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Everything You Need to Know About the Murder-Suicide of Heavenly Terveus and Fenron Ferguson

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The murder-suicide involving Heavenly Terveus and her boyfriend Fenron Ferguson has rocked the country as many people question the details surrounding the horrific event which is drawing widespread outrage.

The couple was in a relationship that became unstable and was discovered with gunshot wounds to the head in Terveus’ bedroom.

Reports circulated that Ferguson was the known aggressor in the relationship, having physically abused Terveus in the past.

Saturday evening was the culmination of an abusive relationship.

How did Heavenly Terveus and Fenron Ferguson Die?

The couple getting engaged.

Ferguson, a 24-year-old entrepreneur died after shooting himself in the head. Before shooting himself, he took the life of his 20-year-old girlfriend, shooting her in the head with a gun.

Family members discovered both of them in her bedroom at her mother’s home, along with their one-month-old baby, who was unharmed.

Reports are that he walked to the room, locked the door, and fired a barrage of bullets before family members discovered the ghastly incident.

Though Terveus died instantly, Ferguson lived until Monday evening, nursing the self-inflicted wounds. He succumbed at 7 pm.

What Police Say Happened Before Heavenly Died

Terveus reported to police that Ferguson damaged her vehicle, to which officers responded, but did not find Ferguson.  Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said Ferguson had knowledge that police were looking for him and evaded attempts to arrest him.

Then the tragedy happened on Saturday.

Police are saying Terveus never made an official complaint against Ferguson.

Family members say she remained inside, afraid that he would return to the house.

Who were Heavenly Terveus and Fenron Ferguson?

Terveus and Ferguson were in a romantic relationship for a long time. Videos have circulated of the pair in courtship, dancing, hugging and walking hand-in-hand. In images posted to social media, the pair seemed in love.

Terveus was the owner of a photography business, Heavenly T Photography, but is heard in an audio clip seeking employment.

The mother of the one-month-old boy was said to have distanced herself from her sister after returning to Ferguson who shot at the sister. Reports are that the sister tried to get Terveus away from Ferguson following his abuse of her. But Terveus returned to Ferguson and gave birth to the baby boy.

Ferguson was the owner of Ron’s Sales Bahamas which sells TechnoMarine watches in Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahama, and a soon-to-be Abaco location.

He was on bail for the shooting incident involving Terveus’ sister.

The watch shop which Ferguson owned

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