Friday, December 1, 2023

Nation Builder Rev CB Moss Is on Ventilator After Collapse at Majority Rule Church Service

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Reverend CB Moss, a long-time advocate for Bain and Grants Town Over the Hill Community is hospitalized after collapsing at the country’s Majority Rule Day Service at St Agnes Anglican Church on Tuesday morning.

Moss, a member of the National Hero’s Committee, was in a procession in the church when he reportedly collapsed and was tended to by Health Minister Michael Darville and later transported to the hospital with FNM Leader Michael Pintard by his side.

Onlookers saw the pastor of Mt Olive Church stumbled during the procession, then wilted before he was assisted to a chair.

Moss is said to be connected to a breathing apparatus at Doctor’s Hospital as doctors try to keep him alive.


Moss, over the years, has contributed to the country’s national development through his involvement in various community, political, and religious programs. He manages the Bain Grants Town Advancement Association, organizing food and clothing outreaches for the residents of Bain and Grants Town where he was reared.

“I moved out, but I didn’t really move out,” he said during an interview in 2019.

He is a former Senator of the Progressive Liberal Party.

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