Saturday, September 30, 2023

PM Selects Renward Wells as the New Minister of Health

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Dr Minnis praised Wells as a “doer”
Prime Minister Hubert Minnis announced the appointment of a new Minister of Health, since assuming responsibility as acting Minister of Health.
Minister of Transport and Local Government Renward Wells will take on the new role and will be sworn in as the new Minister of Health, after the resignation of Dr. Duane Sands, who departed Cabinet after a “breach protocol,” regarding the donation of test kits while the country’s border was closed.
Dr. Minnis said, “Renward Wells is a doer, who knows how to get things done.”
While the medical officials will lead the charge in the battle against COVID-19, Dr. Minnis said Wells will be tasked with upgrading the health care infrastructure, and working with public health officials on boosting immunizations and vaccinations for various childhood diseases, some of which have lagged during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Dr. Minnis said Wells will also work with public health officials to improve the country’s readiness for a variety of public health threats including potential pandemics.
During Dr. Minnis’ recent tenure as acting Minister of Health, he said he consolidated and brought forward a health care infrastructure to upgrade the country’s health infrastructure which he detailed during the recent debate on the 2020/2021 National Budget.
This includes upgrades to the Princess Margaret Hospital, clinics throughout the country and planning for a new Rand Memorial Hospital.
Labour Minister Dion Foulkes will assume additional responsibility for the Ministry of Transport and Local Government as the new minister.
Dr. Minnis said Foulkes has extensive cabinet experience and has given him “wise counsel on many matters.”
He added that Bain and Grants Town MP Travis Robinson will be reinstated as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, beginning tomorrow Monday 20th.
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