Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Davis Wants D’Aguilar to Explain How Tourists ‘Slipped In’

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The PLP leader says it is a serious matter that requires a full report to the Bahamian people

Davis said it is a serious matter that requires accountability.

Davis said in a press release, “The Minister failed to clarify how the error came to light and did not indicate whether government front line workers or the Bahamian public was exposed to any danger as a direct result of these breaches in protocol.

“He also failed to clarify whether these persons were allowed to remain in the country or whether they were subsequently tested or placed in quarantine once the breaches came to light,” Davis said.

Davis said it is troubling that the D’Aguilar failed to give an exact account of the number of visitors who entered the country without the required tests.

In talking to a local daily Nassau Guardian, D’Aguilar said “one or two” tourists “slipped in” without the proper Covid-19 test.

Davis said, “The minister’s casual approach to accountability on this very serious issue is unacceptable and he must be made to provide a full and exact report on this matter to the parliament and the Bahamian people.”

“I remind the honourable Dionisio D’Aguilar that recently, the Cabinet advised the Governor General that the presence and threat of COVID-19 was so serious that the state of public emergency was extended, the beaches were closed for the weekend and the imposition on the civil liberties of Bahamians and residents continued,” he continues.

Davis said this demonstrates government’s “incompetence” in handling the pandemic.

He implored the government “get its act together and be transparent and accountable to the Bahamian people regarding the risks we are exposed to as we open our borders.”

D’Aguilar stated that an estimated 100 tourists were turned away and deported upon arrival.

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