Tribune Newspaper Faces Backlash for Unsavory “Pond Boy” Headline

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One of the country’s leading newspapers is caught in a controversy after publishing a headline, “Why Hasn’t Pond Boy’s Family Come Forward.”

The Tribune ran the controversial headline on Wednesday on its newspaper’s front page but changed the digital headlines on its website.

Though the headline intended to highlight that the preteen boy who children found in a pond on a golf course, has not been identified by his parents or guardian, it hit a sore spot for many social media users who thought that the newspaper’s attempt to identify him as “pond boy,” was distasteful.

The Tribune has not addressed or issued an apology for the ill-chosen headlines, but the paper carried a different headline for its online site.

The top photo shows the headline on the Tribune’s website. The bottom photo shows the headline for its printed version.

Tavarrie Smith condemned the daily’s headline. “Pond boy”? Really Tribune News Network?! This is despicable and gutter juice journalism.”

Another social media user identified as Black Moses strongly criticized the Tribune’s contentious heading. “These people have no respect for the dead firstly and secondly, no empathy for the family,” he said.

“Garbage! Utter nonsense! This isn’t journalism. Sensational grabbing headlines. This is so gaddam demeaning.”

Patricia Strachan said, ‘Wow, this is awful. That is someone’s child?”

The boy, believed to be 10 to 12 years old, was discovered in boxer briefs, in a pond on the Oakes Field Sports Center on Tuesday but no one has come forward to identify the child.

Authorities say he may be of Haitian descent and has appealed to the Haitian community to help identify him.

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