Tuesday, October 3, 2023

‘He was a hardworking young man’: Family and friends grieve after fiery car crash

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Twenty-six-year-old Marcus Major, a manager at Greycliff Restaurant, before a tragic, fiery car crash on Saturday, was remembered for the hard work he demonstrated at his place of employment.

Friend Michell Moss said he was “such a nice, respectful [and] hardworking young man.

“It’s sad to see [him] leave.”

Having served as a manager since 2014, Major was constantly up and ready on his day off whenever his employer called.

Sister Andrea Clarke who resides in the United States said he would consistently oblige for the sake of more money.

“Every time he home, his job would call him and ask if he could just come in.”
“And he would be like, ‘Yeah, I’ll make it.’

“I would always tell him, ‘Sometimes just stay home. Stay home with your family and just have some time with your family.’ And he would say, ‘No, I have to go to work, I need this money,'” Clarke said.

She previously warned him, “whenever you’re tired and you feel like your body can’t move, don’t force yourself to go to work because you never know what’s gonna happen, you know?”

The younger sister believed he fell asleep at the wheel.

Major was reportedly heading home from work in the early morning hours, when his Nissan Skyline hit a utility pole and burst into flames on Saturday, while travelling south along Mackey Street.

When fire fighters extinguished the blaze, they discovered his remains in the driver’s seat.

Clarke said his demise has left a remarkable hole in her family’s heart including her toddler niece. “Our two-year-old niece keeps asking her mommy if her uncle is dead.

“Marcus could you please wakeup and let Layah know you are still here, please brother,” she cried.

Friend Jasmine Deveaux remembered him as “a nice [and] sweet person.”

Another friend Deeks Rolle said he will miss Major because he was “decent” and “respectable.”

“Such a hardworking young man,” Samuel Bowe echoed.

“He is going to be a huge miss. Such a sweetheart. That smile of his lit up a room,” Dawn Pinder mourned.

Clarke would not see her brother funeralized since she is awaiting US citizenship.

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