Tuesday, September 26, 2023

German Suicide Victim Identified as Jānis Jahimovičs; Ex Wife Is Desperate for Answers

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The ex-wife of the 52-year German man found hanging on a construction site on West Bay Street says her family is “desperate” for answers.

Guna Rapa of Baldone says it is difficult to get in contact with officials to identify the beloved man.

Guna Rapa, the ex-wife of the deceased man found in an apparent suicide.

“[We] called twenty phone numbers for the police [and] sent emails. Nobody knows anything, where the deceased is and what is the situation. We have also contacted the embassy, the answer is the same,” she lamented.

Jānis Jahimovičs, though not officially identified by authorities, is a construction worker and was found on Saturday around 3 pm, hanging by tie straps around the neck on the Wynn Construction site.

Co-workers found Jahimovičs on the second floor of the building, where he worked for Paul Wynn the developer of Wynn Construction.

Police are investigating the case as an apparent suicide.

Wynn Construction site where Janis Jahimovics was found dead on West Bay Street. Photo credit: Moise Amisial

Rapa, who was married to Jahimovičs for 14 years and shares two children with him, asked, “What should loved ones do? The children want to say goodbye instead of getting a bowl of ashes?”

She said the family still has no information on the deceased man. “Is anyone in your country interested in contacting relatives? Where [did] they put him, we don’t know.”

The man’s death came days after a 41-year-old man was found. This is the fourth suspected suicide in the last month.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from suicidal thoughts, reach out to someone who can help or contact the Bahamas Crisis Center at 242-328-0922.

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