Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Horror Comes to Marshall Road Family–Husband Tied Up, Wife Raped During Home Invasion

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A home invasion led to a rape and armed robbery early Sunday morning in a Marshall Road neighborhood, devastating a small family living in the Southern area of New Providence.

Though the police did not identify which of the family was attacked, CSJ Report understands the husband, wife and other relatives in the home were assaulted and attacked by three suspects who forced their way into the home and threatened the family with guns around five in the morning.

The three suspects robbed the family of money, then tied up the husband before raping the wife in the same room where the husband was held captive.

The suspects escaped after the brutal invasion. It is not known if the suspects left in a car or on foot but authorities are actively seeking their whereabouts.

It is also not known if the police are following any leads. However, in cases like this, police can use the semen left behind by suspects at the scene to find those in question.

The public was shocked to learn of the brazen attack, many expressed anger on social media.

Fredlean Delva said, “How could you rob someone and still be turned on enough to sexually assault a female? They need life in prison while eating dry bread.”

George Jones suggested, “No bail. Under the jailhouse.”

“When are the people in power going to really care about the people? No one is actually safe. Sitting ducks,” Laurence Arnett said.

And Lovely McIntosh said, “Your home is supposed to be your safe haven. These criminals [are] running the streets while law-abiding citizens are sitting ducks. We need guns too.

Police said no one was in custody as of Monday morning.

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