Mother Makes It Clear 22-Year-Old Daughter Was Not a Gang Member

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The mother of the 22-year-old Jamaican woman killed on Friday night said her daughter was not a part of a gang but was a casualty of a gang war in the neighbourhood.

Mother Natanya Greene told Jamaican media that Tadasha Sears was standing on her porch at an apartment complex in Red Land Acres when a gunman killed her.

“It’s a gang-related incident…she was just innocently sitting on her mother’s couch on her tablet, she wasn’t no part of no gang”.

Greene told the Tribune she was at home when the shooting occurred after 11 pm. She said Sears came to her and said, “Mommy I got shot.” Greene then called emergency services and reassured her that she would be okay to which Greene replied, “Okay mommy.”

But she later died.

Green said she discovered her daughter was shot in the leg and stomach.

“This avenue right here is a target against (the) avenue down there. There’s a set of boys who are down there based in Pinewood. They have rival with boys that be up here on this hill,” she said.

“This is an open yard. I can’t tell people don’t come in the yard. When I’m in my room, I don’t know who is be out here. I don’t know what people be in this yard from all over.”

“So they came and when they came they didn’t see no males. So, they just walk up and open fire on her.”

Greene said officers offered her support. “They’ve been here and they are aggressively honest to bring who’s responsible [to justice]”.

Greene leaves behind a four-year-old daughter.

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