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9 Sad and Shocking Stories From 2022

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When 2022 rolled in, we anticipated a year of hope after two years of lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some news stories in 2022 turned out to be tear-jerkers.

This is a look back at the saddest and most shocking stories of the year.

1. Murder-Suicide of Fenron Ferguson and Heavenly Turveus (January)

 Everything You Need to Know About the Murder-Suicide of Heavenly Terveus and Fenron Ferguson CSJ Report-Understand Bahamian News

Fenron Ferguson, a 24-year-old with his own business, shot himself in the head after killing his girlfriend, 20-year-old Heavenly Turveus. The couple who had a one-month-old baby boy was involved in a tumultuous relationship. Ferguson snuck into the home and committed the crime. The couple was found in her bedroom at her mother’s home. The baby was unharmed.

2. Woman Killed On Her Way to Prayer Meeting (January)

WE PRAYED OVER HER 'TIL HER LAST BREATH: Pastor tells of horror as woman died fleeing gang shootout outside church | The Tribune  WOMAN KILLED ON WAY TO PRAYERS: Victim dies from yet another stray bullet in gangland attack | The Tribune

Church-goer Claudette Capron was murdered as she entered the church doors for a prayer meeting. She and her sister were in the parking lot of their church when a 17-year-old gunman chased another man, shooting Capron instead, who had turned around to retrieve a face mask from her vehicle.

3. Three Americans Discovered Dead in Exuma Resort (May)

3 American tourists found dead at Bahamas resort identified  Sandals resort deaths: 3 Americans dead in Exuma, the Bahamas' acting prime minister says | CNN

Three Americans on vacation in Great Exuma were found dead in a resort where officials believed they suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. Vincent Chiarella, 68, was found first in one villa slumped over in a bathroom and a couple, Michael Phillips, 68, and his wife, Robbie Phillips, 65, celebrating their wedding anniversary in a second villa, showed signs of convulsions. A surviving woman was hospitalized with swollen legs and arms. The tourists all died over the course of one evening.

4. Student Killed in a Park (June)

The late “Smokey 007” grandson is that 13-year-old victim shot dead on Friday | Bahamaspress.com

13-year-old Quinton McKenzie of LW Young School was found in a park in the Kemp Road area with bullets to the neck and jaw. Money was also found in his hand. It is believed the video gamer was playing a gambling game when shots were fired. He, with others, ran but he collapsed and died on the scene.

5. Young Woman Killed in Plane Crash (June)

Woman dies in Long Island plane crash – Eye Witness News  Woman dies in Long Island plane crash – Eye Witness News

Aleitheia Sweeting was killed in a plane crash after she and seven others returned from Regatta in Long Island. The young mother wished to return to Nassau early but met her fate after the plane took off. Survivors suffered a broken rib, and a bruised back after the twin-engine aircraft went down in bushes two miles from Deadman’s Cay Airport, as they waited to be found before help arrived. Sweeting was described as a sweet and joyous person.

6. Preschooler Killed by Stray Bullet (July)

Kenton Khylin Seymour Jr - The Nassau Guardian  The Bahamas Times को फोटो।

4-year-old Kenton Seymour was killed while sitting on the lap of his mother when a bullet pierced the windshield of his father’s vehicle as the family took a late-night drive to get food. The gunman was chasing another man when a stray bullet hit the preschooler.

7. Migrants Overturned and Drowned on Human Smuggling Voyage (July)

At Least 17 Migrants Die After Boat Capsizes Off Bahamas - The New York Times

17 Haitian migrants including an infant, capsized in a human smuggling operation. The group was trying to make their way to Florida for a better way of life, when their vessel capsized in rough seas and they drowned. Twenty-five people who also attempted to make the dangerous voyage were rescued and others were reported missing.

8. College Grad with Bright Future Murdered After Return from USA (August)

Murder victim found in garbage bag had bright future – Eye Witness News  Man expected to be charged with Omar Davis' murder - The Nassau Guardian

Omar Davis Jr, 21, had just returned from college after graduation when his body was found wrapped in a garbage bag and beaten with wounds to the head, face, and chest area. The grisly discovery in the back trunk of a vehicle came after he went missing the night before the incident when suspects put his body in a parked vehicle behind a grocery store. Davis was one of many Bahamians who received scholarships to attend college in the United States.

9. Bull Shark Kills Tourist on Private Excursion (September)

Bahamas shark attack victim identified as Caroline DiPlacido  Tourist killed in shark attack - The Nassau Guardian

Cruise ship visitor from Pennysylvania, Caroline DiPlacido took a snorkeling excursion with her children when a bull shark off Rose Island, attacked and bit her. The one-day stop in Nassau to enjoy the country’s marine environment turned deadly in a matter of hours. The private tour operators pulled her from the waters and gave medical assistance, but she died not long after. The 58-year-old was an employee of Gannon University.


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