Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Pastor Taylor Breaks Silence and Condemns Actions of American Bubble Bath Preacher

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Prophet Machale Taylor is condemning the actions of Prophet O’Meal Reid, the controversial American pastor who sat in a bathtub while extending public invitation in a viral social media post.

Reid has since responded to Bahamians in a second video post, refusing to apologize and remove the video.

Taylor of Machale Taylor Ministry, who facilitated Reid’s arrival to the Bahamas lastweek after receiving raving reviews of the American preacher, does not agree with the social media posts.

The controversial video shows Apostle O’Meal Reid sitting in bathtub submerged in bubbles as he extends an invitation to the public.

“It was vile. It was wicked,” said Taylor.

“I was disgusted and I called him and I rebuked him…”

Taylor added that he was made aware of the video after the three nights of services. He then requested that Reid remove the video, to which he refused.

“He row me out and cuss me out and said, ‘I am going to destroy you.’”

Though Reid visited the Bahamas many times in the past to hold preaching engagements at other churches, it was the first time he preached on behalf of Machale Taylor Ministry at host church, Evangelistic Center Assemblies of God.

Taylor said Reid requested of him to hold church services in the Bahamas and asked Taylor to accommodate him.

Taylor said he then sought reviews from other pastors in the country who vouched for Reid’s character.

Social media users called the video of Reid sitting in a bubble bath, “distasteful” and “fleshly” and the pastor of Evangelistic Center Assemblies of God Reverend Neil Hamilton who asked Reid to apologize, called it “offensive” and “inappropriate.”

Reid, in another post says he sees nothing wrong with the video since he was covered in bubbles while in the bathtub.

Taylor says he learnt a lesson from the debacle: “We (pastors) need to be very vigilant when bringing people into the country. We have a lot of powerful, anointed and gifted preachers, pastors and evangelists in this country. As minsters of the gospel, we are too itchy to go on the outside to bring people in and many times we don’t know the character of these people…We need to trust our own more, support each other and stop looking for foreign things.”


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