Gerodo Atwill Taylor: The Timeline of Events That Led to His Identification After Discovery in Golf Pond

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The discovery of a boy in a pond at Oaks Field Golf Academy was shocking. Even more troubling was he remained unidentified for a few days while police pleaded with the public to name the boy found submerged in waters, dressed only in underwear.

Tuesday, August 2

Around 5:35 in the afternoon, a group of boys known for constantly using the pond for swimming, found a lifeless body submerged in the water. They alerted a parent who then called the police to access and examine the findings.

Police retrieved the body and found that the deceased boy appeared to be a preteen—between 10-12 years old; and wore only underwear.

Authorities warned that the parent would face criminal charges if they neglected the child.

The body of the boy is retrieved from the pond.

Wednesday, August 3

Police returned to the scene to plead to the family to identify the boy. They revealed he may be of Haitian descent and appealed to the Haitian community to name him.

Police say the state will bury him if no one comes forward.

Thursday, August 4

Around 10 am, a woman shows up and helps to solve the mystery of the missing teen. She files a missing person report at Central Investigation Department. She is believed to be the mother of the boy.

Friday, August 5

The boy is named: Gerodo Atwill Taylor of Amos Ferguson Street. He is confirmed to be 11 years old.

Monday, August 8

The mother, Stephanie Hanna, 42, of Exuma Street, is charged with child neglect and faces two counts of cruelty to children. She denied the charges and was given bail of $7,000. She returns to court on November 14 when her trial is expected to begin.


Photo credit: The Nassau Guardian

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