Thousands of Chickens Heading to the Bahamas, Died on US Turmac

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Abaco Big Bird Farm is lamenting a blow to its poultry business when thousands of chicks it ordered from the USA, died at Miami International Airport.

5,200 were baked in the 99 degrees heat wave as they sat in boxes waiting to be transported to the Bahamas.

3,900 died in the scorching heat on the turmac.

Lance Pinder, the operations manager of the Abaco company said he was “mad and upset,” since finding out that the shipment was destroyed.

Pinder said the handling was mismanaged as Alliance Ground International was expected to keep the chicks overnight until another operator Wincorp International shipped them to Abaco Big Bird Farm.

He lamented that the company usually sourced its chicks from a supplier in Florida, which meant a 45-minute plane ride to the Bahamas. But the company was met with supply chain issues and instead the company looked elsewhere to source its chicken.

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