Friday, July 23, 2021

Dr. Minnis Confirms Dahl-Regis’ Departure

The Prime Minister’s Office says the health expert was set to step down in June, but extended her stay until July

After reports of Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis’ likely departure from her post as COVID-19 Task Force Coordinator and Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, circulated social media, the Office of the Prime Minister is confirming the reports.

A press release from Dr. Hubert Minnis said, “The Office of the Prime Minister is aware of media reports related to the departure of Dr Dahl-Regis was appointed in March and agreed to serve until the end of June. She also agreed to extend her service, which will end shortly.”

Dr. Minnis said, “Dr. Dahl-Regis will continue to offer strategic advice to the Government and the Prime Minister but will be stepping aside from day-to-day operations.

“Dr Dahl-Regis has put in place strategies, policies and procedures as it relates to managing COVID-19 and is confident in the team that will be led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillian.”

The Prime Minister offered his thanks to Dr. Dahl-Regis for her national service.

He promised to address her departure in a national address on Sunday.

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