Tuesday, September 26, 2023

PLP Condemns Speaker After House Shenanigans

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PLP Chairman calls House Speaker ‘unfit’ after he kicked Opposition Leader out of the House

The opposition party is calling the actions of House Speaker Halson Moultrie, “foolish and anti democratic.”

On Monday, Opposition Leader Philip Davis was removed from the House after he argued with the Speaker on the amount of time he was given to speak during the debate on the extension of the emergency order.

The Speaker accused him of disrespecting the chair, then ordered his removal from the House.

But Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party Fred Mitchell is throwing his support behind his leader, while castigating Moultrie.

“We condemn him. He is unfit for the position.”

“The Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis has the full support of the party for the excellent job he did with his Parliamentary team in the House today in speaking truth to power on the Covid 19 crisis,” Mitchell said.

Monday marked the 55th anniversary of Black Tuesday when former leader Lynden Pindling threw the mace out of the House of Assembly into Rawson Square,protesting gerrymandering practices by then leading party, United Bahamian Party (UBP. Mitchell said, “It is most unfortunate that the Speaker Halson Moultrie proved to be blind to the facts of history that made it possible for him to be Speaker today. Can you imagine a man so blind and tone deaf to history that he would throw the Leader of the Opposition out of the House on the 55th anniversary of Black Tuesday?” “The Speaker refused on this 55th anniversary of that day to give the Opposition Leader his five minutes to explain that the PLP was abstaining in its vote on the resolution. We could not agree to a 30 day order without the supervision of Parliament.”

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