Assemblies of God Distances Itself From US Pastor Sitting in Bathtub

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As the video of a visiting pastor from the United States bathing in a bath tub, makes the rounds on social media, Evangelistic Center Assemblies of God wants to make it clear it had nothing to do with the pastor and the services he held at its church.

O’Meal Reid, a self-proclaimed “apostle” at Kingdom Prophetic Church in Kissimee Florida relaxes in a bubble bath as he extends an invitation to social media users to attend his prophetic services which were held last week at Evangelistic Center on Blue Hill Road.

“People of God listen, I’m preparing for the grand finale tonight. I’m here detoxing my mind, getting ready. God is about to move tonight at the Evangelistic Center Assemblies of God…Whatever you do, you do not want to miss what God is going to do. Come one, come all. Just want you to know, I’m already getting ready. I’m ready to preach and prophesy. God has a word for you,” Reid said while immersed in the bubble bath.

The video has since circulated social media platforms and senior Pastor of Evangelistic Center Assemblies of God Reverend Neil Hamilton sought to clarify his church’s stance on the video while distancing his church’s involvement with the event.

“The church hosted the event for another ministry. It was not an Evangelistic Center initiated service.”

Hamilton said his church finds the video “offensive” and “inappropriate”  and request that it be removed from social media platforms.

Hamilton is also asking that Reid apologizes to the “Christian community in the Bahamas.”

Social media users have spoken out, disapproving of Reid’s post.


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