Saturday, September 30, 2023

Controversial Cultural Trip Cooks Up ‘Da Dubai Burger’

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A local restaurant has taken advantage of the controversy surrounding the Bahamas’ delegation to Dubai.

Da Bush Cook’s recent posting on Facebook of  ‘Da Dubai Burger’ has circulated social media with many praising the marketing team of the local restaurant.

The burger is made of Angus beef and cracked lobster, dressed with truffle mayonnaise on a brioche bun. It is served with “seafood-loaded fries.”

The restaurant says, “You may not be in Dubai, but you could eat like you are.”

It is a nod to the cultural trip to the World Expo 2020 in Dubai that has become a hot button issue in the Bahamas due to the large contingent that left the country for the megacity, and the high cost of the trip. The government said it spent $1 million to supplement the $3 million donated by the United Emirates.

Some people questioned why other artisans were not invited to perform on the trip while others say nepotism was involved in the selection of performers.

Some Bahamians have labeled the criticizers as “salty” which means they are jealous or bitter because they were not invited to go to Dubai.

Da Bush Cook is nodding to that and offering a free bag of salty to its first 20 customers who purchase the burger.

Social media users have found the advertisement humourous.

Sheli Johnson says, “The petty and shade is heavy.”

Darren Outten says, “…say free bag of salty…yall great bey.”

Many others commented on the smart marketing campaign of the company.

“Edneka Pinder said, “Yall don’t waste no time.”

Zonia Wright said, “Your marketing skills are top tier.”


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