Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Commissioner Awards Officers in Viral Traffic Scuffle

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Following the dramatic viral video involving the arrest of a belligerent motorcyclist on Monday, Commissioner Paul Rolle awarded two police officers for their actions during a traffic stop.

Constable Tyrese Smith and Sargeant Travis Strachan were given the Commissioner’s Commendation Award and one thousand dollars for showing restraint and being their brother’s keeper.

The big story

Smith, who served two years on the police force, stopped a motorcyclist who was driving recklessly on Tonique Williams Darling Highway on Monday.

The motorcyclist struggled with the officer, pushing and hitting, as he worked to retrain him.

With a gun drawn, Strachan, who was offduty and served 12 years on the police force, ran through traffic to assist Smith in restraining the violent motorcyclist, as other motorists looked on.

What Commissioner Rolle said

Rolle said the video is indicative that police officers put their lives on the line every day to keep the public safe.

Rolle added that he was disappointed that motorists did not assist the officer as he struggled with the motorist, instead chose to record the event.

“This is not a movie. This is a real-life situation. I thought it was in poor taste to make a social event out of it,” he said.

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