Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A Wife Has Questions After Her Husband Was Found Dead in Canada

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The wife of a man dead in Canada is questioning the circumstances surrounding his death.

Thirty-three-year-old Theo Burrows also known as rapper ‘Juz Mass’ was missing in Toronto, Canada before he was later pronounced dead by doctors.

His wife Lakeisha Burrows along with his four children moved to Canada in 2018 but never imagined his life would end while pursuing his dream of becoming a rapper.

Lakeisha told ZNS News Northern Service that she received text messages from his number that her husband of 12 years was experiencing chest pains. She then responded that she would send help for him. But he purportedly responded that he was “too far” away.

Lakeisha said it seemed not to be the tenor and tone of her husband so she then went to the location where he worked on a house, finding his parked vehicle with his bank card inside.

After knocking and peering through the window of the house, a man responded that Theo had left earlier. Hours later, she was informed that he was dead. When she contacted the police station, she was told there was no record of his death.

After seeking information on the whereabouts of Theo, a medical doctor confirmed that he was at a local morgue, confirming that he died at 9:45 pm. But she refutes this since Theo purportedly sent their daughter a text message at 9:00 pm.

Lakeisha said she went 6 days without seeing her husband’s body and is seeking answers on how he died, though a pathology report stated that he died from a heart condition.

“To know Theo was to love him. He was a bubbly soul. It was never a dull moment with him. He was sure to make you laugh no matter what.

Theo Burrows is shown with his wife and four children

“A very God-fearing man, a very humble man of the faith, a powerful husband and father. He has meant so much to many such as father, son, friend, brother, uncle, coach, mentor, advisor, and so on,” she said in a Go Fund Me which seeks to raise $25,000 to assist with funeral expenses and his children’s welfare.

She said the family would “begin to pick up pieces and regain strength,” as the police investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.

Update: A relative later contacted the CSJ Report to confirm that Theo died from a heart aneurysm.

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