Saturday, September 30, 2023

McAlpine Gloats Over His Social Media Popularity

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Pineridge Member of Parliament Frederick McAlpine gloried that his popularity on social media trumps those of other members of parliament.

In a shouting match with National Security Minister Marvin Dames in the House of Assembly, McAlpine contested, “Every speech I put up gat 10,000 views, 10,000 views, 10,000 views. I’m waiting to see your page. I’m going to your page.”

What happened that caused the outburst

McAlpine jumped on an issued raised by Englerston Member of Parliament Gleny Hanna-Martin, claiming that police reservists were not paid the overtime for their work in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. Dames refuted that claim, stating that officers were paid overtime based on his conversation with Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle.

Dames Response to McAlpine

Dames said, “Whenever I stand, and I speak to something, I have factual documentation to prove it. We’re taking advantage of this honorable house to mislead the Bahamian people, constantly, some of us. We have to move beyond that. We talk about we speak on behalf of the people. What people?”

Dames then asked McAlpine to bring his facts to the house instead of making baseless claims.

“That he’s speaking on behalf of the people. I have yet to see the people he’s speaking on behalf. Time will tell which people on whose behalf you speaking, because I don’t see [anyone] following you.”

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