Monday, February 6, 2023

Romance Scam and the Military Personnel

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Romance scams are increasing and police are warning people of the fraudsters who are taking advantage of many women looking for love.

Instead, fraudsters are looking for cash.

It happened.

A fraudster pretended to be military personnel stationed overseas and claimed that he needed money sent to his base to have him released.

The imposter used false identities and stolen photos to pretend to be military personnel. He then asked for assistance with funding for various reasons, to which the victim complied.

Police said the woman believed she was in love after engaging in conversations many times via social media.

The woman was scammed out of thousands of dollars by the fraudster.

This case is one of many investigated by the Financial Crime Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Police said, “The fraudsters can be very charismatic and convincing in the manner they communicate with the victims and gain their trust. We cannot say at this time how these victims are targeted or chosen.

“However, it would appear that an ideal victim would be someone who is either single, divorced, widowed, or in search of some form of companionship.”

Police said in some instances, persons in these positions are distracted by their desire for happiness and companionship and are unable to recognize that they are being scammed.

In some instances, there were commitments made to marry each other which can further justify to a victim that the fraudsters’ actions are for a worthy cause.

Police said to be cautious when conversing with persons over social media, especially if the other party is not known to you.

You should be very suspicious of anyone who asks you to forward money to them, especially when the destination is a foreign country.

Police said people should report any suspicious online activity so that the matter can be properly investigated.

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