Monday, February 6, 2023

The Killing of Leon Griffin: Why Was He Murdered and Where Is the Suspect? Armed Robbery Ruled Out

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Police appear to be closer to solving the murder of Leon Griffin, former president of the Bahamas Cab Union and husband of former Cabinet Minister Melanie Griffin, and are ruling out armed robbery as a possible motive for the murder.

At a press conference on Thursday, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said the police was talking to a “young man who is giving us information” on the matter.

Rolle was reluctant to say if the person was a suspect in the matter only to say based on the information received, the act does not appear to be armed robbery, as suggested in the preliminary reports to the media.

When pressed by media on whether or not Griffin was targetted, Rolle again stopped short to say, “I’ll leave my answer right there. It doesn’t appear to be armed robbery. I don’t want to speculate because at the end of the day we have to solve it and put it before the court.”

The big story

Griffin was killed two days before Christmas in the driveway of his home after arriving home in his taxi vehicle around eight o’clock at night.

He was the owner of Parklane Lux, a jewelry store located on Bay Street, and was reported to be in a bitter dispute with a foreign jewelry store owner Satish Daryanani, who placed him before the Bahamas court for $34 million worth of jewelry he alleged to have supplied to Griffin, but without returns.

State of Play

119 killings were reported for the year–103 murders in New Providence; 13 in Grand Bahama; and 3 in the Family Islands.


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