Monday, February 6, 2023

13 Suspects Dead in Police Involved Shootings. Are There More Attempts to Shoot Officers?

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Another suspect attempted to shoot at police in Grand Bahama resulting in the suspect being shot in the arm, before running in bushes where he was found injured by a police firearm.

Police Commissioner revealed that the suspect shot at officers, shooting out the police vehicle’s windshield. Officers later found a 7.62 AK-47 assault rifle in the vehicle of the suspects.

This accounts for a recent spate of police-involved shootings that saw 21 incidents recorded for the year.

Though this latest incident did not end in a fatality, 13 police shootings ended in deaths, while 8 were non-fatal.

“Thirteen idiots crazy enough to pull gun on my officers. Officers will not sit by and let someone shoot at them,” he said.

In recent days, some in the public raised concerns about the recent increases in police-involved shootings, but Rolle assured that he will reveal the facts and is transparent in his dealings.

“Whatever the information is, we will make it public. I will not cover [anything]. The pressure is on me.”

He acknowledged specific concerns for 5 of the cases which are being investigated by an internal committee based on concerns raised by the public.

He said after the internal review, he will make recommendations to the coroner.

What did PM Davis say?

Prime Minister Philip Davis addressed the issue of police-involved shootings before Rolle came to the podium. Davis said he is talking to Rolle and is concerned that the incidents can affect the public’s confidence in the organization.

State of Play

In 2020, twenty police-involved shootings were recorded and 11 suspects died; and for 2019, thirteen cases are on record and 8 suspects died.

The Coroner’s Office has been slow in adjudicating these cases. There remains only one coroner.




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