Saturday, September 30, 2023

Sand Tunnel Collapses and Buries Man

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An Abaconian man was injured on Saturday morning when sand collapsed on him while he and several others repaired a seawall at Nippers Beach Bar & Grill in Guana Cay.

The digging was to replace the braces for the seawall, but the sand collapsed, causing Damien Smith to be buried.

Defence Force Officers, police officers and community members dug and lifted Smith out of the hole.

RBDF assisting police and the local community in a rescue effort of a man who was partially buried under the sand. Photo credit: RBDF

Smith was transported by boat to the mainland where he was transported by ambulance to Marsh Harbour Clinic.

Last reports indicated that he is responsive and receiving further treatment.

RBDF Photos by Able Seaman Michael Turner II

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