Tuesday afternoon. Police have not given his age but he appears to be in his 20s.

Two days before his death, Traevonn took to social media, posting what seems a trail of depressing posts, demonstrating his feelings of sadness.

On Sunday he posted, “Another problem with having a good heart is that people think you’re stupid.”

He later posted, “…at the end of the day, nobody knows how hard you work/hustle…how lonely you feel sometimes, or how much sleep you lose, or your daily pressures.”

On Saturday, his post appeared to further show a degree of helplessness and isolation. “All you need is one real supporter in your life.”

He then posted, “Depression isn’t always, ‘I’m going to kill myself.’ Sometimes it’s, ‘I’ve been in bed all day and I haven’t showered, I skipped work to sleep, What’s the point of finishing? I’m not hungry or I can’t stop eating.’”

Then he says, “Never expect to get what you give. Not everyone has a heart like you.”

In a moment of gratitude, he expressed, “I survived a lot privately this year. For that, God, I’m grateful.”

It appears the thoughts of suicide haunted Traevonn before his demise on Tuesday when his friend, Jacqueline Davilmar who expressed sorrow and disbelief at his death said, “No man Trae. You gave up like that. I thought the suicidal thoughts were gone…”

Another friend said, “…wish I had it (resources) when you were asking for help. You were on the right course, started your business and everything… It’s bugging how little situations get to our minds sometimes…”

Experts say many young people use social media to express suicidal feelings and they commit the act after sharing their thoughts on social platforms. But they might be reluctant to express their feelings with close family members or a physician.

Patron Rolle took note of Traevonn’s gloomy posts, questioning the little help he received. “How haven’t you as his friend, his homie, noticed? Yall failed him.”

She warned other users to check on the welfare of family members who use their social media walls to express their feelings, “From I see a post like this on a friend’s wall, I’m jumping in the direct message quickly.”

Oral Neely encouraged others to “learn to see people in need of love and give love.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, reach out to a trusted family member, or friend, or call a doctor for help.

You can also contact the Community Counselling and Assessment Centre at (242) 323-3293/5.

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