The heart of Jermaine Miller’s death in bizarre case

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Last week, many were confused about a reported incident involving the death of 2-year-old Anwar Miller and his father Jermaine, the tenant of the complex off Soldier Road, where a fight broke out between him, a nude man and a woman, who rented from him.

The police gave chase after he tried to evade capture, but the father eventually locked himself in a bedroom and jumped through an opening in a shattered window.
Though eventually arrested, he later died.

Anwar’s dead body was found on a bed.

Now, nearly five days later, police are still investigating the case and last, is questioning the mother of the two-year-old.

Many questioned Jermaine’s death after the arrest. Now police are revealing what ultimately killed Jermaine. Police said on Tuesday that the taxi driver died from cardiac arrhythmia–abnormal heart rhythm, which under pressure, may have stopped beating.

The young boy’s death still remains undetermined as a pathology test is still pending.

It is not known if Jermaine had an underlying health condition, perhaps contributing to his death which could have or could not have had a direct cause.

Just ten days prior, Jermaine seemed troubled, posting a picture of his sons to social media, suggesting they were estranged somehow and for whatever reason, which has not yet been revealed to the public.

“I miss waking up and checking on y’all, watching y’all sleep and seeing you’ll laugh. Miss our beach days, pizza days and game nights. [I] feel like I [am] freaking out. I ain’t happy,” he lamented.

His wife Sheniqua Dorvil, 27, who shares a 6-year-old son with him, was stunned at his death since her son and Anwar, who is the son of another woman, were both spending time together when the incident happened. Dorvil said he came by her work to pick up clothing for the child. “He was in a rush. When he pulled up to my work he was okay. He didn’t look like anyone that was going through anything.”

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