Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Officials Report Staggering Number of Additional COVID-19 Deaths

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Health officials have revealed fifteen additional deaths related to COVID-19.

In its August 29 update report, officials confirmed that the deaths occurred between July 16 and August 23.

All of the deaths ranged from 36 to 91 years old.

Twelve of the deaths occurred in Grand Bahama while three occurred in Nassau.

In addition to deaths, officials reported 129 new COVID-19 cases. Out of the 129 cases, 114 were in New Providence; 4 in Abaco; 6 in Eleuthera; 1 in Berry Islands; 3 in Exuma; and 1 in Crooked Island.

Amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases, a General Election is looming. Political groups have taken to streets and parks to garner support for September 16.

The governing party has opted for drive-in rallies to control the spread of the virus, while the opposition party said it will hold out on drive-in rallies and has since taken to television to get its message to the public.

It remains to been seen how the political nuances will play out in the pandemic.

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