US Pastor Defiant in Midst of Controversy After Church Invitation From Bubble Bath

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US Pastor O’Meal Reid of Kingdom Prophetic Church in Kissimee, Florida is hitting back following backlash he received for an invitation he extended to the public from a bath tub.

Reid visited the Bahamas last week to preach at Evangelistic Center Assemblies of God on Blue Hill Road, and in a video, he extended an invitation to social media users while in a bubble bath from his stay at the Atlantis Resort.

Apostle O’Meal Reid in a video, is seen in a bubble bath at Atlantis, extending an invitation to one of his services

Some people called the video “distasteful” and “fleshly.” Joining the chorus was Pastor Patrice Smith and the pastor of Evangelistic Center Assemblies of God Reverend Neil Hamilton who prompted Reid to apologize for the “offensive” and “inappropriate” video.

But Reid, in a viral post on Thursday, said he does not regret posting the video to promote the nightly services.

“My body was under the water… bubble bath submerge. You can’t see [anything]… The only thing you could see is my face and my neck. There is no nudity. What is wrong with the video? What is revealing about the video?” he asked.

Reid said his wife gave approval before he posted it to Facebook.

“The church is too religious. Stop being religious,” he said.

Reid adamantly said he will not apologize.

“Wait for the apology. You will never get an apology from me because there is nothing to apologize about.”

Hamilton has distanced his church from the controversy saying another pastor under a Prophet Machale Taylor Ministry used the church’s edifice to host the services for Reid.



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