Saturday, September 30, 2023

Pastor Wells Stands Firm with Davis: Don’t Talk Bad About ‘Brave’

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Pastor of Living Waters Kingdom Ministries Raymond Wells is taking a stand against anyone who criticizes PLP Leader Philip Davis.

Wells took to the podium in his Sunday morning service to defend Davis and speak out against Prime Minister Hubert Minnis for insulting Davis’ reputation.

Wells is a prominent pastor in the country and a close friend of the opposition party members. The PLP’s church service was recently held at his sanctuary on Warren Street, off Thompson Boulevard.

During his Sunday morning service, Wells said, “Don’t use this campaign to assassinate others’ character. That’s what incompetent leaders do,” to cheers and handclaps from his congregation.

Shouting into the microphone, Wells told his congregation, “That’s what visionless leaders do. Visionless leaders stand up on a platform and assassinate others’ character because they have nothing else to say.

“We have a generation who don’t want to hear anything about ‘Brave’, nothing about anyone else. We want to hear where ya taking us.”

Wells then said he could make better use of his time doing other activities, instead of listening to campaign speeches about Davis.

“I aint gat the time to turn my tv on when I could be reading a good book or at least making some love to my wife, hallelujah, glory to God, and listen to you talk about who don’t like ‘Brave’, dis bout ‘Brave’, dat bout ‘Brave’.”

The big story

In wake of a General Election, Minnis held a drive-in rally last week where he criticized Davis’ ability to lead the country citing the poor conditions of his constituency, Cat Island and San Salvador, which Davis has represented for nearly 40-years.

Minnis called Davis a “lousy” representative.

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