Monday, June 5, 2023


Startling Rise in Sexual Assaults Against Women. How to Protect Yourself

Authorities are worried about the increase in sexual assaults in New Providence, particularly in the southwestern area of the capital.

Twenty-two cases have been reported for the year, so far, a slight increase at this point when compared to last year.

Recent cases involved women in their 30s who were inside their home in the Chippingham area when a man climbed through the window around 2 am and while armed with a gun, robbed and raped them.

Another incident involved a woman walking around 10 am in the Bacardi Road area, when a man pulled alongside her, forced her inside the vehicle and raped her in nearby bushes.

Though police have increased saturation patrols, there are some measures women can take to protect themselves.  These measures are not foolproof but they can reduce the risks.

Here’s how to protect yourself:

  1. If at home, ensure windows and curtains are closed at night, and doors and gates are locked and secured before going to bed. In addition, secure a self-defence tool in your home like a baseball bat, taser or stun gun to use when necessary.
  2. If walking, avoid isolated areas. It will be difficult to get help since no one is around.
  3. Walk diligently. Act like you know where you’re going, even if you don’t.
  4. Ensure you have your cell phone with you at all times to contact emergency personnel quickly.
  5. Avoid early mornings and isolated areas, if out for a jog. Carry self-defence instruments like pepper sprays, batons and spy cameras; Do not put music headphones in both ears so that you have a complete awareness of what’s going on around you.
  6. Only accept delivery items in a well-lit public space and/or accompanied by a friend.
  7. If you believe you need to get away from a possible assault, drive hastily and cautiously, and persistently blow your horn; call a relative or police quickly and drive to the nearest police station.
  8. Trust your instincts. If the location feels unsafe, it probably is not the best place to be.


Bahamian Is Appointed Top US Cyber Post as Biden Grapples with Russian Hacking Threats

Bahamian Kemba Eneas Walden was appointed a top post in the Biden administration serving as principal deputy national cyber director.

Walden, a former assistant general counsel at Microsoft where she was responsible for launching and leading its Digital Crimes Unit’s Ransomware Program, joins three new hires in the administration.

Dr Judson Frazier Eneas who became the Bahamas’ fifth COVID-19 related death.

Walden is also the daughter of veteran nephrologist Dr Judson Frazier Eneas who became the Bahamas’ fifth COVID-19 related death.

The White House announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its cyber policy office.

“As we continue to build this new office, the additions of Kemba, Neal, and Rob will accelerate our efforts to protect Americans in cyberspace,” said National Cyber Director Chris Inglis. “Each of these leaders brings impressive experience in cybersecurity policymaking to our team, and their diverse perspectives will be invaluable as we strengthen our collective defense.”

  • Principal Deputy National Cyber Director Kemba Eneas Walden is an attorney with extensive experience in government and the private sector.
  • She comes to ONCD from Microsoft, where she served as an Assistant General Counsel in Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) responsible for launching and leading DCU’s Ransomware Program.
  • Prior to joining Microsoft, Kemba spent a decade in government service at the Department of Homeland Security, most recently at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.
  • She was appointed to the Cyber Safety Review Board and holds a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center, Master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University, and B.A. from Hampton University.

Why it matters

Walden represents diversity in the Biden administration and will become one of the highest-ranking black officials since the industry grapples with a lack of diversity.

The big picture

The United States is facing increasing criminal and state-backed cyber threats to its infrastructure. And officials continue to be wary of potential Russian hacking threats to US organizations stemming from the war in Ukraine.

Butler-Turner and Hanna-Martin in Protest After Komolafe’s Reported Arrest

Former FNM Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner said the questioning of DNA leader Arinthia Komolafe by the Royal Bahamas Police Force on Monday morning infringes on the democratic rights of Bahamians.

Standing outside of the Central Police Station, Butler along with PLP MP for Englerston Glennys Hanna-Martin said they stand in support of Komolafe and the equal rights of women.

The big picture

Komolafe and 10 other members of her party were called in for questioning at 9:30 am on Monday morning for recently assembling and protesting in Parliament Square without a permit. The protest is reported to have occurred three weeks ago.

What Butler-Turner said

Initially, Butler drove by the station questioning the activity near the station as a group of DNA supporters assembled on the outside.

After getting an update on the situation, Butler spoke to reporters from her vehicle. She said, “This is crazy. Tell them we should let Bahamians go. We don’t live in a military state.”

Butler later returned, standing on the steps of the station continuing the protest of Komolafe’s detention.

“Why is a woman being bullied?

“We talk about equality. Why is this woman being detained?

“It appears to be political victimization. It’s a disrespect to Bahamian women everywhere.

“Let her go,” Butler shouted.

What Hanna-Martin said

Hanna-Martin said she supports women in leadership as she stood with DNA supporters as Komolafe remained inside the station.

When asked what role she plays in the events of the day, Hanna Martin said she is apart of Komolafe’s “legal, woman and citizen team.”

“She is a strong woman.

“…Fact is, she is a woman who cannot be overlooked.”


In Pictures: Resolution for Women’s Rights Presented In Special Sitting of Parliament

In observance of the 58th Anniversary of the Enactment of the Right of Women to Vote, and the 25th Anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action — the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development’s Department of Gender and Family Affairs, Zonta Clubs of The Bahamas, and Caribbean Women in Leadership, hosted a special sitting of the House of Assembly for Women in Parliament and presented a Resolution to the Speaker.

The theme of the Resolution, presented Friday, December 11, was “Accelerating the Empowerment and Advancement of Women in Parliamentary Representation, Economic Development and Protection Against Gender-Based Violence.”

Some of the speakers are pictured making presentations in the House of Assembly.

Mrs. Patricia Minnis, Office of the Spouse of the Prime Minister, and wife of Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis.
Aneesah Abdullah, Sustainable Development Goals Unit, Office of the Prime Minister.
Ismella Davis-Delancy, Deputy Commissioner of Police.
Senator the Hon. Dr. Jasmin Turner-Dareus; and Robyn Lynes, attorney and former Senator, seated.
Allyson Maynard Gibson, former Attorney General and community rights activist.
Ann Marie Davis, wife of the Hon. Philip Davis, Leader of the Opposition.

What We Know About the Deaths of Two Women

The discovery of two women found dead in two separate incidents over the weekend is chilling as police officers suspect foul play in both matters.

The first woman, Keva Cash was found dead on a beach in Lower Bogue Eleuthera, at 12 noon on Saturday. She was found partially nude.

Photo credit: The Tribune

And the second woman, Samantha Barnett was found decomposed in an abandoned building on Dowdeswell Street, in a generator room.

Photo credit: Samantha Barnett FB

What we know about Keva

  • The Tribune reported that a sister believes Keva was raped, beaten, and drowned.
  • The sister met with Keva on Friday around 7.30 pm, before her death
  • Keva told her sister that she wasn’t feeling well because “something wasn’t right.”
  • The sister received information that someone was chasing Keva through the community where she ended up on the beach.
  • She was discovered by a little boy exercising on the beach.
  • The sister said Keva suffered from a mental disability with speech challenges. She described her as having “an adult body with a mind of a two or three-year-old, but she is a person who knows who people are.”
  • The sister remembered Keva as a jovial person who loved to dance and sing.
  • The police have not said if they have a suspect in custody, but the sister claims the man in custody is from Lower Bogue.

What we know about Samantha

What we don’t know

  • The identity of the suspect in either case
  • The suspects’ motive for the death of both women

Romance Scam and the Military Personnel

Romance scams are increasing and police are warning people of the fraudsters who are taking advantage of many women looking for love.

Instead, fraudsters are looking for cash.

It happened.

A fraudster pretended to be military personnel stationed overseas and claimed that he needed money sent to his base to have him released.

The imposter used false identities and stolen photos to pretend to be military personnel. He then asked for assistance with funding for various reasons, to which the victim complied.

Police said the woman believed she was in love after engaging in conversations many times via social media.

The woman was scammed out of thousands of dollars by the fraudster.

This case is one of many investigated by the Financial Crime Unit of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Police said, “The fraudsters can be very charismatic and convincing in the manner they communicate with the victims and gain their trust. We cannot say at this time how these victims are targeted or chosen.

“However, it would appear that an ideal victim would be someone who is either single, divorced, widowed, or in search of some form of companionship.”

Police said in some instances, persons in these positions are distracted by their desire for happiness and companionship and are unable to recognize that they are being scammed.

In some instances, there were commitments made to marry each other which can further justify to a victim that the fraudsters’ actions are for a worthy cause.

Police said to be cautious when conversing with persons over social media, especially if the other party is not known to you.

You should be very suspicious of anyone who asks you to forward money to them, especially when the destination is a foreign country.

Police said people should report any suspicious online activity so that the matter can be properly investigated.