Friday, December 1, 2023

Try Not to Cringe. Daxon Asks Campbell About His Extramarital Affairs During Cross Examination

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Attorney Maria Daxon, representing a woman accused of libel against Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell questioned him about his romantic relationships during the trial yesterday in the Magistrates Court.

During her line of questioning which seemed cringy at times, Daxon asks Campbell, “Have you ever had a sweetheart?” She further asked Campbell if he had a son as a result of an illicit affair.

Daxon was immediately overruled by Magistrate Samuel McKinney who accused Daxon of going on a “fishing expedition.”

“This is not an inquiry. This is a trial,” McKinney reprimanded.

The big story

Campbell gave evidence in court yesterday during the trial of Capprio Saunders who is charged with intentional libel after releasing a voice note accusing the cabinet minister of impregnating the daughter of an alleged sweetheart.

In the voice note, the woman is heard telling listeners that Campbell told the woman “not to kill the baby” and that his wife “broke up all the glass in their house” when she heard of the situation.

What Minister Frankie Campbell said during the trial

Cambell called the claims made against him “untrue.”

He told the court, “I was most appalled as the father of three beautiful daughters and the grandfather of a beautiful granddaughter, at suggestions that I would have had sex with them.

“In my professional capacity, it’s most embarrassing having had the privilege to represent the Bahamas as part of the United Nations speaking out against matters such as these.

“Since then, I have been the butt of many unpleasant jokes and subjected to ridicule and embarrassment,” Campbell said.

What the officer in charge of the Digital Forensic and Investigation Unit said

Sargeant 1492 Dale Strachan said when he questioned the accused, she admitted that it was her voice in the recording.

He said the woman told him she had no information on who the purported “sweetheart” was but retrieved the allegations from a Facebook post which she did not verify before recording the voice note.

The trial will resume on August 4.

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