Saturday, August 13, 2022

Heartbreaking: Nursing Dog Chopped, Undergoes Surgery

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(This story contains the graphic image of animal cruelty in the Bahamas)

The Bahamas Humane Society is pleading for the public’s compassion in dealing with stray animals after a dog was found chopped about the body.

An ambulance brought the hurting animal to the rescue center after a good samaritan named ‘Tanya’ discovered the unnamed dog suffering from chop wounds on the forelimb and chest.

In an Instagram post, BHS said, “This innocent dog was mutilated with a machete because she was a ‘nuisance’ in the neighborhood.”

Vets said they worry for the health and safety of her puppies as the dog is lactating.

“This is so cruel. We can’t even comprehend what kind of individual would do those to a nursing momma,” BHS said.

The animal was rushed into surgery after its arrival at the hospital, “where her life was saved” by the veterinarians.

“We hope she can make a full recovery. We think she should be named Tanya after the hero that saved her life.”

The graphic images of the dog have stirred anger among posters, some calling for the perpetrator to be charged.

A woman identified as PennyPekoe, says, “Please tell me people get charged for this cruelty. That poor innocent dog.”

Amirak3 asks, “What happened to the people that did this?”

Vbeschle says, “I hope the person that did this was reported to the police.”

Aarmbrister says, “Find them and lock them up. If they can do this to a dog, they can do this to anyone.”

And Darcyantoniajewelry called for tougher laws to protect animals. “This is just cruel. We truly need tougher laws for people that do this.”


BHS did not say if the matter was reported to the police, but is asking for financial assistance to help with Tanya’s care.

You can donate via Venmo: Venmo@Bahamas Humane Society; username:BahamasHumaneSociety or via PayPal: PayPal.me/bahamashumanesociety.


Photo credit: The BHS

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